What do you Know? 10 Questions about Rosin

What do you Know? 10 Questions about Rosin

Rosin is the residue left behind after the essential oils have been boiled out of a substance. The term ‘rosin’ comes from an old practice in which resins were made by distilling pine sap, called turpentine. To collect sap, pine trees are cut down and placed into large metal buckets. These are then heated to create pressure (and therefore heat). The pressure and heat cause the sap to boil, and the vapors are collected in another metal jar. The vapors condense into a liquid form of turpentine, leaving behind rosin.

What is rosin and how does it differ from shatter?

Rosin is a type of cannabis resin that can be obtained by using heat and pressure. This process gets rid of the organic solvents used to make Cannabis concentrate, making the end product safer for consumption. The result is a “sap-like” substance that can be smoked in a pipe or vaporized using an electronic dabbing device. This cannabis concentrate differs from shatter, which is made through a chemical process.

Does rosin use heat?

Yes! Rosin requires external heat to make the resin softer and easier to press. The heat can be provided by a hair straightener, and the tool is referred to as an “iron.” This process can be done manually or using a specialized rosin press (ours).

How long does it take to make rosin?

It depends on your equipment and the strain of Cannabis used! For our handmade rosin pressing plates (pictured below) and a hair straightener, it takes about an hour per gram of cannabis.

Is rosin an indica or a sativa?

This depends on the strain of marijuana you use. Typically, strains high in THC are used to make rosin. However, we are seeing those that are high in CBD create a very similar product today.

What are some of the benefits of rosin?

Rosin is a method for making marijuana concentrates without using solvents to extract THC from the cannabis. This process allows patients to avoid many potentially toxic chemicals that accompany other concentrates, such as BHO (butane hash oil). Rosin is also a safer alternative to making “honey oil,” which is another way of concentrating marijuana. (Thanks Wikipedia!)

Rosin allows the user to obtain higher levels of THC or CBD in a highly concentrated form that can be consumed quickly and easily. It can even be dabbed using an electronic device. This allows medical marijuana patients with compromised lung function to use concentrates without inhaling vapor.

What are some things you can do with rosin?

Rosin is typically consumed by taking a small amount of the concentrate and heating it up using an electronic dabbing device (example pictured below). This creates smoke that the patient can inhale. Some patients choose to spread their rosin on a cigarette or joint, but this is a less common way of consumption.

How long does the high from rosin last?

The high from rosin generally lasts longer than other marijuana concentrates because it is not made with chemical solvents. The high will vary depending on how much the patient consumes. Patients who are new to rosin should take small doses until they become more familiar with its effects on their body.

How do you make rosin?

The process for making rosin is simple! It can be done at home or in a commercial product that allows medical marijuana patients to produce the concentrated resin in their own homes.

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We have found that putting dry ground cannabis flower in between parchment paper, heating it up using an iron or hair straightener, and then applying pressure yields the best results. If done with less heat, the oil will be softer and easier to squeeze out of its container. However, if more heat is applied it will appear darker in color and have a harder texture. It is important to note that the hotter you heat your material, the more chlorophyll will be released alongside the THC. Less heat = lighter color/less chlorophyll. More heat = darker color/more chlorophyll.

Where can you purchase rosin?

You can make your own using a hair straightener and some parchment paper or buy it from a licensed producer. We have been told that you need to go through your Licensed Producer for the type of concentrate you want, but don’t quote us on that! Always check with your doctor before using medical marijuana. If you are interested in ordering online, we recommend The Stone!

What can you do with rosin?

Most people smoke or dab it, but it can be used in a variety of ways! We have seen people make edibles and baking recipes with rosin. You can also store your excess concentrate in the refrigerator for prolonged shelf life.

Have you tried Cannabis rosin or made it before? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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