Is Medical Cannabis Cheaper than recreational?

Is medical Cannabis cheaper? It depends on several factors. Unfortunately, because of the way the recreational law was written, medical Cannabis users cannot purchase from the same stores as recreational users. If you are a medical user, your options are more limited and less convenient than otherwise.

Growing Cannabis with Reverse Osmosis - The Stone
Growing Cannabis with Reverse Osmosis – The Stone

Because of this inconvenient access option, many people who qualify under Colorado’s medical laws choose to use recreational sales. This increases the number of people buying recreational Cannabis and drives down the price for all medical and recreational consumers.

Because medical users cannot buy from dispensaries, they must have a caregiver grow or cultivate their own medicine. If you do not already know someone who can help with developing, setting up a grow operation from scratch is expensive and time-consuming.

Many people who grow large amounts of marijuana will sell to dispensaries to score extra income.

It’s challenging to determine the price people pay into the system because growers may not be reporting their sales numbers correctly. But what we do know is these medical grows are the cheapest way to get Cannabis in your hands. So if you don’t qualify for medical Cannabis, growing is the next best solution and could be more affordable than recreational. ?

What can recreational users do to help the price of meds go down?

Cannabis Edu Why Smart People Use Cannabis - The Stone
Cannabis Edu Why Smart People Use Cannabis – The Stone

We, as consumers, have a lot of power, we just don’t know it. We can choose not to support big business and the machine that supports it instead of purchasing from smaller producers or supporting collectives. As a community, we need to encourage our friends who are legally able to grow recreational Cannabis to do so because growing will always be cheaper than purchasing Cannabis in any form.

How much is too much to pay?

Once again, it depends on what prices look like in your area. When Cannabis was illegal and sold under the table, it cost a lot more than when it was legal and sold over-the-counter. The medical industry probably has a good idea of how much their medical costs, but they’re not sharing that information. I would venture to guess that patients pay more in the legal medical market than when it was illegal.

As a patient, what should I be paying for my medicine?

Cannabis Concentrates Things to Know About - The Stone
Cannabis Concentrates Things to Know About – The Stone

We aren’t doctors, and we don’t want to tell anyone how much their medicine should cost. However, if you have a suggestion for these numbers, please comment below. It will be helpful to our readers. Is medical Cannabis cheaper?

In conclusion, if you need help growing Cannabis for yourself or others, contact us, and we’ll help you start a garden.

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