The City of Northglenn is one of the newest communities in Colorado, which started in 1959. The vision for developing the lands was proposed by Perl- Mack Company and the company’s master plan was to create a community with separate areas for commercial business, schools, homes, industrial and recreational parks. This planned community grew after the construction of the first set of residential properties to 10,000 by 1962. Today Northglenn is a fully established City, and as of their 2018 census, they are a community of over 38,000 residents.

Northglenn, Colorado

There are not many buildings dating back past 1959, and so to preserve what remains, the citizens came together and voted to save the remaining farmhouse that was due for demolition. They formed the Historic Preservation Foundation in 1999 after fully restoring the Stonehocker farmhouse. The citizens planned and worked together and did the restoration on their own. They also raise funds for restorations or preservations of needed historic buildings of any kind. You can view these historic buildings at any time you choose to visit the City. 

Today the Stonehocker farmhouse is a tourist attraction and is opened at Christmas each year to celebrate Ye Olde Fashioned Christmas. 

Northglenn is a family-oriented community and, should you decide to reside there, you can rest assured your family is safe. A close-knit community with an education program comparable to the other cities within Northglennhs’ surroundings. Open spaces for recreation were a factor for the initial founders of Northglenn, so they dedicated lands for trails, recreational facilities, and parks. If you are driving through Northglenn, you have the opportunity to enjoy any of their pull-off places along the route. 

One such place is the Coke Reservation, where you can fish and walk along the lake while enjoying the wildlife and waterfowls while relaxing under the majestic gigantic cottonwood trees. 

Jars of Cannbis Flower

Jars of Cannbis Flower

The Stone

The City of Northglenn facilitates Cannabis businesses. There are licenses to apply for and, there are designated zones for dispensaries to be located. The Stone Dispensary Denver, Colorado, is one such dispensary that serves the community of Northglenn. We facilitate Cannabis users, whether recreational or medical, and we adhere to the laws that govern such services. Our contacts are online, by phone, and walk-in. There are services for storefront pickups, should you be in a hurry.

Because of the laws which govern Cannabis businesses in Northglenn for medical users, it is advised you have a doctor’s certificate of prescription for purchasing. You will need to have this certificate on hand when purchasing any of our products. For recreational users, it is safer to use at home. 

Living in the City of Northglenn, because it is an all-inclusive community, you are considered family. The concept when building in 1959 communicated this. Should you decide to live there and want to know more about this unique City, visit their website, or take a drive down and see for yourself. There is no other direct way to help in making your decision.

The Stone Dispensary

4820 Morrison Rd

Denver, CO 80219

Phone: 303-936-0111
Hours: Daily 10:00am – 9:50pm