Is Cannabis Bad For You? The Answer May Surprise You

Is Cannabis bad for you? Many people that use Cannabis products for medical and recreational reasons will tell you it is not. We need scientific proof either way as to whether it is Bad or Good for you to use. Because Cannabis products are being incorporated into our medical treatment plan by many doctors, what science and detailed research can definitively document; is room for discussion. 

Does Smoking Cannabis Mixed With Tobacco Get You Higher - The Stone
Does Smoking Cannabis Mixed With Tobacco Get You Higher – The Stone

Is Cannabis Bad For You

First, we need to understand the components of the plant to make any decision either way as to its good or bad effects on human consumption. From scientific research about the Cannabis plant, we know over 100 different chemical compounds; that can be extracted from it. Although the discovery has concluded this, we are only just making inroads about the cannabinoids; and their effects when consumed. 

We understand that smoking marijuana releases almost 100 chemicals into the atmosphere, and the smoker inhales them. The challenge for scientists is understanding why some people react differently; when using. For some, it makes them sleepy, thirsty, agitated, mood swings, hungry, and many more. These reactions are because the body has its endocannabinoid system that reacts with the cannabinoids; binding to them, different reactions occur. 

The THC and CBD cannabinoids are the more popular chemicals users know about

Apart from these cannabinoids, however, there are terpenes that Cannabis plants produce that make the different strains so unique. Terpenes are not unique to only the Cannabis plant. They are found in other plants like pine, aromatic, citrus, and flowering plants used to make essential oils. The terpenes that the Cannabis plant produces determine the flavor and odor of the different strains. 

With the combination of cannabinoids, THC, CBD, and terpenes, users of the plant determine their likes for different strains and how they enjoy using them. 

Although smoking is the most common way to consume Cannabis, this is the question asked by many people; Is Cannabis bad for you? The answer is; that smoking any plant-based material, whether cigarettes, Cannabis, or any other plant, will cause some lung issues.

The toxins released when smoking is the risk you take when you decide to smoke.

Top Questions Surrounding Different Types of Cannabis Spray - The Stone
Top Questions Surrounding Different Types of Cannabis Spray – The Stone

Because scientists discovered the effects cigarette smoke has on the lung and the results that may occur legally, it was legislated that should you choose to smoke, do so at your own risk but do not expose others to this habit. Hence, the dangers of secondhand smoking and its effects on people exposed to it.

The research on Cannabis smoking and smokers’ concluded that although there are some effects, it is far less than smoking cigarettes. The reports also agree; that the impact of marijuana smoke has no link to lung cancer. But smoking cigarettes is a lot of data to prove that it does. 

The results based on the scientific findings may suggest

You may consider other methods if you decide to use Cannabis and its products. Vaping, edibles, drinks, and gummies are sold in legally licensed dispensaries across the United States. The information available to customers, whether you use it for recreational or medical use, will help your decision; on how to move forward. 


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Featured - Is Cannabis Bad For You? The Answer May Surprise You

Essential Things to Know About Cannabis

Cannabis is an ancient pastime, and many cultures have indulged for not only for recreational use but medically and religiously. For centuries there has been a lack of scientific information about this unique plant. Although the US Federal Government did not classify it, it was classified as a Schedule 1 drug without any scientific facts.

Truth Behind Cannabis

So, to clear up any misconceptions about the cannabis plant and its worth, here are a few facts that many people may not know.

Some Important Things to Know About Cannabis

The Cannabis plant has been called many names since history records; we know it as weed, marijuana, Cannabis, ganja, and pot. No matter what you name it, it is still a plant that contains over 100 different chemicals. Not all the 100 chemicals in the cannabis plant are known, so scientists are still studying them. We know about THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol; and CBD or cannabidiol. These two chemical compounds govern the effects we feel when using any Cannabis product.

For example, THC is the chemical that gives you the high you feel when smoking, vaping, or eating Cannabis products recreationally. Manufacturers use CBD to make topicals, edibles, drinks, and more. For CBD cannabis products to use medically, it has to be prescribed by a doctor. And as you know, any drugs must be taken according to the prescription. Using Cannabis medicines, most people prefer to have edibles such as gummies; or any candy sold at the dispensary. The grammage of CBD is also important to know.

Reactions to Cannabis Consumption Recreationally and Medically


The legal ages for Cannabis use are 21 years and older for recreational users. Scientists and doctors both agree using at an age younger than 21 can be of some concern. Reactions and possibly permanent effects are both mental and

physical. Because the brain of youth is not fully developed, the psychoactive compounds in THC can have adverse reactions to the brain’s cannabinoid receptors. This causes impaired memory, enhancement of sensory perception, and concentration issues. If the child’s use of Cannabis is not realized, damage to the brain can become permanent if the child continues using it for a long time.

Adults may have these effects and more after extended use. Control and discipline are essential when using. Should you notice your use goes beyond an ounce per month, then cause for concern is needed.


As mentioned above, using Cannabis for medical reasons must be prescribed by a doctor. They will determine the dosage of CBD/THC needed to treat your ailment. The cannabis Dispensary is qualified to dispense the dosage and help you understand how to use it. Both doctor and dispenser will tell you what to look for when using.

With the consumption of edibles, the effects are noticed after about two hours. When smoking, on the other hand, the feelings are almost immediate. If you feel uncomfortable after using the product, you may want to go back to your dispensary and or doctor for added help in using it. Just like any drug, some people react differently, the same for Cannabis products

Driving and consuming Cannabis is never a good combination. Like cold meds or alcohol, it is never a good decision to drive after consumption. It is illegal to drive AFTER you have consumed any of these items. You can be fined, or worse, are the cause of an accident that you can never recover from. Your reaction time is limited, and your perception of distance and possible danger is slower than if you were not under the influence.

Another bit of invaluable information; It is never a good idea to mix Cannabis with alcohol or other meds that cause drowsiness. The psychoactive effects may be more overwhelming than you expected; it has caused many people to end up in the emergency ward or worse.

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