Holidaze: Cannabis Contest at The Stone Dispensary

Welcome to The Stone Dispensary, where Every Online Order December 4th- 23rd Enters You to Win BIG! Enter our Cannabis Contest on the best Cannabis topicals, Cannabis concentrates, Cannabis edibles, and Cannabis flower at The Stone Dispensary this Holiday Season!

Holidaze: Cannabis Contest

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There are three ways to enter the Holidaze: Cannabis Contest from The Stone Dispensary:

Option 1: Every online order placed on our website for in-store pick-up qualifies you for one entry into The Stone Dispensary Holidaze Cannabis Contest. Limit 1 per day, every day from December 4th- 23rd. That’s right, and you can get entry to win every single day with a daily online purchase.


Option 2: Leave a 5 Star review on The Stone Dispensary Facebook or Google Pages about your shopping experience at The Stone Dispensary. We would love to share your great shopping experiences with the world and give you another entry into our contest. Identification and Purchase Verification will require for the Cannabis Contest.

Option 3: Participate in The Stone Dispensary online contests on Facebook and Instagram. More details on the social media component will be in a release on Facebook and Instagram next week. Please stay up to date by making sure you like and follow all of our social media page. Don’t forget to invite your friends, too! You must already enter via online purchasing and leaving a 5 Star review.


The gift of HOLIDAZE: Cannabis Contest – loyalty points packages for you to use on your next purchase! Three different winners will be picked and awarded these Cannabis points. Points can be used on any Cannabis product at any time. Not sure what to use them on? Ask anyone of our budtenders for their recommendations on their favorite things. Our knowledgeable staff can point you in the right direction in the best Cannabis topicals and Cannabis concentrates Cannabis edibles and flower at The Stone Dispensary. Order Cannabis Today!

Featured - Holidaze: Cannabis Contest at The Stone Dispensary


A Cannabis contest (or “weed contest”) is an event where people compete to create the best weed through either growing or cooking. The idea of these contests is similar to cooking competitions, where chefs would compete against each other using the same ingredients. However, with marijuana contests, the judges are looking for the best tasting (flavor), most effective (in terms of high) weed.

These contests usually occur in western states, where medical marijuana is legal. For this article, the contest that I will focus on is The Stone Holidaze Contest, hosted at The Stone Dispensary in Denver, Colorado, for the past three years.

The judges are made up of notable industry figures within the marijuana community. Last year one of these judges was famous rapper Ocean Wisdom. They judge entrants based on appearance (as far as I know, smell and taste go unjudged) and then call people to the stage. Those called up to the scene are allowed three minutes to tell the judges about themselves, their weed, and why they should win. After this, there is a 10-minute time limit for everyone to smoke.

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