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Cannabis Maths: How Many Ounces in a Half Pound of Cannabis?

This answer may vary depending on the density and moisture content of the Cannabis, but this is a close estimate. There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to Cannabis, as the weight and amount of cannabinoids can vary from strain to strain. Each Cannabis plant has a different THC content, depending on the environment and specific genetic makeup of each strain. So knowing how much is half a pound of Cannabis, we rely on the experts for clarification.

How Many Ounces Are In A Half A Pound Of Cannabis?

Many new and seasoned Cannabis consumers believe that a half pound of Cannabis is one ounce per serving. I want to shed light on this inconsistency by explaining how many ounces are in a half-pound of Marijuana.

One ounce = 28.35 grams

Question: How many ounces are in half of pound of Cannabis?

       Answer: Eight ounces.

1/2 lbs = 8 ozs

8 oz = 1 LB

                8 oz x 2 = 16+8oz = 24 ozs

                1 lb x 1728=1728g /24=72.666g

                So there are approximately 73 grams in a half pound of Cannabis.

A half pound = 1407 grams (not exactly, it’s actually 1408 grams)

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Weigh a scale with only one ounce of Cannabis to get an accurate 1407 gram weight. Then subtract that weight from the total half-pound weight, and you will see what percent is missing to equal one ounce. In this example, I’ll round up 0.075 grams to make it easier for explanation purposes. The 1407 grams of half-pound Cannabis equals a total amount with a 49.6% weight variance from an actual one-ounce serving. With that information in mind, you can now weigh out all the other dosages of your purchase for consistency and accuracy in dosing.

Why Is This Important?

When we consistently measure out our THC obtained from any source, we will have a solid understanding of how our buds are getting us high after smoking it. THC’s effects on the body are based on how much you consume and how long it’s been in your blood. Each strain affects people differently because of its unique hybridization process.

Some strains can make consumers “dizzy,” and some can make them “relaxed.” It all depends on how much THC the plants produce and how long it sticks around in your bloodstream. Patients who need relief from medical strains of Cannabis often ask me which one is best for their ailment. I ask them what symptoms they’re feeling. Then I suggest a strain based on how they feel after consuming it.

So now that you know what a half-pound of Cannabis is, you can be aware of these facts in your next purchase. It’s crucial to have each dose of THC measured and consistent because you never know which strain will give you relief from pain or nausea this time around. The amount of THC can make a difference between life and death for cancer patients because they’re most likely ingesting Marijuana to combat the ravages of chemotherapy.

If you were not sure how many ounces are in a half-pound Cannabis, now you do! The half-pound will weigh out at 1407 grams and be short by 0.075 grams from the actual one-ounce serving. It is important to note that cannabinoid potency and weight measurements are not derived from standard units found in everyday descriptions: grams or pounds, for example. These numbers reflect milligrams of cannabinoids per gram of flower or unit (edible, concentrate, etc.)

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*If you’re not sure how many ounces are in a half-pound of Cannabis, weigh out your one ounce and subtract it from the total weight of a half-pound to get the result. In this example we subtracted 1/2 lb x 1408g = 7.32oz from 1 oz x 28.35g = 28.35oz

**If you’re not sure how many grams are in an ounce, weigh out your one ounce and divide it by 28 to get the result. We divided 1oz x 28g = 28grams. Then multiply the result by 1000 to convert to the metric system. We multiplied 28grams x 1000 = 280,000g. Information from The Stone!

Featured - Cannabis Maths: How Many Ounces in a Half Pound of Cannabis?


The United States legal definition of “1/2 pound,” also known as a “half,” is 28,350 grams. If we halve this number we get 14,675 grams, or 7 ounces, and 215 grains. Cannabis is often sold by the gram in areas where it is legally allowed to purvey medical marijuana.

If we divide 14,675 grams by 28,350 grams per half-pound, the answer is 0.54. This means that one-half pound contains approximately 54/100 or .54 ounces of Cannabis. This means that if an amount was weighed out with an accuracy of around .54 ounces, then the person weighing it out has determined that the amount is approximately 1/2 pound.

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