House Passes Historic Bill to Decriminalize Cannabis

After a long and patient battle for the legalization of Cannabis across the US, it has finally happened: House Passes Historic Bill to Decriminalize Cannabis! Many advocates for decriminalizing marijuana have followed the path with solid information on benefits to many medical issues. Although the House of Representatives spent many years deliberating this option, some states have challenged the status quo and won. They listened to the needs of the people and passed laws decriminalizing Cannabis for use medically and recreationally.

House Passes Historic Bill to Decriminalize Cannabis

Since the 1960s, Cannabis has been federally classified as a Schedule 1 drug. Spending millions of dollars to fight this drug blights the country. Many advocates of marijuana have lobbied, done research, and challenged the reasons based on history as to why there is such a strict classification of the drug. Statistics and support from medical doctors and science have paved the way for this day to go down in history books.

The vote itemized the list in 2021. The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act otherwise named the MORE Act. Its specifics noted the decriminalization of marijuana, and for people with federal criminal records for non-violent acts related, expunged. 

The MORE Bill is complete in its approval to include expansion for business opportunities. This eases the difficulty of entry for people who want to enter the business market for Cannabis products. Ease of entry is a good thing because the market does exist. It enables persons to become regulated under a framework, ensuring they can conduct business legally. Of course, they must ensure proper licensing, adhere to zoning regulations, etc.

Cannabis and veterans

The Bill also gives doctors treating veterans the authority to prescribe for veterans suffering from PTS and PTSD. The benefits of the Medical Cannabis Industry will help these people who have served their country to return to everyday life. House Passes Historic Bill to Decriminalize Cannabis in a stunning victory for veterans.

For Congress to boldly pass this vote, as reported by NBC News, the vote counts were as follows. 222 Democrats favored passing the MORE Act, and six were against it. As quoted, five Republicans voted in favor of it, and 158 voted against passing it. This vote paves the way for funds to be poured into communities marginalized for decades. The war on Cannabis as a dangerous drug has been harmful for the last 90 years. 

“It is the right thing to do,” said co-sponsor of the MORE Act, Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore. As the co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, speaking on Friday’s vote. “For too long, the war on drugs has targeted young people, especially Black people, and rejected the advice of experts.”

Classification of Cannabis in US Law

In Rep. Earl Blumenauer’s presentation, he has been fighting for decriminalizing Cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug since 1970. He was offended by the classification by then-President Nixon declaring the ‘war on drugs’ and classifying marijuana as ‘public enemy number one!’ 

Blumenauer’s analysis, to further bring his beliefs to bear substance, noted that heroin and ecstasy are Schedule 1 drugs and are addictive, unlike Cannabis, which is not, and that there are more therapeutic and medical benefits to the user of cannabis products. House Passes Historic Bill to Decriminalize Cannabis is a win for people jailed for possession of drugs.

Anything can be addictive, even the Cannabis plant, primarily if it is used contrary to the medical recommendations of the doctor’s prescription. Like any enhancement, there have to be responsibility and control choices made by individuals. Use but use wisely.

Featured - House Passes Historic Bill to Decriminalize Cannabis

How Many Bags of Weed are There in an Ounce?

Getting our money’s worth is always crucial, especially regarding our health and well-being. Prices affect our options, and we will step away if we feel we are not buying something of worth and significance.

How many bags of weed are there in an ounce? 

Marijuana is no different, and a very comprehensive article by Maki Maju 2021 highlights not just the processes of growing, manufacturing, and developing the plant but also includes the measurements. An alliance with ‘Save on Greens’ introduces the quantities and distribution sizes. Interesting to note also is the measurement system for marijuana is a blend of what is known as ‘Standard International Units’ and ‘US customary units.

Many people become perplexed about how Cannabis is measured or sold, and understanding measurements and quantities will assist you in producing your commodities. Understanding these measurements is an excellent strategy to pursue ahead of a possible dispensary visit. Visualize a teaspoon, then picture 6 teaspoons, which is the equivalent of an ounce of cannabis flowers. One ounce of weed is the same as 28 grams. But how many bags do we get when we purchase an ounce? According to the diagram provided in the article, ½ ounce equals one bag. The bag, in this case, is a dime bag. Therefore two dime bags would be comparable to an ounce.

Weedmaps gave another explanation that seemed easier to understand. Consuming weed has many methods, as does weighing it. The inclusion of a nug (walnut) seen in a photo is a ball of the dried plant to give clarity. Breakdowns consisted of Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half, Ounce, and finally, one Pound.

Should one go towards technicalities, a gram is a tiny unit of measurement for small weed purchases. One-eighth is a more popular portion, as it gives the perfect amount and can last a while: no need to scramble to purchase before the weed gets stale. A quarter of Cannabis flowers is compared 7 grams, while a half weighs in at 14 grams. An ounce of marijuana suggests that according to the laws, an ounce is the largest purchase one can make.

Viewing a photograph provided by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps, one gram was the walnut size, and the ounce seemed to be a small handful. In shoptalk terms, ‘a zip’ is 28 grams or an ounce of weed. It could seem that the word ‘Zip’ is derived from Ziploc. Therefore an ounce of Cannabis could easily fit into a Ziploc bag! Of interest, though, is the ounce abbreviation, ‘oz.’ Maybe this is the best answer to the question, and, on visiting a dispensary, the better choice would be to weigh your weed!

Remembering the conversions can be tricky so ask for help.

Ensure that your budtender weighs your marijuana in your full view: you will be assured that what you spend is the proportion in your bag. Finally, if doubt still weighs in, you can always weigh your weed to ensure that what you paid for is what you get! It is good to understand weights and measurements when buying marijuana. The frustration some people experience can be alleviated if you only make the effort to learn.

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