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Cannabis Concentrate or Cannabis Oil: Which is Stronger?

October 10, 2021 by Stone Editorial Team

Cannabis oil as it is termed nowadays is making rounds these days and this product has become a favorite of many makers. This cannabis oil or concentrate is also known as hash, wax, dab and shatter are created when extraction process the cannabis plant matter. Generally the temperature used in the process for extracting these […]

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Cannabis Oil and CBD Oil: What are the Benefits?

October 5, 2021 by Stone Editorial Team

Cannabis oil has been used for thousands of years to help with a variety of ailments; it has been proven to effectively reduce pain, inflammation and nausea. Today there are many different strains available that have a wide range of potencies – from low THC/medium CBD to high THC/low CBD; and from high THC/high CBD […]

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Butane Hash Oil (BHO): What is it and How Does BHO help patients

October 4, 2021 by Stone Editorial Team

Cannabis is a safe and effective medicine for many of the most challenging conditions affecting patients today. It is also highly variable in its composition depending on growing (or extraction) technique. Recently, a new product has hit the market which provides a consistent dose of cannabis, and can be easily utilized by patients. This product […]

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4 Widely Used CBD Oil Extraction Techniques

September 7, 2021 by Stone Editorial Team

CBD Oil Extraction Techniques   The CBD Oil extraction process alters the chemical composition of the substance being extracted, so the outcome will be different depending on which one you use. CBD extraction methods can be divided into two main categories: solvent based and non-solvent based. Depending on which method is used, the end product […]

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The Different Kinds of Cannabis Oil and their Benefits (Part 2)

April 8, 2021 by Stone Admin

Start Here: The Different Kinds of Cannabis Oil and their Benefits (Part 1) Studies have shown that CBD is also an effective treatment for common mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety without the harmful side effects of pharmaceutical medications. Also without the addictive properties of medications such as benzodiazepines that can lead to […]

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The Different Kinds of Cannabis Oil and their Benefits (Part 1)

April 7, 2021 by Stone Editorial Team

There are different kinds of Cannabis Oil that have similar and different various benefits. These include Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Oil, THC Oil, and Oils that have a combination of CBD and THC.Hemp Seed OilHemp Seed Oil is Cannabis Oil that comes from Hemp Cannabis. While it contains little to no Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is […]

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