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Hol Up: Does Smoking Weed/ Cannabis Improve Studying?

Many moons ago, I started smoking weed/ cannabis

The first thing I noticed was my short-term memory loss. I could not remember anything I just read. It was as if someone pulled the plug on my brain. My mental abilities were change by THC content in Cannabis / Marijuana.  

So; Does Cannabis Improve Studying?

I think this one-time incident to be a small period of forgetfulness so I continue smoking weed/ Cannabis. As days went by with more and more usage, it seemed like my mind became lazier. Long term memory loss happened over time until one day; I looked back at myself before getting into this habit of smoking weed/ Cannabis , and became astonished. How did what once used to be everything that represented me become something unrecognizable? The understanding of Cannabis use and my studying must be improved. My abilities to read, retain information and do mental arithmetic were catastrophically low. I had no idea what was happening to me because it took me nearly 6 months before I could realize the symptoms of smoking weed/ cannabis .

I quit smoking weed/ cannabis completely in 2008 and slowly my brain function regained itself. It was a difficult process getting back all the lost qualities but eventually, with intensive reading and practice at problem solving , they came back.

Making Informed Decisions on Cannabis Smoking

Today, I am studying hard in medical school to become a doctor . My goal is to help people during their health crises not add  to them by being another statistic from Medical Cannabis / Smoking Weed.

Like any drug, it is different in bodily response when used; Cannabis is no different. Some people do not react to using it negatively, while others have some permanent effects from the drug. It depends on the potency and how much you consume; to give either result. Many experience Cannabis users have a higher tolerance level, while new users are advise to take it slow. Because your body has not developed a tolerance for the drug, you cannot use it as the experts do. 

For students it is never a good thing to try Cannabis for improved studying performance, without being educated about the drug.

Smoking Cannabis And Studying 

Some Cannabis smokers start at an early age, maybe from High School; some earlier. It is based on their exposure to the product, how, when, and by whom. One thing to know is; for a child to start smoking Cannabis at an early age, the brain has not fully developed so, the effects can be levels more detrimental than for older users. I think this is one piece of education to be taught in schools early. So, students can understand more about the drug and help them to make good choices. 

College Students Smoking Cannabis and Their Studies

Many college students feel free and more empowered; now, they are in college. And out of their parents’ jurisdiction to experiment or to indulge even more with using Cannabis. A few questions to ask though; “ Was I deprive, and did I need Cannabis while at home quarantined during Covid-19?” And, “Did the lack of use make me study any less?” A pertinent question to ask oneself about Cannabis and  improve studying.

The answer to these questions is based on students who believe Cannabis use can improve studying. makes them more creative and enhances their thinking processes. Should you choose to use the product in college, you need to analyze why you need to use it. Is it to help you relax before tackling a difficult subject, or is it, to be one of the group? If it is the former, use cautiously; and in small amounts. The Cannabis product that contains CBD is better than being high out by too much THC. Your dispenser can help with your purchasing. 

It does help, too, if you choose to use Cannabis while in school, not to smoke the weed to cause odors following you all around. There are many Cannabis products on the dispensaries menu to choose from; that are less potent in odor, and are easier to carry around. 


It also helps to be discipline in your use of Cannabis. Too much can cause you to be so high you are unable to concentrate. One Food for thought; if using Cannabis does not improve studying don’t continue. If the decision to use is; to be one of the group, this is not a good choice. Consequences are never comfortable to deal with, and you may never understand how to deal with the spiraling situation you find yourself in.

If you are still home attending virtual classes, never think you can smoke at will and can concentrate. Because Cannabis is a stimulant, it can be either a deterrent in the brain; depending on how much is use and your body’s’ response. Using Cannabis for studying does not work positively for everyone. There are many pieces of research out there to discount or to confirm either way. Individually, you must get some professional advice, like from a doctor, who can help you make the right decision. 

Featured - Hol Up: Does Smoking Weed/ Cannabis Improve Studying?


In 2015, when I started looking into Medical Marijuana for treatment of my anxiety, I was surprised to find that there is a fair amount of scientific evidence to support the use of Medical Cannabis for various mental health issues. Anecdotally, many people have also found weed to be helpful for studying and focus.

Now, a new study from the University of California has provided some empirical evidence to suggest that smoking weed does indeed improve studying. The study, which was published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, found that “self-reported academic success was higher in students who used cannabis regularly than in those who did not.”

The study surveyed nearly 2,000 college students about their cannabis use and academic performance. The researchers then compared the students’ grades to their cannabis consumption habits. They found that “those who reported using cannabis regularly… earned significantly higher grades (3.31) than those who reported never using cannabis (2.89) and those who reported using cannabis occasionally or rarely (3.02).”

There are a few possible explanations for this result. It could be that the students who smoked weed were simply more relaxed and less stressed, which allowed them to focus better and achieve better grades. It’s also possible that marijuana has cognitive benefits, such as enhancing creativity and problem-solving skills.

Whatever the reason, this study provides some valuable evidence that smoking weed can improve studying. If you’re a student struggling with academics, it might be worth considering trying medical cannabis to see if it helps you get better grades.

Check with your local dispensary to see if they offer any deals on cannabis products for students. Many dispensaries now offer discounts for students, so it’s worth checking out. And, of course, always consult with a doctor before using medical cannabis.

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