The City of Lakewood is the most populated municipality in Jefferson County, Colorado. It is a home rule municipality and is the fifth most populated city in Colorado. As of 2019, it had a population of 155,146. 

Like any place you choose to live, one of the first requirements is; are there jobs available? In the City of Lakewood, the employed cover over 75,000 jobs in every sector. These sectors include government, healthcare, and education.

Lakewood, CO

Considered a growing community, Lakewood offers everything you may need to ensure your family is taken care of. There is affordable housing, friendly and peaceful neighborhoods, excellent schools, plus lots of green spaces for you to enjoy. Outdoor activities are fun, so there is no reason to be bored when living in Lakewood. Crime, like in any community across the United States, is comparable to the type of criminal offenses, so the precautions you take based on where you like are applicable. 

Fun Activities in Lakewood 

Should you choose to visit Lakewood, Colorado, there are many fun activities to choose from. Lots of parks and trails for the outdoor person to enjoy. There are over 99 different parks to choose from, so what we have mentioned as you can see, is just a drop in the basket of choices. You can visit the Bear Creek Lake Park, Crown Hill Park, Everitt Farm, and the Caution: Brewing Company. You can make it a day to visit these places and end your adventure with a picnic in any of the parks. 

For art lovers, there are galleries and art installations located across the city. Nightlife is a must for any vacationer, and there is a lot of that to be had in Lakewood. There is live night music, bars, and breweries to enjoy. 

Jars of Cannbis Flower

Jars of Cannbis Flower

Health and Wellness in Lakewood, Colorado

Holistic health is the priority for the people of Lakewood. Some providers consider the entire body, mind, and spirit, for both men and women as the whole person, interacting with their environment. Cannabis and the THC and CBD components are part of the holistic treatment for persons that need it. And can be had from licensed dispensaries. 

The Stone Dispensary, Denver, Colorado, is one such dispensary, and we provide the products needed for people having medical issues that Cannabis can help. For recreational Cannabis use, we adhere to the laws of Lakewood, so purchasers of our

products are within the law. We advise users of our products for recreational purposes to ensure use within the legal guidelines of the city. 

The City of Lakewood has come into its own as a modern community. They seek to empower their residence in education, health, employment, and politics. The overall standard of living is valued so, the next generation has a future to look forward to. 

Visit Lakewood, Colorado, or browse their website; you may be surprised by what you see and learn about its people. They have been around for over 132 years, and their evolution into the twenty-first century is a journey you should know about.

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