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How Much Is A Half Of Weed?

How much is a half of weed? The language of weed measurements is strange. Many herb newbies need help understanding the measurement terms and slang connected to the product. There are numerous names for weights, accessories used for consumption, products derived from manufacturing the plant chemicals, and lots more. Along these lines, we aim to give you a broad view of marijuana and what it is all about.

How Much Is A Half Of Weed

A half of weed is a Half ounce. Easy enough to deduce, however, that marijuana venturing into a dispensary can be pretty intimidating. Not knowing what the volume looks like, you are unsure what to expect.

Weights And Measures of Marijuana

Because marijuana is a mass or plant-based product, the volume can vary depending on various reasons. The weed strain is one factor. If it is a high-quality grade marijuana strain, your buds may be fuller and have many trichomes covering their buds. The odor and flavor are also more distinct, making it of a higher price. On the other hand, the fullness and trichomes of the flower may give you a weightier measurement, so if you were to buy this grade, you might end up with less volume.

The opposite is valid for a marijuana strain that is of secondary quality. The buds may not be lush, with fewer trichomes, and odor and flavor may not be as rich. The price is lower, and the volume you get for the weight you buy may be a bit more. However, the weight is the same either way. It is just the plant that makes the difference.

So, Half of the weed is half an ounce, weighing in at 14 grams. And you can roll 14 one-gram joints or 28 smaller joints. And this Half of weed can last long, especially if you are not a heavy user. 

Other Measurements For Marijuana In Dispensaries

  • One gram
  • An Eighth
  • One Quarter
  • A Half
  • An Ounce
  • One Pound

These weights are the amounts sold in every legal marijuana dispensary worldwide. In the United States, unless you are a manufacturer or cultivator of weed, you must not have more than one ounce in your possession. Manufacturers, cultivators, and dispensaries of marijuana are licensed to have more than one pound of weed in their business establishment at any time. 

One Gram

One gram of weed is the most negligible weight you can buy. However, some dispensaries offer 1/2 of a gram to facilitate their customers. Not every marijuana dispensary sells these small portions. And if you are in a location that is legally licensed to sell weed, then for all intense and purposes, it is critical you find one that sells at least this small quantity. It is good economics. Budget-wise, if you are not a regular weed consumer, a gram is ideal for your needs. 

If you are trying out different strains, then a gram is perfect for experimenting with what you like.

An Eighth

An eighth of weed is one-eighth of an ounce. If the dispensary you buy from sells in grams, you are buying 3.5 grams of marijuana buds, to be exact. Customers choose to buy this small amount of ganja sold in most dispensaries. The convenience of rolling seven half-gram joints facilitates their use responsibly. However, you may also ‘roll’ three one-gram joints and have some leftovers for any incidentals.

One Quarter

Refereed to as a quad, it is a one-quarter ounce of weed. The ‘quad’ is equivalent to 7 grams, making you 14 1/2 gram weed joints. A lot of smoking, once used responsibly, can last for a long time. An economical stash to have in the event you are entertaining. 

A Half

Of course, by now, you understand the language of marijuana weights and measurements. So, Half of the weed is Half of an ounce. So, you have a good stash of marijuana on your hands, which can give you 30 half-gram joints. 

An Ounce

An ounce of marijuana works out to 28 grams. The volume of possessing an ounce of weed means you are within the legal weight anyone can have. However, it is also an investment in availability for people who use it every day. Generally, this amount is purchased by medical users, as they need it to relieve any symptoms they are treating.

Consequently, buying a half of weed is also a budgetary option for some as choosing to buy an ounce.


Cost Of Weed Amounts

  • One gram: $10 – $20
  • An Eighth: $20 – $50
  • One Quarter: $50- $70
  • A Half: $120 -$150
  • An Ounce: $150 -$300

One pound of weed can be sold at any price, depending on the cultivation location/ country or state in the US. And, remember, consumers cannot buy in these large amounts, as this is illegal.

The above price is for the marijuana dispensary location and the strain you buy. For newbies to ganja use, they now have an easy guide to weights and measurements concerning marijuana. They no longer should feel overwhelmed about walking into a dispensary and making a purchase. 


Using marijuana responsibly is crucial. However, the challenge for most people is knowing their limitations, so the recommendation is to start slow and build on consumption amount as you become familiar with your response. 

For first-time users, you must understand that your experience varies depending on your weight, metabolic rate of processing, and potency levels of the product’s THC. It is best to buy your supply from a registered dispensary as they are sure of the quality product they dispense. Always ask the budtender any question you need answered. And should you decide to start by purchasing half of weed-They are there to provide you with all the help and to assist you in making decisions about what you need. Budtenders may make recommendations for use, especially to new users of marijuana, and they will guide you in consumption options. 

Some newcomers to marijuana may not want to smoke. They may choose to vape or consume edibles as their introduction. And this is where your trusty dispensary can help. Don’t be shy. You may not like the experience, or you may, so buying the smallest amount, one gram, is always the best option. 



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