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Our Current Coupons

Below are our current coupons. You can print these out or just tap on the coupon you want to use on you phone and show the coupon on your phone in our store!

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Cannabis Coupons

At The Stone, you can find great deals on cannabis flower. We offer excellent prices on all kinds of different products, so check our coupons often to see what’s available today. At any given time, you may be able to find discounted prices for some of the most popular items on our dispensary menu. Options regularly include things like flower, shake, and pre-rolls.

Edibles Coupons

Cannabis edibles are a big hit with both experienced cannabis connoisseurs and relatively inexperienced customers. The cannabis experience is already enjoyable for many people, and it can be even more pleasant when it comes in delicious flavors. Shop our current deals on cannabis edibles to see what’s available, and you’ll almost definitely be able to find something that matches your tastes and personal preferences. Whether you’re looking for something fruity or you prefer the taste of chocolate, you’ll be able to find great cannabis edibles deals on our dispensary menu.

Extracts Coupons

Cannabis edibles are getting more and more popular all the time, especially among cannabis connoisseurs. Everyone has their own opinions about which type of cannabis concentrate is best, and you can find great deals on all of the most popular options here at The Stone. Check our cannabis concentrates coupons often to see our most recent deals. Depending on when you shop, you’ll be able to find the best deals on marijuana concentrates like shatter, wax, and live resin.

Cannabis Vape Coupons

Cannabis vape products are an excellent choice for people who have specific needs when it comes to consuming cannabis. These products are discreet, easy to use, and extremely portable. That makes them accessible for people who like to take their cannabis with them on the go or consume it without attracting a lot of attention. When you want to find the best deals on cannabis vape products, check the latest coupons from The Stone. We often have the best prices for disposable vapes, cartridges, pods, distillate, and other premium cannabis vape products. Find the coupon that appeals most to you, then bring it into one of our dispensaries in the Denver area, either on your phone or as a printed version.

Topicals Coupons

Cannabis topicals are gaining popularity among some members of the cannabis community. While topical cannabis products have typically been a common choice for people who want to localize their cannabis experience to one part of their body, we also sell transdermal patches. These patches are great because they can deliver a steady stream of cannabinoids throughout the day. Choose from THC topicals or topicals with a balanced mix of CBD and THC. Before you look for cannabis topicals on our dispensary menu, check here to see if we’re offering any coupons.

CBD Coupons

THC gets a lot of attention from the cannabis community, and with good reason. That said, it isn’t the only great cannabinoid, and CBD has made quite a name for itself, too. Here at The Stone, our customers can find products that offer both CBD and THC. If you’re looking for ways to add CBD to your daily routine, you may be able to do so at a discounted price. Check back here before you buy CBD to see if you can do so at a lower price.

Accessories Coupons

Depending on how you like to enjoy your cannabis, you may also want to build your collection of cannabis accessories. Here at The Stone, we’re committed to serving our customers as completely as possible at every step along the cannabis journey. When it’s time for you to find some new cannabis accessories, we hope you’ll think of us first. Check here to see our most recent coupons, and you may even be able to find exclusive deals.

Other Coupons

The categories above help customers find great deals on most of the products on our dispensary menu. Whenever we think of anything else, though, you’ll be able to find those coupons here. You never know what you might find!

Other Deals and Discounts

Here at The Stone, we support our veterans. Many companies say that, but we actually live it every single day. When veterans come to our cannabis dispensary, they’ll get a 5% discount off of every recreational purchase they make. That offer is good any day of the week, at any time, on any purchase.

We also want to help you celebrate your birthday. We can’t give you our products for free, but we can do the next best thing. Visit us on your birthday, and you can get a joint for just a penny. Talk about a deal worth celebrating!