Help Us Out: Why Do People Smoke Cannabis?

Smoking Cannabis is practiced across the world for many reasons. For centuries, Cannabis was used for medical, recreational, and ceremonial reasons. The criminalization of weed started in the 50s and 60s. Because of the experiences of minors or young people who used it indiscriminately. They did not understand the principles of smoking weed. The reasons for use are blended as they may use because of peer pressure, family culture, curiosity, or for the hell of it. 

Why Do People Smoke Cannabis 

Peer Pressure 

Peer pressure can be subtle. They may not be a compelling approach to using when with friends that do use; but, being in their circle can feel intimidating at best. On the other hand, they do coerce you to smoke weed because you are looked upon as weak or chicken. The pressure from your peers compels you to smoke and, this changes your entire outlook and what you knew to be true. You; are taken down this rabbit hole and, because of your age, you don’t realize the consequences of what you have started doing. 

Scientists have done intensive research on the Cannabis plant and what smoking can do to the mind of children below the age of 18. You do not know, and neither do your peers. They only think it is cool and the pressure you are under to smoke causes the issues that may be with you for life. 

Children who are smoking Cannabis, under the age of 18, experience memory lapses, issues concentrating and, if you are diagnosed with any mental issue like depression, it can cause even more problems. This is because you have no control and the euphoric feeling you experience far outweighs the reality of what is happening to your brain. 

Family Culture 

If you were born into a family that smokes weed and you witness it used, chances are, you are going to use it as well. The age does not matter since they probably began smoking Cannabis, at an early age. Not taking into consideration your brain development; because they have issues caused by early use. 

Should you be informed about the consequences of early smoking of Cannabis, you may choose to abstain. Or no abstain but may want to start using at an older age like

21. You may look at the future that concerns your future and decide not to smoke the weed at all. 

Curiosity and The Hell of It 

A conscious decision made because you want to find out what others are talking about. You are curious to experience the euphoria, mellowing calm, and have a vibe! This is the recreational side of using Cannabis. Many people venture into this realm and are conscious of the effects, but they are responsible users. These people know their limits and may smoke a joint in as many months as they buy underwear. It is an occasional indulgence; that does not take over their lives. They do not budget to buy weed, nor do they lose house and home because of indulging. 

Medical Reason for Smoking Cannabis 

Cannabis is legal in many states across the US. Medical marijuana licenses are granted to Cannabis dispensaries to make it convenient for patients whose doctors have prescribed Cannabis; to treat their symptoms. 

Both patient and doctor must have a state license to dispense, prescribe, and use the product. The Cannabis dispensary also is legally licensed to sell medical cannabis to these patients. The amazing thing is, these patients can be as young as 18. In some states, to be prescribed Cannabis for medical use, they have to be under the responsible guardian who can administer and control doses. 

Whatever the reason, or reasons, you choose to smoke Cannabis let there be a responsible component to this action. 


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