The City of Englewood, Colorado is a Home Rule Municipality and is located, in Arapahoe County, Colorado. The history of the City is rich; and, some may say romantic in parts. The discovery of gold in Englewood in 1853, in the Little Dry Creek named by William Green Russell, he was one of the early colonizers in Englewood at the time. Mr. Thomas Skerritt, an Irish Immigrant, settled in Englewood and became a landowner after laying claim to a 640-acre homestead. This parcel of land almost covers all of the geographical maps of Englewood. For this reason, Skerritt is called the father of Englewood, Colorado.

Englewood, CO

There is the Cherrelyn Horse Car, a quaint little trolley that could hold from a dozen to possibly 40 people; I guess, depending on their size or age, factors into this. This mode of travel was to facilitate people going from the foot of the hill to the top. The story goes… The horse, hitched to the trolley, would take about 15-20 minutes to take its passengers to the top of the hill. On the return run the horse was backed onto a small platform on the trolley, and the trolley along with the horse would make a “gravity” fed speed down the hill, which takes about three minutes. It is reported persons became nauseous and dizzy on the drive downhill! 

The hill was one mile long and started from Orchard Place up to Cherrelyn. On coming to a stop back at Orchard Place in front of the saloon, there you would see photographers ready to take pictures to sell. The final stop on its one-mile run was in front of the then Dunn’s Family Store. All this happened from 1883 to about 1903. Today, the family store is a parking lot at Gold Sound, located at the corner of Quincy and Broadway. 

The famous Cherrelyn Horse Car changed hands after it was retired, a Mr. Louis Liebe Hart bought the car and put it on his lawn for his children to play. It was given in 1951 to the Englewood Rotary Club by Mrs. Liebe Hart. Today, the Car is now at the City Library in its refurbished condition.

Present-day Englewood, Colorado 

Today in Englewood, the hill is still there, though paved over and is now a sidewalk for pedestrians. The City has come a long way, and there are many exciting and relaxing adventures to enjoy. 

The Englewood Belleview Park is perfect for your little ones. It has the Englewood, Children’s Farm, the Englewood Miniature Train, which is seasonal for rides. For adults; the Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre is the largest in Denver and is built to seat 18,000 people. There you can enjoy plays, concerts, and planned performances during summer. 

Because Englewood has such a rich history, though nothing compared to Tombstone, the people there are proud of its history and what they have achieved over the centuries. Development is steady, and servicing neighboring communities is a big part of their culture. 

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