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How Much Is A Quarter Of Weed?

One-quarter of an ounce of marijuana is equivalent to “a quarter of weed.” Therefore, seven grams make up a quarter of an ounce. And this quarter weight is also highly well-liked by users to buy due to its longer lifespan. However, the cost of marijuana varies from State to state and city to city. And in addition, what you pay for a quarter of weed will depend on where you shop, the season, the strain, and various other factors. A quarter of marijuana currently costs nationally, on average, about $68, which is $6 less than it did last year, on average of $74.

How Much Does a Quarter of Weed Cost?

Quarters of weed are another popular weight offered in recreational and medical marketplaces around the country, similar to an eighth of marijuana. For example, a quarter ounce of high-quality marijuana from a boutique dispensary in Los Angeles can cost you well over $100. In contrast, a quarter of weed could cost you around $60 during the harvest season at dispensaries in Oregon. Location, weed quality, and even the time of year affect how much weed costs per quarter. For instance, in regions where it is grown, outdoor commercial marijuana is sometimes offered at a discount during the late fall and winter because producers overstock dispensaries with cheap weed.

High-quality marijuana quarters are available for a fraction of what people typically pay in these places. However, prices may increase later in the spring and summer due to a decline in supply. 

What are the Marijuana Dispensary Benefits, Especially For Buyers of Quarter Weed

Marijuana dispensaries provide daily, weekly, and monthly discounts on particular marijuana strains and quantities. And this is beneficial for signing up for memberships and rewards programs at your preferred dispensary and can help you save money on your select marijuana strains over time. By simply signing up and continuing to make purchases, you can save roughly 10%. And people using weed and are quarter weed purchasers can cash in on these discounts.

Marijuana pricing is a supply-and-demand business, much like any other industry. And besides the cost of a quarter of weed, there is how to price products depending on external factors like cultivation and care. Dispensaries do this pricing. For example, if you are a manufacturer of brand marijuana products, the price range for retail items is different.

These considerations are: 

  • The State you live in
  • Where do you buy your weed from
  • Potential competition within your local weed market
  • Your State’s sales tax and weed tax
  • What quality of marijuana do you buy
  • The time you buy your buds
  • How much weed do you buy at a time
  • How your marijuana is grown
  • The potency of the weed

The Average Cost Of A Quarter Of Weed For Each Legal State

This section provides an average cost for all states where medical and recreational marijuana is legal. And remember, quarter weed purchases are not necessarily for medical use. Some states do legalize dispensaries to sell recreational weed only. Currently, 37 states and the District of Columbia (Washington D.C., which isn’t technically a state) have passed laws legalizing medical and recreational marijuana. And, in states where marijuana is not legal for medical or recreational use, prices may differ. Again do note this is an approximate average cost. As with most products reliant on quality, location, and production, prices are subject to change with time, affecting these averages. As a consequence, marijuana users are desirous of buying quarter weed; based on the above information, these matrices apply.

Marijuana Prices in the Marijuana Legal States in the U.S.

Alabama $60.00

Alaska $75.76

Arizona $57.93

Arkansas $58.16

California $62.50

Colorado $49.97

Connecticut $70.24

Delaware $65.48

Florida $56.45

Hawaii $66.45

Illinois $74.24

Louisiana $66.67

Maine $58.84

Maryland $70.73

Massachusetts $71.24

Michigan $68.15

Minnesota $69.94

Mississippi $71.00

Missouri $55.00

Montana $60.83

Nevada $58.62

New Hampshire $74.46

New Jersey $74.73

New Mexico $56.94

New York $67.72

North Dakota $82.06

Ohio $58.23

Oklahoma $50.00

Oregon $46.57

Pennsylvania $70.21

Rhode Island $63.80

South Dakota $69.05

Utah $83.33

Virginia $77.00

Vermont $75.47

Washington $47.67

Washington, DC $126.55

West Virginia $63.02

How Long Does a Quarter of Weed Last?

Now that we know what it is let’s determine a quarter of marijuana. Seven grams is equivalent to seven joints and potentially ten bowls; this depends on your pipe size and how big you roll. Some folks could use a fourth of marijuana for months if micro-dosing. And so, the answer to the question “how long does a quarter of weed last?” depends on how you use it.

For instance, a daily user may stretch a quarter of weed over several weeks using a pipe. But it might only last three days if you’re rolling big joints yourself.

Several variables, like your dosage, how frequently you use weed, and whether you smoke alone or with friends, affect how long a quarter of marijuana lasts. How much a quarter of weed costs and when you buy this amount is also based on budget.

How Do You Ensure You Receive a Quarter Ounce of Weed?

There are ways you can be sure that you are obtaining a quarter ounce of marijuana, as that is a substantial amount. You might wonder how many buds there should be in a quarter of an ounce. As we previously noted, the amount of buds varies greatly. A quarter of the weed may consist of a single large bud or many small ones. And this makes customers that are regular users eyeball how much is a quarter ounce of weed- and know the cost. Weighing it yourself is the only way to ensure you receive a quarter ounce of marijuana. It’s easy as finding a sensitive scale explicitly made for marijuana or an accurate food scale. This way, you can rest easy knowing that you got the most for your money.


Although weed prices vary significantly from State to State and city to city, weed prices are approaching some form of fair-market value. As more states legalize recreational marijuana, more retailers will begin selling it. And the costs for weed will eventually become reasonably consistent across the country as the marijuana business grows. Prices will never be the same everywhere you travel. But for those interested in buying a quarter of weed or in bulk, shopping around is needed. It’s helpful to remember the factors that will influence how much you pay for your green. The most important thing to know is that the cost of marijuana is fluid. It will rise or fall depending on where you buy your stash.









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