The Ultra-Premium Products You Love, Now in a Cartridge.

When a cannabis consumer thinks of top-tier concentrate companies, Viola is sure to pop up to the top of the list. Regardless of whether that list is based on state availability, quality, or social equity involvement, Viola really “takes the cake.” Their ever-expanding national presence focused on ultra-premium products drives consumers into becoming life-long loyal customers.


Loyal customers and the canna-curious consumers alike are in for a special treat. Monday, January 18, 2021, marked the launch of Viola’s newest addition of ultra-premium products, Viola Live-Extract Vape Cartridges!


The Stone is proud to be the first dispensary in the nation to carry this line. We will offer a select few strains, initially, and hope to offer the full line to our customers upon their request. To help our consumers better understand this new ultra-premium product, we sat down with the Viola Team for an interview.


The Stone: Thank you for taking some time
to give us an inside peek at the World of Ultra-Premium Products at Viola and, particularly, the launch of the new Viola Live-Extract Vape Cartridges!
VIOLA: Our pleasure! Our whole team is very excited to show off what we have been working on and launch it at The Stone!


Question: What are the things you like the most about this new cannabis cartridge coming to market in Colorado?
VIOLA: First, giving the people what they want. No marijuana business is too big not to listen to their customers and potential customers. We listened and we are proud to give you a cartridge that can “stand above the rest.” Second, the number of flavors available is exciting! From sweet and fruity to more of
gas and funk, we have every terpene profile you can imagine.
The Stone: Well that alone sounds like enough of a reason to try these new Viola Live-Extract Vape Cartridges, available exclusively at The Stone !

Strains, Terpenes & The Extraction Process

Question: What flavors/ strains are you launching?
VIOLA: Right now, we have 10 we prepared for the Viola Live-Extract Vape Cartridge launch. That includes
Bonkers, Clem Cake, Lemon Gas, Orange Apricot Mac, Vader Dog, Cornbread Bubba, and more!

Question: Are there any award-winning strains to look out for in this launch batch?
VIOLA: Not on this batch… LA Kush and Triangle Kush coming soon!

TRY OUR $18.27 / LIVE RESIN (1 gram)

Question: Do you add in Cannabis terpenes or are they naturally occurring in the extracted flower?
VIOLA: ALL the Terpenes in our products are all natural cannabis terpenes. No artificial terpenes are ever used.
The Stone: That is so important. No one wants their cannabis concentrate tasting like a cheap, artificially flavored lollipop.

Question: What solvents are used, and what can you tell us about the extraction method?
VIOLA: Butane. We may have a rosin product in the future but not at this time.


Genetic Categories & Cannabinoid Profiles

Question: Will you have Indica, Sativa and Hybrid options available?
VIOLA: Not exactly. We don’t label our products in terms of these categories. Due to the hybridization of most of all the genetics on the market, it is extremely rare to find the true classic Sativa or Indica genetics. They do exist; however, they are rare. Terpenes are our focus in terms of categories and how we guide our customers to shop. We do plan to list more information on the website explaining more about each terpene profile. In the meantime, will have Budtender educational cards with the info for customers.
The Stone: Terpenes are very important, if not the most important, factor when it comes to flavor and experiences. It is good to see Viola embracing this and pushing education on the science of current cannabinoid science.

Question: Will there be diverse Cannabinoid profiles available apart from just CBD and THC in the Viola Live-Extract Vape Cartridges?
VIOLA: Not for the launch… let’s just say, “To Be Continued…”
The Stone: Love a good cliff hanger!

Question: Are there accompanying flower strains from Viola or other Viola products with the same genetics on the market for these cartridges?
VIOLA: Yes, every single one of the flavors/strains are available in the rest of the product line. However, timing of cultivation does dictate what is available on the market.


If you are into medical marijuana then vape cartridges are likely something that you have heard about. They are known to be one of the most concentrated forms of cannabis oil, even more so than shatter. So what exactly is the difference between them?

Vape cartridges contain CBD or THC oils with glycol mixed in to give it a certain viscosity. The oils also contain terpenes, which give the oil its specific strain’s flavor and effects. These juices are then placed into cartridges that can either screw into an existing vaporizer or vape pen or they come with their own battery to be used as a vape by itself.

Vape pens can often times make it easier for medical marijuana patients to dose their medication, whether they are ingesting CBD oil for anxiety or THC oil to relieve pain. This is due to the fact that vape pens give off specific amounts of vapor compared to smoking weed. One puff of a vape pen might contain 5mg while smoking can be anywhere between 20mg and 100mg depending on how you smoke it.


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