Are Cannabis Edibles Legal in the U.S.?

Are Cannabis Edibles Legal in the U.S.?

Yes! Cannabis Edibles (Edibles) are legal in certain states within the United States as long as they are produced using Clean Green Certified™ cannabis and/or hemp. “Edibles” refers to any food or drink that contains cannabinoids, such as marijuana. The psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis comes from tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids are used in edibles because it allows for a more predictable effect when ingested as opposed to smoked.

What Are Cannabis Edible Types?

Cannabis edibles come in many different forms, from brownies to granola bars and everything in between. While some of these products can be made at home, many edibles are commercially produced through a process that is similar to that of other food production facilities.

A large focus for the edible industry has been on consistency and purity. Edible concentrates contain pure cannabinoids – they undergo an extraction process from cannabis or hemp plants which then produce a crystal-like substance that is then processed into a Cannabis concentrate. This process removes any contaminants, or “impurities”, from the final product which helps to produce both accurate dosing and consistent effects for users.

Are There Differences in Edibles Between States?

It depends on where you live! The laws surrounding edibles vary from state to state and even with cities and counties within those states. In Colorado, for example, edibles can be sold in their original packaging or they can be repackaged into child resistant packaging with a clearly marked imprint that says “Keep out of the reach of children.”

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While some places have special regulations on how edibles are packaged, the legal rules apply to what ingredients can and cannot be used. It is ILLEGAL for edibles to contain ANY harmful additives or solvents. All of our Clean Green Certified™ cannabis and hemp products are 100% free from harmful chemicals like pesticides and solvents that could be toxic to humans.

Do I Need to Add Solvents To My Cannabis or Hemp Products?

No. It is ILLEGAL for edibles to contain ANY harmful additives or solvents. All of our Clean Green Certified™ cannabis and hemp products are 100% free from harmful chemicals like pesticides and solvents that could be toxic to humans.

What Are The Health Benefits of Edibles?

Cannabis Edibles can provide a variety of effects based on the type of edible and how much is consumed. In general, ingesting cannabis with food in the stomach should result in a slower onset time compared to when cannabis is consumed other ways like smoking or vaporizing. When consuming edibles, the effects of the psychoactive will last longer and may be more intense compared to when cannabis is smoked or vaporized.

What Are The Health Risks of Edibles?

There are several factors that could affect how edibles affect you, including:

  • How much was consumed (the total amount)
  • The way it was consumed (i.e., smoked, eaten)
  • A user’s metabolism and body mass index (BMI), as well as their tolerance to the drug
  • The overall quality of the product ingested: potency, packaging, ingredients used

When it comes to Cannabis edibles, no one can say for certain how it will react with a person’s metabolism, but we do know that there are risks if you consume an edible product containing THC and/or CBD that was not legally produced. As outlined by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, “The effects of marijuana edibles take longer to feel than when smoking or vaping marijuana flowers. This is because it takes longer for the liver to convert Delta 9 THC into 11-hydroxy-THC which is what causes the high. Therefore, it is very important that you start with a low dose or find out how much your particular body can consume before feeling uncomfortable effects like anxiety and panic attacks.”

Eating a Cannabis or Hemp edible for the first time

If you are looking at trying eating a Cannabis or hemp edible for the first time, we recommend being mindful of how much you consume and taking a smaller amount of product in comparison to smoking or vaporizing. First-time users are also advised to start with a low dose or figure out how much their body can tolerate before feeling uncomfortable effects like anxiety and panic attacks.

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In addition, it is also important to remember that edibles are a very different experience than smoking Cannabis or even vaporizing. Studies have shown that when someone eats pure THC, they feel “high” but do not get the same euphoric high as you would from smoke or vapor. So if you decide to consume THC through edibles, take the time to understand what your body is going through.

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