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Cannabis Class: What is Hashish?

Hashish is the finest quality of cannabis extract, produced by removing the resins from cannabis flowers with a solvent. The resulting product is a sticky brown or black substance with an extremely high concentration of THC. It is often confused with hash, which refers to any number of essences created by compressing marijuana plant material.

What is Hashish?

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Hashish goes back to the 10th century in Arabian countries, notably Yemen. People would finger it into small pieces and eat it raw for medicinal purposes. Soldiers used it to suppress hunger before battles during medieval times. Eventually, Arabic scholars became known for their psychoactive properties and spread their effects throughout Europe in the 16th century. The popularity of it caught on slowly over time until the 1960s when it became a popular drug.

People smoke or eat hash to experience its effects, including euphoria and relaxation. It has much of the same medical benefits as marijuana. This includes treating cancer symptoms and nausea from chemotherapy, but it is much more potent. Smoking or ingesting too much can make users feel dizzy or paranoid. The high THC content in hashish caused extractions like butane hash oil (BTO)to become more prevalent in cannabis culture. They are easier to create and more substantial than traditional marijuana extractions.

More about Hashish

It can be used orally, through inhalation via combustion at low temperatures [e.g., water pipe], vaporization, or mixed with edible ingredients.

A key ingredient in cannabis is the chemical compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The concentrations of THC in cannabis often determine its quality and, therefore, the type of methods used to consume it. It has a high concentration of THC compared to other forms of marijuana. Its active ingredients bind to trichomes, the tiny hair-like structures found on the leaves and flowers.

The amount of trichomes in hash crystals varies, depending on how rich they are in cannabinoids, users know the potency before consuming it. People who have had too much can tell when their bodies start tingling or experience heart palpitations. If someone feels too high, they can easily find relief by eating or drinking something sugary. This will gradually bring their blood sugar levels up.

It can be eaten raw

but it is more common for people to mix it with other ingredients to make brownies. In places where cannabis products are legal, they can be bought from dispensaries in different forms, such as hash. When ingested orally, the effects of the drug become more robust and last longer. The digestive system breaks down delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) into 11-hydroxy-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (11-OH THC). The digestive process also allows a higher concentration of cannabinoids to reach the liver, which metabolizes THC into 11-OH-THC. This increases the intensity of the experience.

However, it is noticeable how different hash can be ingested depending on their form. For example, if someone eats raw hash, they might at first feel more stoned than if they ate cooked hash. This is because of the lack of additives in its natural state. On the other hand, making food with cannabis extracts may cause strong effects. This may cause people to eat less at a time.

Hashish is often confused with hash. “Hash” refers to any number or combination of substances created by compressing marijuana plant material. Pure hashish has a texture similar to blackboard chalk. This is due to its high concentration of trichomes that are found on the leaves and flowers.

Cannabis is classified as one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history

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It has been used for different purposes throughout time. Recently its medicinal properties have become more publicized because it helps treat nausea and suppress appetite. This can be helpful for people who are feeling weak or ill for various reasons. Bedouins traditionally smoked it to induce sleep. Nowadays, smoking anything is becoming less popular than other delivery methods such as vaping or eating it. People are making concentrates like wax, shatter, oil, sap, and resin to get a much more concentrated dose.

Marijuana users choose their preferred method based on how much they want to spend, how discreet it is, and what effects they want to feel.

Hashish has been used in traditional medicine for centuries by people with various health conditions because of its therapeutic properties.

It can help treat pain, lower anxiety levels, relax muscles, and increase appetite. Moreover, cannabis products effectively treat conditions such as cancer, rheumatism, arthritis, epilepsy, glaucoma, nausea due to chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis, etc.

In contemporary times more specific strains have been developed that are rich in certain cannabinoids such as CBD or THC. This depends on the goal of treatment. For example, certain extracts from cannabis can help stimulate appetite but others do not have the same effect. Doctors prescribe them accordingly. Studies have shown that patients treated with marijuana products for pain may use fewer opioids for treatment.

Cannabis consumption has become popular in the last few decades because it has psychoactive effects. This makes people feel euphoric and relaxed if they smoke or eat it. However, some users consume it to stay awake or concentrate on tasks.

People usually smoke marijuana by rolling dried buds into a cigarette called joints, pipes, water bongs, etc.

When consumed this way, people feel its effects relatively quickly, usually within minutes. They also disappear sooner, usually after 2-3 hours. This is because THC leaves the bloodstream reasonably quickly when smoked. This is due to its high volatility. It is also harder to regulate the dose when smoking. This is because THC is absorbed by the lungs and goes directly to the brain.

