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Things to Know About How Weed Is Weighed At Marijuana Dispensaries

There are many things to know about how weed is weighed at marijuana dispensaries. And it is a fact that many people new to using marijuana get confused about weight terminologies as well as the slang uttered for describing what each item is. However, most people know about grams, and this is because most of the world use the metric mode of weight measurements.

While in the United States, the imperial measurement method is applicable: pounds and ounces. Still, most marijuana dispensaries do operate in the two systems, it is necessary to know a bit about them and how to navigate when buying weed. Bear in mind a customer cannot buy more than one ounce of weed at a time. So, here are some things to know about how weed is weighed at marijuana dispensaries.

What Are the Different Weights Weed Is Measured

Like everything sold in any store, you will find the weights in either grams, pounds, or ounces. The same applies to weed. The difference is the amount is singularly more minute in the dispensaries. For example, weed sells at:

  • Grams
  • Eighths
  • Quarters
  • Half
  • Ounce
  • Pound

For these weed weights, the slang is sometimes for identifying what amounts you want to buy. 

Weed Slangs or Terminologies for Marijuana Weights

  • A Dime bag
  • A Dub
  • A Slice
  • A Zip

Weed Weights Explanation

Grams Of Marijuana

A gram of weed is the metric unit of weight for selling weed. And this weight is the smallest amount most marijuana dispensaries will sell. However, some dispensaries in some states sell 1/2 gram to facilitate customers who are short on cash or need a quick pick-me-up. 

It is ideal for consumers buying weed to buy a gram. It is convenient, and once you are not an avid consumer of marijuana, you are good. A gram of weed can give you three joints which can last for a while once used sparingly. Each joint works out to be about 0.33 grams. Other users may choose to roll two joints which is ok too. The gram is the amount most marijuana customers buy if they try different weed strains. 

An Eighth Of Weed

The weight in eight is for an eight of an ounce. The conversion to grams is 3.5 grams. It is the most popular amount marijuana dispensaries sell because customers can be sure they have enough. There is also the comfort of knowing you can slowly consume an eighth of weed at your convenience and not be anxious about storage, fearing it may go off. 

Weed Quarters

Now that you are beginning to understand a bit about weed weights. The measurements in quarters translate into a quarter of an ounce, which is 7 grams. Now, look at the eighths of weed and see what you got. Since an eighth of weed is 3.5 grams and a quarter is 7 grams, your purchase is twice the amount of an eighth. 

Should you decide to weigh your quarter purchase, you may see it registered on the scale as 7.0874 grams. Understand that it is round down to the nearest gram at the dispensary. 

A Half Of Marijuana

This weight is easy to determine since we are dealing with calculations of ounces. Therefore, half of the weed is half an ounce in weight. Not too bad if you figure this out from the above explanations.

An Ounce of Weed

The legal amount for you to buy at one time. And this is a lot of weed. Once you purchase this amount, ensure proper storage for this valuable cargo. 

The ounce of marijuana converts to 28 grams, and you can roll oodles of joints to use at your convenience. It can last the responsible smoker for over a month. The operative factor here is storage, as unless you have proper storage, you run the chance of spoilage before consuming the lot. It is best to factor this into the equation before buying this much. Asking the budtender questions about how weed is weighed at a marijuana dispensary, and the proper method for storing. It also is a consideration as to your consumption pattern; if you use marijuana frequently, it may not last long. Storage issues become a moot point. 

One Pound Of Weed

A pound of weed and more is for product manufacturers and marijuana dispensaries. So they can legally buy in bulk and not run afoul of the law. 

It is not difficult to determine how much is in a pound of weed, which is 16 ounces. And this translates into 453 grams. So when you look at the figure in grams, you can tell this is a lot of marijuana.


Now To Weed Slang’s

Knowing how weed is weighed at marijuana dispensaries by recognizing the slang packaging.

A Dime Bag of Weed

Most roadside vendors will sell you a dime bag of weed, which is a small bag of weed. It works out roughly at one gram. However, marijuana dispensaries do prepackage the weights as grams or labeled dime bags. As a result, the cost is affordable at an average of $10 statewide. 

A Dub Bag of Weed

Similar to the dime bag, the contents are two grams in weight and sell at $20. In reality, a dub bag is two times a dime bag. For conversation, this can be confusing, especially for new users of marijuana. Hence, we are painstakingly breaking down the explanation for you to have an idea in weed language. 

A Slice of weed is an eighth of marijuana, which works out to 3.5 grams. The slang language speaks to the weights, but if you don’t know, you don’t know. 

A Zip of weed is one ounce sold in a Ziploc bag and is 28 grams. It’s for the abbreviation of one ounce, ‘oz.’ Not a unique translation; however, for the world of marijuana, it works.


The above explanation on marijuana weights and its terminologies should be helpful. The next thing to know is, are you getting your proper weight after purchasing? Most marijuana dispensaries sell pre-weighted and packaged weed. It is at the manufacturer’s, or the dispensary weighs out and packages beforehand. If you are still unsure of your amount, then it is best to ask the budtender to weigh the weed for you to view the scale while the transaction is taking place. With this measure, you can be sure you get the right amount. 

Investing in a digital metric convertible scale is good. Then, you can weigh your purchase when you get home, knowing you got what you paid for at the store. 




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