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Growing Cannabis: Growing Cannabis Plants in the Great Outdoors

Most people would consider growing cannabis a male occupation. There are many reasons for this. Most importantly, raw cannabis flowers have been documented as being the only known plant that synthesizes THC. It also just so happens to be incredibly psychoactive. The seeds from these plants can be used to create new ones. They can also be crushed up and used to make hash, another psychoactive substance.

Growing Cannabis Plants in the Great Outdoors

However, some people like to grow cannabis plants to escape the hustle and bustle of living in city life. These people are often called hippies, back-to-the-landers, and nature lovers. People who live in rural areas and cultivate their food often grow cannabis plants for various reasons.

The great outdoors is undoubtedly an option that more people should consider when looking to plant a brand-new batch of cannabis seeds. Whether the goal is to save money or break the monotony of everyday life, growing these plants can be fun and relaxing. Let’s look at what it takes to successfully grow your own batch of cannabis plants that spend their entire lives outdoors.

This is crucial to any outdoor cannabis grow operation:

It would help if you first ensured that your plants are in an area where they will be exposed to between twelve and fourteen hours of sunlight daily.   

These growers live their lives much differently than those who grow cannabis indoors. This means that they have the freedom to plant the seeds almost anywhere on their property. This can include planting them alongside a fence, hillside, or even in the middle of a cornfield.   

To successfully grow cannabis plants outdoors during summer, you must ensure they get plenty of water and nutrients. To do this, you’ll need to invest in a suitable-sized garden hose and a sprayer nozzle.   

If you are growing these plants in an area with no natural water source, you will need to purchase them elsewhere. Remember, the more water your plants get each day, the larger they grow and the more weed they will produce.   

It would help if you also considered getting an ample supply of organic fertilizer that is very high in nitrogen. These fertilizers are often referred to as “Miracle Grow,” They will continue to nourish your plants long after the initial application.   

If you are growing these plants alongside a fence or in the middle of a crop field

You can often benefit from an organic fertilizer with trace elements. This is because cannabis plants are incredibly high in potassium and will need every nutrient they can get.   

Organic fertilizers are also very easy on the environment since they break down into compost quickly. This means that growing these plants in an environmentally sustainable way is not very difficult whatsoever.   

Another option for your cannabis plant’s diet would be to use a complete organic fertilizer with an NPK of about 15-5-5. These fertilizers are often sold at the exact locations where you buy your weed seeds.   

If you are looking to grow cannabis plants in a location where there is no water or natural nitrogen source

You will need to purchase them from somewhere else. Several products are available at gardening supply stores that can be used instead.   

For example, “Fox Farms Happy Frog” is a nutrient-rich fertilizer in pellet form. It acts as a “time-release” formula, meaning that the plants get what they need over several months.   

You will also want to invest in several packets of enzymes like “Superthrive.” These types of fertilizers can sometimes damage your plants. It is always better to be safe than sorry; you will never regret having bought these types of products ahead of time.   

In Conclusion

The final thing you’ll need to invest in for your outdoor cannabis growth operation is a good pair of gloves. This is because the job will involve a great deal of manual labor.   

    Make sure you start this process about six weeks before the end of spring. This means that your outdoor weed seeds will have time to grow into healthy cannabis plants by summer.

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