People often choose edibles instead of smoking if they want a long-lasting high or have respiratory problems. When consumed this way, effects are usually felt after 30 minutes and last for 4-6 hours. It is also easier to control dosing. People know how much THC and other cannabinoids are contained in each serving. Some states even allow dispensaries to develop their marijuana products with different cannabinoid concentrations. This makes choosing easier depending on what effect patients seek.

The use of marijuana as medicine has become legal in some U.S States

It can be prescribed by doctors depending, of course, on each state’s regulations. However, cannabis remains illegal in most countries of the world. Cannabis is still classified as a narcotic drug in some countries. This is because it can be abused and has specific adverse effects when consumed.

There are various ways to consume hashish :

  • Eating
  • Dabbing (consumption of THC concentrates that are melted into an oily substance)
  • Vaping or smoking
  • Topical application (applying it directly onto the skin)

All have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what users want to feel with every use. They all provide varying concentrations of cannabinoids in each dose, which makes regulation easier or more difficult. Moreover, they all take different times to produce effects and how long they last. This makes it easier for patients to choose the method that best suits their treatment. This choice might depend on the time of day, what they want to achieve, and how much they can spend.

Users may be aware of these methods and how to use them safely but there are still some risks associated with their use.

When choosing a dispensary or delivery service, it is crucial to know where the product comes from and if testing has been done. Moreover, regulation in every state is changing every year, affecting consumption. Among other things: people who drive should wait at least 2 hours after smoking marijuana before going; its effects can last long enough to make driving dangerous. Additional risks are related to cannabis’ effects on the brain. This is why only adults should consume it and how much they consume in one sitting.

There are also some concerns about the long-term effects of consuming cannabis

This is because very little research has been done on them, mainly due to their legal status for non-medical purposes. Patients must consult their doctor before starting a treatment with these drugs. Especially where pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers are concerned. There are few studies that show what effect these products have on fetuses or babies. Moreover, researchers worry that frequent use could contribute to addiction issues over time.

Abuse of any kind is still illegal in most countries, so users must be conscious about how much they smoke. Additionally, regular use of THC can affect brain functions related to memory and decision-making skills. This is why users must choose a method that allows them to control their consumption.

It’s also important not to drive or work after consuming marijuana products because they impair motor skills. Furthermore, the amount of THC in each product varies depending on its concentration. This may make it easier for users to consume too much if they haven’t been informed. In some cases, high doses could be fatal (in extreme cases).

Eating it has some advantages over smoking or vaping

because there is less risk of lung problems associated with tobacco or other harmful chemicals contained in marijuana smoke. However, effects take longer to appear (1-2 hours depending on the dose) and can last for 12 hours. This makes it more difficult to control the amount of product used in each sitting, resulting in overdosing.

Hashish is a drug made with extracts from marijuana flowers and contains concentrated amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The term ‘hashish’ comes from the Middle East and South Asia, where it’s been consumed for centuries. It was initially used as an Arab medicine imported from India that contained large amounts of resin.


Users who want to feel its psychoactive effects usually smoke hashish cigarettes. These are also known as narguileh or hubble bubble and they may cause heightened sensory perception, euphoria, or relaxation.

The ancient method of consuming hashish was to mix it with tobacco and smoke it. This is why most modern smokers use joints or blunts. it can also be taken orally by cooking into food or eating it in the form of capsules.

Other similar names for cannabis extracts are:

  • Black resin
  • Black hash
  • Charas (India)
  • Dab,
  • Ganja (Southeast Asia)
  • Grass
  • Hash oil
  • Honey oil
  • Marijuana
  • Moonrocks
  • Nectar
  • Northern Lights
  • Pot (USA)
  • Sinsemilla (Mexico)
  • Shisheh (Middle East).

It’s legal to buy medical marijuana in some countries but illegal to produce or sell them without a license.

Because of this, law enforcement agencies try to stop people from growing or selling them illegally. Police officers must be careful when they encounter a suspicious plant. This is because there are many types of cannabis, and most look similar.

Tests can be done to confirm the presence of THC, but it’s difficult to know if the plant was legally grown. That’s why law enforcement agencies try to find out where marijuana comes from, rather than punishing farmers who sell legal products.

In some countries, buying medical marijuana is possible with a prescription from a doctor. In other places, it’s sold legally without needing approval from a health care professional.

