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This Week in Cannabis

This Week in Cannabis at The Stone Dispensary Promo Image Cannabis historically refers to the Cannabis plant, sometimes described as the Marijuana plant. There are 540 chemicals in the Cannabis plant including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the psychoactive chemical in the plant. There is a ton of interesting news that has come out of the Cannabis Industry this week including education, decriminalization and legalization of this amazing healing plant.

This Week in Cannabis Stocks

Cannabis Stocks refers to the stocks that are trading on the Stock market owned by companies in the Cannabis Industry. These include Hemp Stocks, CBD Stocks, Cannabis Pharma stocks and more. This weeks biggest winner is HEMP which is a development company based in  involved in the industrial production of Hemp. Hemp is the Cannabis Sativa plant grown specifically for the production of clothing, dry-wall, furniture, food items and more. Hemp is one of the stronger known elements of the universe and up until 100 years ago was used in the manufacture of many items including rope and paper. Trading under the stock ticker “HEMP”, this penny stock had a ten percent gain this week with a Market Cap of 2.92 Million. Right behind it was IM Cannabis with a 6% increase. IM Cannabis was founded in 1980 in Tel Aviv, Isreal and focuses on the production and sale of Medical Cannabis. FSD Pharma, a pharmaceutical company specializing in the medical applications of cannabanoids, seems to have great potential as they are in Phase two trials of a possible cure from Covid 19. FSD Pharma is also in the process of studying a “treatment of illness in cats and dogs using cannabinoids.” according to Full Disclosure: This is not financial advice.

This Week in Cannabis Decriminalization

New York just Decriminalized Recreational Cannabis and Legalized Recreational Cannabis this week less than a month after New Jersey Decriminalized and Legalized Recreational Cannabis. As a result, there are now only 6 states left with outdated laws against legalizing Cannabis including Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas, Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina. The New Mexico Governor will sign a bill that will Decriminalize Cannabis, allowing people to posses two ounces of Recreational Marijuana. The current political class is pressuring the Biden administration to Decriminalize and legalize Cannabis federally. Federal Legalization has passed the House in December of 2020 with the Senators saying they will push for Federal Cannabis legalization in 2021. This means more regulation and tax revenue for the states and the federal government but it also means more protections and more Cannabis careers.

This Week in Cannabis Social Justice

The first Black Woman-Owned Cannabis Dispensary on the east coast opened this week in Brockton, Massachusetts. Originally reported by CBS Boston, Vanessa Jean-Baptiste is the owner of Legal Greens located on Pleasant Street in Brockton Mass. “It means a lot to me because we worked really hard to get to where we are at and to be open in Brockton, and to be the first fully-recreational in Brockton, then to be the first woman in Massachusetts, it’s pretty huge.” Jean-Baptiste told CBS Boston. A crowd formed early March 28th as the store was about to open at 8am to the joy of Jean-Baptist. She had a piece of advice for those looking to follow in her success, “Never give up. Honestly, keep on fighting, keep on chipping at it even when it seems like it’s far-fetched and it seems like you’re never going to get it, continue to fight and fight for it.”

This Week in Cannabis in the World

While the United States seems to be heading in the right direction in relation to the decriminalization and legalization of one of the worlds oldest medicinal plants, not every country around the world is showing the same bravery. In Morocco, Police seized 4.9 Tonnes of Cannabis, raiding many different areas in 4 days and seizing a total of 13 tonnes. This is amusing as worst considering that Morocco is one of the largest producers and exporters of Cannabis in the world. Yet in Pune, India, Himachal Pradesh is looking to legalize Cannabis for medical and industrial use. They have set an ambitious target of generating $2.5 Billion annually in revenue considering that the laws are not in place to support Cannabis Cultivation and the Cultural taboo of the plant in the past may present challenges in hitting that goal. The region looking to legalize Cannabis already has the traffic from tourism and Cannabis Hash oil, or bhang as some call it, is already in high demand in the area. Himachal Pradesh already has a estimated output of 100-150 tons of Hashish, according to the research paper in 2018.

This Week in Cannabis at The Stone Dispensary

It’s that time of year again. Yup, you have it right: April 20th aka 420, which happens to be a mythical, magical number in the Cannabis industry. In order to celebrate, The Stone Dispensary is selling ounces of Cannabis Flower for $50 starting on the 5th of April. Our 420 special will run to the end of April, 2021. Come in and Order Marijuana Today!

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