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The Taste of Winning Cannabis Edibles

It’s a Friday night and you’re sitting down watching TV, minding your own business. Before you know it, your friends text you saying they want to come over and enjoy some winning cannabis edibles with you on the weekend. What do you do?

Well, for starters: go out and buy some weed! But there’s one more thing on your list of priorities before the weekend comes around – pick up some good-quality winning cannabis edibles from your local dispensary to share with your buddies. Not just any edible will do though; these are no ordinary times so this edible needs to be something special too. You don’t have time for subpar products that leave you asking yourself if it was all worth it.

The Taste of Winning Cannabis Edibles

This brings us nicely onto the Taste of Winning Cannabis Edibles. The Taste of Winning Cannabis Edibles are some seriously delicious, THC-infused sour belts that will leave you wanting more – and not just another one either; your friends will be begging for them too!

Their unique sour belt taste mixed with the flavourful, high CBD cannabis oil inside leaves you with the perfect combination of freshness and relaxation. Even better? They contain no additives or harmful chemicals to weigh you down, rather it’s a whole lot of goodness in every bite. You don’t have to take our word for it, though: taste is subjective after all, so fortunately we’ve got science on our side too.

Sensi Chew Strawberry-Cream

On the strength of its taste alone, this might be the best edible I’ve ever had. The flavor is a perfectly balanced mix of strawberry and cream, with just the right amount of sweetness to make it almost candy like. And unlike most other gummy-style edibles, it’s the consistency of chewing gum and not at all sticky.

Cannabis Quencher

The Cannabis Quencher is one part ice pop and one part cannabis extract. Each serving is about 10mg of THC (a medium dose) – the equivalent of two potent joints. The idea behind the Quencher is to give medical cannabis patients an easy method for dosing their medicine.

Each pop comes individually wrapped, with 160 calories and 2 grams of sugar (the equivalent of two Big Gulp sodas). They’re surprisingly tasty as well: not overly sweet and a little more tart than your average ice pop.

I tried the Lemon-Lime quencher, which contains two flavors that are usually off-limits for someone watching their weight: sugar and fat (the other flavors are Pineapple-Guava and Pink Grapefruit). I did not feel guilty after finishing this.

Sensi Chew Bar

The Sensi Chew is as close to a functional edible as you’ll find. It’s basically an individually wrapped, extremely potent “Square” (a chocolate-covered caramel) – the packaging even looks like a chocolatier did it. The Sensi Chew Bar had no flavor and went down smoothly – I felt normal after eating it, aside from the obvious effects.

A single bar packs 10mg of THC, which is the equivalent of one potent joint.

Sensi Chew Bar (grape)

The Sensi Chew Bars are a great alternative for patients who don’t want to smoke their medicine or eat an extremely potent edible. Patients can bite off pieces and spread out the effects over an hour or more.

The grape flavor has a nice sourness to it, and the texture is very much like a chocolate-covered caramel. It’s not exactly my cup of tea (get it?) but I can see how patients would enjoy having one of these in their pocket for an extended period of time without getting sick.

Cheeba Chews – Mint Chocolate

The chocolate is so rich that it’s more like fudge than your typical treat. It’s surprisingly tasty, with a nice minty aftertaste and slight tingle on the tongue from the cannabis extract. I’ve had other infused chocolate bars before (like Green Goddess) but this was noticeably more potent in terms of psychoactive effects.

Cheeba Chews – Mint Chocolate (2x THC)

While the regular Cheeba Mint bar is 10mg of THC per piece, this version has twice as much, or 20mg of THC in each piece. It’s quite a tasty treat, and I could see myself going through one whole package pretty quickly.

Cheeba Chews – Strawberry

The regular Cheeba Bar is 10mg of THC per piece, but this double-dosed version has 20mg of THC in each piece. It also tastes pretty good until you realize that it’s a strawberry hard candy made with sativa (the packaging doesn’t say which strain). I wouldn’t recommend this to people looking for a functional edible.

Cheeba Chews – Lemon

This is similar in flavor and texture to the strawberry version, but with a very noticeable lemon aftertaste (rather than cannabis). It’s quite tasty overall, and the two flavors work well together. The potency of sativa wasn’t too intense.

Kiva Confections

Kiva Confections is the best-looking medical cannabis chocolate I’ve ever seen, instead of the usual chocolates or malts with rice crisps on top (I know you’ve had one). The most potent version is the Dark Chocolate bar, which contains 20mg of THC per piece – this is clearly not for beginners. There’s also a Milk Chocolate bar with 10mg of THC per piece, and a White Chocolate (milk) flavor that contains 5mg of THC per piece.

Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops

I’ve always liked Yummy Earth lollipops – they’re organic, made from real fruit and have no artificial colors or flavors. They also come in one-dose containers that can be easily separated for patients tracking their THC intake (although the package doesn’t say how much THC each lollipop contains).

I tried the mango flavor, which was really good – not overly sweet and tasted like real fruit. I did notice the high almost instantly, compared to other brands that don’t have a noticeable effect until you eat like five of them.

The package says the lollipops contain 50mg of THC, but I didn’t see any dosage info on the label (so it could be 100mg). Although I had no problems with these, they’re basically the equivalent of a joint or two, so it’s easy to overdo it.

Sour Gummies

The Sour Gummies are made by the same folks who make Yummy Earth candies – and like the regular gummies, they’re organic (no artificial colors) and taste like actual fruit.

The sour variety is pretty good, with a nice fruity flavor and sour aftertaste. I didn’t notice much of an effect from the “sour hit” as it’s described on the package – in fact it doesn’t have any THC at all, just CBD (because they’re legal to sell everywhere except Colorado). Based on lab results that CHR has seen before, these are probably made by cutting Kiva’s Milk Chocolate bar with CBD isolate. But at least they’re tasty and the packaging is child-proof.

KIVA – Dark Chocolate Bar

This was my fourth time trying one of Kiva’s chocolate bars, and I have to say that it was dreadful. It didn’t taste anything like chocolate – it was tart and dry, kinda like a Lindt bar with raspberry flavoring. There’s also an aftertaste from the alcohol (cocoa liquor) that they use as a processing agent. Overall I think this is one of the worst products on the market today (and sadly Kiva has many imitators).

GreenBudz (1.5x THC) – Dark Chocolate

I’m happy to report that the new GreenBudz chocolate is much better than KIVA’s, with a nice dark chocolate flavor and pleasant aftertaste. One piece contains 50mg of THC, so it’s only for those who can handle strong doses.

Be warned that the package says it contains PEANUTS, so be sure to check for allergies. They also come in milk chocolate (with 200mg per package), dark chocolate and orange-chocolate flavors – I’ll try those next time.

Yummi Karma Sugar Free Mints

These worked well and tasted good (very minty), but the THC dosage is kind of weird. There are 20 pieces per package, with 5mg of THC per piece (so 100mg total). However there’s also a warning that you shouldn’t eat more than 10 in one day.

So basically it’s like every other edible: try not to eat that many on a regular basis, and kids shouldn’t eat them at all.

Featured - The Taste of Winning Cannabis Edibles

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