Cannabis Hard Candy: Is it Worth the Hype?
Cannabis hard candy is essentially sugar-based cannabis infused candies. Not to be confused with regular hard candy, Cannabis Hard Candy is meant to be lightly chewed and absorbed through your mouth so that it enters the blood stream slowly. This type of ingestion allows you to enjoy a longer period of time before feeling ‘high’, but still has the potency to get you there.   Cannabis-infused candies are a new type of cannabis edible that many people don’t know much about. They have less THC than most types of marijuana, but they’re still great to treat your occasional pain or anxiety as well as help with relaxation. That’s why it’s important to know how much THC you’re getting from a cannabis-infused edible, so that you don’t overdo it because the effects are much more subtle than smoking marijuana.  

What are Cannabis Hard Candies?

  Cannabis hard candies are based on traditional hard candy recipes infused with cannabis oil or dried flower. The most popular one has a peanut butter flavor, but most of the hard candies in this category are very similar.   They’re made up of 3 main ingredients: Sugar, Glycerin and Cannabis Oil. And that’s it! Ok, some companies throw in Corn Syrup too…but they’re still just sugar (or corn syrup) based hard candies infused with cannabis.   When you chew the candy, it slowly dissolves in your mouth and releases cannabinoids (THC & CBD) through a process known as “sublingual absorption.” This type of delivery allows for a very slow release of marijuana’s main psychoactive ingredients into the bloodstream via the lining under your tongue.   Unlike smoking, this means you get to feel the effects much more gradually and they can last for several hours. On top of that, it’s not as harsh on your lungs and throat as smoking or vaporizing.  

What is CBD Hard Candy?

  In addition to THC-infused hard candies, there are now many brands with CBD-only hard candies on the market.   CBD is also a cannabinoid found in marijuana, and offers many of the same medical benefits as THC, but doesn’t get you “high.” In fact, it can actually counteract the psychoactive effects of stronger strains. The most popular form that consumers are using today comes in the form of CBD oil, and we also have a full article on it right here: What is CBD Oil?   The reason that many consumers are turning to hard candies with only CBD is because they don’t want the psychoactive effects. If you’re trying to watch your calories or don’t like feeling high when using edibles, then this is for you.   Some hard candies will also include a blend of both THC and CBD together, which is called full spectrum edibles or hemp-derived products. These can offer the benefits of both cannabinoids together to give you more relief from your ailments.  

How do Cannabis Hard Candies work?

  The process of “sublingual absorption” is very similar to “buccal absorption,” which we mentioned in our article on What is Cannabis Oil? The cannabis oil is full of cannabinoids, and when you chew the candy it absorbs into your mouth.   The cannabinoids in the oil are then placed under your tongue (or swished around in your mouth) until they dissolve into a liquid.   Since the oil immediately dissolves in your mouth and enters the bloodstream, it offers quick relief from pain or anxiety for an extended period of time. The effects can last up to 6 – 10 hours, depending on how much THC is in that particular candy and in what format it was taken (edible vs. concentrate).  

What to look for in a Good Cannabis Candy?

  In the world of hard candies, there are a few factors you need to pay attention to. These include:   How fast it takes for you to feel the effects? The potency of the THC or CBD in the candy? Any additional ingredients that might cause allergic reactions? (Note: The most popular brand we reviewed does not contain any allergens.) How long the effects last? This is especially important if you’re looking for a candy that has pain-relieving properties. Is it over 160 calories? We warn our readers about hard candies with this much or more in them, simply because they could have negative health effects. In addition to these factors, if you plan on eating more than one candy at a time, then you’ll want to check out our article specifically for 1oz or 30ml edibles: How Many Edibles Can You Take?

Cannabis hard candy is a type of edible that contains less THC than most types of marijuana. Cannabis-infused candies are a type of edible that is ‘light’ on THC, but still potent enough to get you high. Cannabis hard candy are sugar-based candies that are meant to be chewed.

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