The main difference between consuming hashish and consuming marijuana

Using hashish is typically more potent and can have more substantial effects on the mind and body. This increased potency is linked to the concentration of THC in hashish which is much higher than in marijuana. It can contain up to 10% of this chemical, whereas hashish includes 15-30%.

Smoking or vaping exposes users to large amounts of:

  • carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas contained in smoke
  • and tar, which can contribute to lung problems

Because THC affects brain functions such as memory and decision-making skills, long-term use could affect a person’s ability to make sensible decisions. Hash oil may be more dangerous than other cannabis extracts because it contains up to 80% THC than traditional hashish, about 20-35%.

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Another reason why many people prefer using hashish is because it’s more potent and offers the user a unique experience. Many people also use hashish rather than marijuana because they feel that the former has a better taste when smoked.

However, one advantage of using bud over hashish is its lower risk for addiction. Although both products can lead to psychological dependence in different ways. Emerging research suggests that cannabis may be less addictive than many other drugs. This is because it does not contain chemicals known as opiates.

In some countries

Nevertheless, this amount varies by country. Some countries may punish people who are caught with hashish more severely than others depending on the situation. For example, if someone was smoking outdoors where other people could see them, they could receive a harsher punishment.  

Smoking hashish could lead to serious legal consequences. This includes imprisonment even if no other illegal substances were involved. People caught in possession of small amounts (usually between 5-10 grams) typically receive a fine or a warning.

People caught growing or selling large amounts of cannabis face much higher penalties under the law. For example, first-time offenders may be imprisoned for two years or more in some countries. Others will only pay a fine.

For that reason, it’s vital for anyone who uses illegal drugs to educate themselves about their local laws. They should know how likely they are to get into trouble if arrested.   

Featured - Cannabis Class: What is Hashish?

Classification of hashish

Cannabis is a class of plants classified together under one species, Cannabis Sativa. Humans have bred many different types of cannabis for many other uses, but the two most famous types are hemp and. Hemp is used for its abundant seeds fiber which can be made into clothing, rope, many other things, and CBD oil. Marijuana is used for its psychoactive properties. Many different strains of the cannabis plant have been developed to ensure that each strain has a different level of THC which will alter your state.

In short, it is a type of marijuana made from resin glands called trichomes that grow on the flowers of a specific plant. The trichomes are separated from the plant and purified in “retting,” which results in a collection of resin. This product is then pressed together to form it, commonly referred to as “black,” “charas,” or “hash.”

The cannabis plant, depending on the strain, has different amounts of THC. The more THC a strain has, the more psychoactive effects are felt by humans who consume it. It is known to have high levels of THC, which will alter human perception when finished. It is often smoked in cigarettes or pipes for this effect.

Other names for hashish include:

  •  daryab (in Afghanistan and Pakistan)
  •  qinnab (in Saudi Arabia and Yemen)
  • meristani (in Afghanistan and Pakistan)
  • chira (in India and Nepal)
  • bhangi-ka-jaad, ganja, bhanga, gandia, kif, etc. (in Morocco and Algeria)
  • gandz (in Algeria and Tunisia)
  • kala-azar, kashiramdam, mohra, pasoon damma etc. (in India and Nepal)
  • mafuja (in Bangladesh)
  • charas (in India and Nepal)
  • chars (in Pakistan)
  • kif or kif-kari (in Morocco and Algeria)
  • phunkez, meezdoon etc. (in Iran)sofolaotu, gunjaa etc. (in Somalia).

Hashish is used by humans in different ways depending on the region. Sometimes it is used as a spice where you can use it to flavor foods, and sometimes people will mix hashish with tobacco and smoke it in a rolled cigarette. In some parts of the world, such as India and Nepal, they make it into small delicacies called “bhoondis.”

When smoked, the effects of hashish are very similar to the effects of marijuana. The more hashish is smoked, the higher the level of intoxication. Hashish can be eaten, but it takes longer for results to occur because it has to go through your digestive system first. Due to this, many people choose not to eat it.

There are some differences between hashish and marijuana. The most significant difference is that a person can overdose on hashish, but not from marijuana. Because of the high levels of THC in some strains, too much will cause you to feel incredibly high and maybe even experience some paranoia. In general, it is more potent than marijuana because it contains more resin that has been concentrated into hashish. This is why it can cause an overdose or make you feel sick if too much hashish is consumed.

It’s important to note that while some strains of marijuana contain high levels of THC, not all of them do – meaning that not all types of hashish are more potent than marijuana.

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