Deals on the best Recreational Marijuana Concentrates in Denver will always be at The Stone Dispensary! The umbrella term “Concentrates” is used to describe all sorts of hash. Accordingly, they are now further categorized into different types. For example, the most well known include shatter, wax, budder, bubble hash, and live resin.

Concentrates in Denver

Skip the smoke and enjoy the benefits of dabbing the Best Recreational Marijuana Concentrates.

Here at Stone, we will stay on top of concentrates so you don’t have to! Marijuana’s latest trend will be here to stay and ever improving!

High potency you can trust.

Hash can be processed from either trim or bud-run, the latter being the higher quality of the two. Because of this, Stone carries only bud-run concentrate in order to deliver you the purest, cleanest, strongest concentrates.



Shatter is a potent type of concentrate favored by many. Why is that? First, for it’s smooth texture and clean flavor. This is due to a second filtration process that removes proteins during the extraction process. Second, Shatter provides a crisp, clean flavor that packs a punch. Characteristically testing between 65-90% makes this BHO product a favorite for all dabbers! Third, Shatter does vary in texture. For example, sometimes it is slightly sticky to the touch. On the other hand, it is often solid like glass and cracking when pressure is applied. This is due to the level of stirring or agitation during the cooking process; when left undisturbed, the product remains clear, which is a characteristic of strong shatter. Between both THC and terpene content, wax and shatter are typically very similar in terms of potency contrary to popular belief. Moreover, the Best Recreational Marijuana Concentrates in Denver are always at The Stone.


Wax is a type cannabis concentrate that is known for delivering strong and flavorful hits. Why? First, this dabber’s favorite is the driest of all concentrate in texture and typically crumbly and therefore easy to use with either your hands or a dab tool. During the cooking process, wax is stirred or whipped; this creates crystallization in the marijuana molecules and gives wax its dense, non-transparent appearance. Second, wax is a solvent extracted product, meaning that either butane (BHO) or propane is utilized in order to produce a properly dosed dab. Third, wax takes on various textures and color depending on variables such as temperature and moisture levels, in addition to the quality of the flower or oil that’s used during the production process.


Much like wax, Cannabis budder is a concentrate with a softer consistency often compared to ear wax or batter. Budder is typically produced with higher moisture content oils, resulting in its signature gooey consistency. Much like wax, budder is also extracted using a solvent such as butane, which is used to press out the extracted hash oil; this often results in a stronger end product. Budder retains a lot of terpenes from the Cannabis, which are responsible for both the taste and potency of the end product. While wax can easily be broken up with your hands, budder is a stickier concoction that you’ll want a dab tool to maneuver the product with!


Bubble hash is the Cannabis flower smoker’s delight! While you certainly can dab this product, bubble hash is usually used as a bowl topper and is very easy to handle with your fingers. Unlike its cousin, shatter, bubble hash is a NON solvent product, meaning the plant matter is purged with ice water or CO2 rather than butane. Bubble hash tends to range in potency, with THC levels testing between 30-70%. Depending on the cannabis concentrate used, bubble hash does range in consistency between sand-like grainy pieces to small, easily breakable chunks. Neither of these are necessarily better than the other in terms of potency. In fact, it all depends on the user’s preference. Bubble hash is a truly flexible concentrate that can be added to joints, pipes, or bongs to strengthen the high of any flower!


Live resin is another solvent extracted product much like Cannabis shatter, wax, and budder. Therefore this too is a dabber’s best friend, especially given the insane flavor profile of properly purged live resin! Additionally, live resin, also called fresh frozen, is processed using whole marijuana plants rather than dried and cured bud. Immediately producing a more flavorful overall product. This process ensures retaining more oil from the plant matter than its dabbing counterparts like wax and shatter.


One benefit is, of course, the high; delivered in a strong punch, is capable of producing the most intoxicating buzz around.

More importantly, medical marijuana patients will recieve much needed pain relief from concentrates. Shatter, wax, and live resin are seen as a superior alternative to opiate derived pain killers. In fact, this is due to the exceptionally high THC & CBD concentrations. Additionally, when wax or shatter are prepared and preserved properly, the terpene profile of the plant will stay more potent. Subsequently, many people do believe this adds to the medicinal value of the concentrate. Of course, The Stone proudly offers our customers the Best Recreational Marijuana Concentrates in Denver.


Solvent Extracted

Typically made using alcohol, propane, butane or CO2, a solvent extracted concentrate product results in higher concentrations of THC. Due to their popularity, solvent extracts are the most widely consumed type of concentrate. Of course, this includes shatter, wax, budder, and live resin.


Non-Solvent Extracted concentrates use only ice or water, or in some cases nothing at all to produce a concentrate. For example, nothing but a series of fine mesh screens is used for keif and dry sift. This method used by extraction artist will purify the trichomes and separate them from the plant matter. Therefore, a concentrate of THC typically will test between 40-70%. Addiotnally, our research does show us the Ice and Water method is typically the cleanest way to produce a concentrate product. Specifically, our labs do refine these products to extremely pure levels of THC and CBD. Learn more about Concentrates here.