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LAUNCHED: The New Stone Dispensary

With recent renovations to the storefront of The Stone Dispensary, we are excited about the continual opening of new parts of our Denver dispensary.

LAUNCHED: The New Stone Dispensary

Cannabis Class The Difference Between Indica & Sativa - The Stone
Cannabis Class The Difference Between Indica & Sativa – The Stone

When opening a dispensary, we had one goal: to offer the best Cannabis Deals on flower, concentrates and more. Also, to help our customers make their experience as simple as possible. Despite the many challenges in recent years, we are proud of what we have built. Many of our customers, both on the medical and recreational marijuana sides, would agree that we offer the best marijuana in Denver. We also pride ourselves on so much more.

Next time you look for a dispensary, let us earn your business. The differences you find in our store are there from the moment you enter, but we wanted to share some of the exciting things we are doing to make your purchasing experience that much easier.

Recreational Cannabis Brands and Discounts

With the move to our new store this past week, we made a huge change in our establishment. We are now accepting recreational brands for popups! That’s Right! You can see any of our brands from Viola to 710labs when you enter our new location, in the same parking lot! These brands will offer deals daily and our in our store to answer your honest questions. Where we are excited about this shift, we have designed our store intentionally to help out anyone who comes to the dispensary. Clear-cut Cannabis Brands make it easy to understand what to purchase for what experience.

We also have a constantly growing and evolving staff of budtenders who excel in customer service. Whether you need 30 seconds or 30 minutes of help, every team member is ready to help, and you make the most educated and informed decision when completing your purchase. We are proud to offer Denver the highest quality of cannabis for medical and recreational patients and to do so in a clean and efficient manner.

Clean, Open & Bright Layout

Cannabis Class: Pot Vs Alcohol - Which is Worse?
Cannabis Class: Pot Vs Alcohol – Which is Worse?

We understand we are in the world of business. We welcome questions when you come to The Stone Dispensary to purchase any form of cannabis or anything that can help you imbibe the substance. To help add to the professional feel of our store, we were very intentional in designing our Denver dispensaries. We choose a large open floor plan that lets the client roam through our inventory in natural lighting. Along with this, our focus is on the product. Believe us; we also think good weed is sexy to see. Our store is designed to highlight this.

Large display cases help illuminate what you are buying. Our lightening system is built to make your viewing as easy as possible. Feel free to stop by our Denver medical and recreational dispensary if you have never used a good vape. With a many of our strains, we are excited to help casual and regular consumers learn more about the ganja they are consuming.

At the Stone, you are our customer, and we treat you professionally and always want to earn back your business.

Pre-Purchase Product Viewing

We never prepackage our flower, measuring it in front of you to allow you to see our process. The reasons for this are intentional. We want every one of our customers to know the same nuggets they saw in the jar, the same ones they smelled throughout the purchasing process; these are the ones you are getting. We want our customers to know that the quality of weed is always critical in our shop.

Also, we do this for another reason. It is just fun!

Many of our Colorado-based customers are used to seeing marijuana in the wild. Think though, for our canna-tourist, we love servicing your needs if you are not from Denver but visiting a dispensary to get high on vacation. We love that we can help many of our clients get their first peek into the new world of weed. It is great working with our customers, new and returning, in assisting them to recognize what they are buying.

We are all about the customer experience here and want to show you this in quality and our enjoyable interactions with staff and buying!

The New Stone Dispensary Experience

With The Stone Dispensary, we offer our customers an experience. We are not just a business, but we are something more. We love making every single one of our customer’s days and weeks through our interactions and our flower. From the moment you enter our door, you have become one of our regulars. Whether you come back or not, we will always welcome you to the world of Colorado cannabis with a sense of service you can’t get anywhere else!

Featured - LAUNCHED: The New Stone Dispensary

Experience Excellence at The Stone Dispensary

We warmly welcome you to explore our highly acclaimed strains, concentrates, and edibles. Serving recreational clients with pride is our passion.

At our dispensary, you'll find a professional yet inviting atmosphere that prioritizes your comfort and privacy. Feel free to stop by at your earliest convenience to experience it for yourself. We can't wait to serve you!