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YES, IT’S TRUE! You Can Buy Cannabis Weed Online

The internet has become the virtual playground for shopping. Online purchasing is no longer something we think of as a future endeavor; it is what we can do in the here and now. Buying goods and services online and requesting delivery of these items to our addresses is convenient, so why not consider buying Cannabis and its products online and having them delivered to our doors? Is this an option, and can we, honestly, legally expect home deliveries?

Shopping For Weed and Cannabis Products Online

Eleven states in the United States legalized Cannabis for adult consumption. And although this is a fact, it is still not legal to ship any Cannabis products through regular postal services. FedEx, DHL, and UPS will not offer the convenience either, and while this is so, people want to circumvent the laws governing such services to get their marijuana ‘fixed.’ 

Cannabis dispensaries offer online purchases through their websites. However, you must arrange for curbside or in-store pick-ups. The Covid-19 pandemic has escalated these online purchases to make it convenient for people to have their Cannabis. Over the phone, orders are allowed as another convenience for customers. 

Before Covid-19, between 2005- 2017, people sought ways to order and get weed delivered to them online. The practice was confirmed in a study in 2018 by The American Journal Of Preventative Medicine. Their use of Google and searching specific keywords- marijuana, weed, buy and order, revealed the trend of consumers seeking to make purchases online. The magnitude of searches percentage-wise grew by 199%. 

Their research also revealed that 41% sought online purchasing and delivery retailers. But, of course, these were illegal sites offering illegal services that could get people, and they could not even confirm if the products bought and delivered were authentic. 

Purchasing And selling Cannabis/ Weed Across State Lines

America’s 50 states legally buy, sell and cultivate anything Hemp. Cannabis and its products are only legal in the states authorized for selling recreational and medicinal marijuana products. So, this is illegal if you encounter any store or dispensary selling Cannabis or its products online and offering home deliveries across state lines. You open yourself up to fines and jail time if you get caught. There are many people online with fake sites providing services to get at your hard earn money without being able to deliver on what they post as a service. They are outright SCAMMERS! Run from these people. 

Only legally registered Cannabis dispensaries can offer online purchasing services, and the customer must do pick-up, whether curbside or in-store. States allowed for recreational Cannabis delivery are; Colorado, California, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, and Oregon. While Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. states allow medicinal Cannabis cardholders the option for delivery. 

You should check your local dispensary and law requirements for what is permitted. 

Cannabis/ Weed Products That Are Legal For Online Purchases

Hemp products are legal across the United States, and this is because it contains CBD in more significant percentages than THC and does not cause the high feeling associated with THC. 

Most CBD concentrates are gummies, candies, Topicals, Tinctures, oils, lotions, creams, drinks, and other beverages. There are also CBD Rosin concentrates and associated products that are legal. The only stipulation in the law is for product labeling to contain the wording infused with Hemp CBD. 

Online purchases and delivery are legal; yes, you can grow and make your Hemp CBD products at home or commercially. 

THC Products and How Much To Buy Legally

Because Cannabis contains higher levels of THC, you are legally allowed a one-ounce buy at any time. There are smaller quantities you can buy, which are grams, eights, and quarters. These amounts will afford you a cheaper cost, but you still cannot have home delivery for these products or buds. You may make online purchases and pick them up personally from the dispensary. 


Many people consider circumventing the law by purchasing Cannabis/ weed from overseas for convenience. And this is an option that may not be such a good option. Many companies in other countries may not be legitimate merchants of marijuana and will not think twice about taking your money and delivering nothing in return. 

Living in the U.S. and making inquiries according to where you live about laws governing online purchases and deliveries is the best route. And, there is still the probability of being duped out of your money. Because marijuana is a high-stakes, money-making business, people are still dealing with the herb illegally. The drawback is that you may pay for a drug that is not Cannabis. Investing in your local dispensary is better where you are sure the products and buds you buy are the real deal. It also ensures you are within the confines of the law. 


Many CBD and THC Cannabis and Hemp products are available in the respective dispensaries. There is also the option of buying buds, flowers, hash, concentrates, and more at reasonable prices to suit your pocket. A good budget for marijuana will ensure you get the relaxation you want while staying within the law and not spending too much to have you evicted from not paying your rent and utilities or even buying food. 

It is not using Cannabis that can be the issue; it is the irresponsible choices some people make for using. 

Here is a list of prevention measures you can use when buying Cannabis/ Weed online from

  • Purchase from reputable sellers and identified legal Cannabis dispensaries. Scouring customer reviews on these sites can give you good recommendations as well., giving trusted cannabis authorities have positively mentioned the company.
  • Make purchases of Cannabis and CBD products that include a certificate of analysis from a trusted third-party lab, like The Stone, which uses Kaycha Labs Colorado.
  • And avoid any business that offers to send you Cannabis through the mail.
  • Never purchase from unverified social media accounts.

Finally, happy hunting for the Cannabis dispensary in your local, and I hope you develop a working relationship that will serve you for a long time.

Featured - YES, IT’S TRUE! You Can Buy Cannabis Weed Online

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