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The Stone: Marijuana Rosin VS Concentrates, Know the Difference

What Are Marijuana Concentrates?

Marijuana concentrates are extracts with exceptionally high concentrations of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other marijuana components that give marijuana its effects, flavors, and fragrances. Concentrates can frequently contain THC levels above 60%, with some even reaching well into the 90s, thanks to their remarkable cannabinoid composition. These THC levels are because of the marijuana strain used in processing rosin and resin. They are a favorite among consumers who like extremely potent weed products because they are many times more powerful than marijuana flowers. In this article we are looking at marijuana rosin VS concentrates, and the difference. Here goes!

Marijuana enthusiasts are constantly searching for the newest and most innovative weed concentrates. Each user will receive a different result. Some people seek products with the maximum THC content, while others want a broad-spectrum, terpene-rich, and well-rounded flavor. Others want a solvent-free alternative produced without sophisticated extraction machinery or hydrocarbons. Let’s analyze how it stacks up against other formats.

Marijuana Rosin VS Concentrates How are They Made?

Solvent-based and solvent-less extraction techniques are two distinct extraction processes used to generate concentrates. And for clarity, since we are discussing marijuana rosin VS concentrates, the methods of extraction is important. Plant material is stripped of its resinous trichomes using solvent-based extraction techniques, which is the part containing cannabinoids and terpenes. Ethanol, carbon dioxide, and butane are the most often used solvents. Before being heated out of the final mixture, these solvents pass through the plant material. Therefore, the end product should include only the plant material extract and no solvent. 

Solvent-free extraction techniques create extracts that don’t contain any solvent. For instance, plant material is heated and compressed to make rosin while squeezing out the rosin concentrate. The process uses a rosin press, a unique piece of machinery that is essentially a hydraulic press with heated plates. Then, the trichomes are manually shaken, ground off the plant material, and collected to create simpler concentrates like hash and kief. Since they are confirmed to contain no solvents, many marijuana consumers concerned about their health choose to stick with solvent-free concentrates. However, ultimately it boils down to individual preference.

The unique personalities of marijuana rosin VS concentrates is precisely why people need to know the difference.

Marijuana Rosin VS Concentrates- Live And Cured

Weed flowers are traditionally ‘cured’ after harvesting to improve their suitability for smoking. Drying the buds makes them simpler to smoke, and drying removes the natural moisture from them during the curing process. However, some flower terpenes get lost during the curing process, affecting the flavor. Therefore, cure concentrates are your most excellent option if you’re a more frugal buyer. 

Live concentrates are from plant matter frozen after harvesting. After being defrosted, the product goes through the extraction process. The material can be frozen immediately after harvesting, avoiding the need for curing and preserving as many of the product’s natural terpenes as feasible. Because of this, live concentrates have earned a reputation for having more robust flavors and aromas than cured concentrates. However, compared to cured concentrates, this enhanced experience is more expensive.

What is Rosin?

Marijuana rosin is a flexible and adaptable concentrate that can change in appearance and consistency based on its surroundings and the circumstances under which you do the extraction. Some rosin has the homogeneous, transparent, and glossy appearance of sap or syrup. Some rosin has a whipped, creamy appearance that resembles a pale golden budder. Even rosin that seems thick, wet, and greasy and appears to float in a pool of liquid terpenes presents unique results. Often, rosin is to have a higher concentration than resin. The two products have identical names, but distinct methods make them. Most importantly, rosin is a concentrate without solvents, unlike marijuana resin, which goes through the extraction process of hydrocarbons. 

Fresh off the press or during a curing process, rosin can change into various consistencies. Rosin has different textures, including greasy, glassy, pull-and-snap, sappy, buttery, saucy, crumbly, oily, and waxy. In addition, there are multiple kinds of rosin, including:

  • Live Rosin
  • Flower rosin
  • Sift rosin
  • Hash rosin
  • Rosin Diamonds & Sauce/ Rosin Jam

Other Types of Marijuana Concentrates

Although we are discussing marijuana rosin VS concentrates and highlighting the differences, it is good to have some knowledge of other concentrates available.


Weed extract can be ideal for distillates. First, the extracted material heats to vaporization, which causes decarboxylation (activation of THC), then the evaporated material is de-condensed and collected. These are most frequently used in vaporizer (or “vape”) pens and have a considerably more liquid-like viscosity than wax or shatters.

Here are some marijuana concentrates that fits the mold:


Trichomes, a sticky crystal-like substance that is present in the flowers of the marijuana plant, are referred to as resin. Trichomes contain all of the terpenes and cannabinoids that give you a high. These trichomes will gather in the grinder’s base if you use them with your flower. Resin looks something like wax but is a naturally occurring substance. Due to its great potency, the resin is sometimes grouped with wax and shatter.

The live resin method starts by flash-freezing live plant matter before subjecting it to a hydrocarbon extraction procedure instead of drying and curing the flower before harvesting the THC-rich trichomes.


Shatter is the name of a weed extract that has a brittle, glass-like consistency and can break if dropped. However, it is well-liked since it contains more than 80% THC and is one of the cleanest marijuana concentrates available. In addition, its rich orangish/honey color makes it simple to identify.


All marijuana concentrations and oils high in THC are classified as euphoric oils and can consumption is via tincture, pill, or vaporizer. These weed concentrates are among the most popular types.


With its high THC content and solid euphoric effects, marijuana wax is similar to shatter; however, it has a more crumbly and sticky quality, identical to earwax. In addition, slight variations in wax cultivation cause varying consistency. Despite wax’s perceived ease of application, it tends to dissolve more quickly than shatter due to differences in appearance and texture.

The Takeaway/ Marijuana Rosin Vs Concentrates

Now that you’ve read this, you should know more about marijuana rosin VS concentrates. The term “concentrate” refers broadly to a limitless variety of weed products. Unfortunately, there is a lot to understand about marijuana concentrate use due to the perplexing vocabulary used to describe concentrates, the intricate descriptions of chemical profiles, and the overwhelming number of product options. In addition, knowing the ins and outs of the production process might help you choose which sort of concentrate offers the specific benefits and effects you desire. 

Conclusion of Marijuana Rosin VS Concentrates

In conclusion, weed concentrates like shatter, wax, resin, and rosin can give you a significantly stronger high than conventional flower smoking. 

The world of concentrates may be a confusing combination of science and flavor, but it’s nonetheless worth exploring. Concentrates can be experimented with in a variety of ways. For additional information The Stone Dispensary is perfect for answering questions.













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