The naming of the City and County of Broomfield there is speculation as to it probably for the Broom Corn grown in the area. The broomcorn was used to make whisk brooms and brooms. The farmers grew this tall sorghum and they would sell them to make these brooms. Selling of the sorghum was easy since Broomfield was connected by the railroad, The Denver, Utah, and Pacific Railroad, The Colorado Central Railroad, and the Denver, Marshal, and Boulder Railway all planted lines connecting cities to Broomfield over 14 years.

Broomfield in the 21st Century

The City and County of Broomfield boast everything you come to expect from any developed country to have. There are green spaces for residents to enjoy nature while integrating commercial and education in their plans. The green spaces comprise parks, hiking trails, camping grounds, and more. There are museums, historic sites, and lots of information in Broomfield, of which visitors and residents can learn about the history. For commercial services, just about everything you may experience in the BIG City and County, you can find it in Broomfield. 

The residential offerings are dependent on the affordability of the structure and location. You can buy either a townhouse, an upscale mansion, a starter home, a condo, or a multi-level upscale custom home. Depending on where you want to live and your budget, you can find exactly what you need. 

The school system boasts both private and public choices and your children have the advantage of getting educated by the best creative and innovative teaching staff you can expect to have. 

Broomfield City and County have hospitals, medical centers, pet care facilities for you and your family. The medical fraternity is the complement of the most experienced and expert skills you can have. So, you know the health of the residents is in good hands. 

The City and County officials seek to ensure residents have services that cater to their every need. The plan to facilitate these services to enable both commercial and residential are balanced and that citizens can see their tax dollars are working. Also many Cannabis Dispensaries.

Mission Statement: 

“Working in partnership with the community, the City and County of Broomfield provide excellent services in an efficient, respectful, and courteous manner to enhance and protect the environment and quality of life of Broomfield residents.” As posted on The City and County Broomfield website.

Jars of Cannbis Flower

Jars of Cannbis Flower

Broomfield, Cannabis and The Stone

Because the medical services have seen the effects that the wrong Cannabis use can cause, they have facilities to help with rehabilitation. Their Crisis Centers and Substance Abuse and Mental health facilities are open to help those who need them. 

We, at The Stone Dispensary, Denver, Colorado, ensure we educate as many people that come into our facility. We sell the highest quality, scientifically researched, and proven Cannabis products to help and facilitate health and wellbeing. We serve the citizens of Broomfield and adhere to the City and County of Broomfield Cannabis laws. Our clients review our customer service and products and have given us the thumbs up in all areas. 

To learn more about the City and County of Broomfield, Colorado, and The Stone Dispensary, visit the relevant websites.

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