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The Stone: How Much Is A QP of Weed/Marijuana?

Because weed/marijuana sells in various weights and measurements, it can be confusing for many people that are new to the product. Therefore, the letter QP concerning weed refers to a quarter pound of the product. There are also connecting questions related to weed that people need answers to for clarification. For example, they may ask, how much is a QP of weed/marijuana? Or, What does the measurement look like in flowers and leaves? Or, Is there a distinct difference between an eighth and a quarter pound? 

How Much Is A QP/ Quarter Pound Of Weed/Marijuana

The numerical weight in the QP denomination for marijuana is one pound as we are breaking down. There are 16 ounces in a pound, so we are talking about one-fourth of this pound or four ounces for a quarter pound. And this amount is equivalent to 113.4 grams. 

For many people, a QP of marijuana is a lot. However, the visual look of this quarter pound of weed depends on the plant strain you get from your buds and leaves. Some marijuana flower strains mature tightly packed, while others are smaller and loosely formed. And this means when you buy a QP of weed/marijuana from your dispensary, whether weighed in front of you or prepacked, you can determine what strain you are getting. And many expert users of marijuana can do a visual appraisal of the stash they buy and choose what they get. 

Rolling Marijuana Joints From A QP of Weed/Marijuana

Depending on how you ‘roll’, you can get as many as over 200 joints from a QP of weed/marijuana. Which can last for months if you are a conservative user. We quantify the number of joints because you can roll at least two good joints from a gram of marijuana. And since a quarter pound of weed is equivalent to 113.4 grams, you do the math. 

Looking at this much weed to have in your possession is a LOT! The thing is because you are legally allowed to buy one ounce of marijuana in legalized states, consider the magnitude of this much. So, consider what you are doing when considering to buy a QP of weed/marijuana. And ask the question, how much does it cost for a QP of weed/marijuana?

The Cost For A Quarter Pound or QP of Weed/Marijuana

Over 33 states in the US are legally licensed to dispense marijuana and its related products. The fact is, within these states, prices are different. There gauge for pricing marijuana are geographical cultivation, production, seasonal availability, and demand. Consider Coved-19 as an example; There was a greater demand for weed and weed products for medical symptoms like anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia as dispensaries became creative in their dispensing and delivery methods. As a result, the prices went up in some states while others discounted prices for selling and staying afloat. 

A QP of weed/marijuana doesn’t sell quickly because the price fluctuates to retail. For example, in Massachusetts, depending on the weed strain, you may pay, on average, $100/ quarter ounce. At the same time, one ounce will cost $400. For splurging on a quarter pound of weed, you are looking at an incredible $1600. For the state of Colorado, where marijuana is legal the longest, you can buy a QP for around $800. And this is for the strain available at the dispensary. And considering a QP of weed is a lot, it is already illegal to buy at every dispensary. Therefore, you must know the amount you can buy from your location dispensary.

Marijuana Dispensaries And Their Weight Offerings

As the question asks, is there a distinct difference between an eighth and a quarter pound of weed? Customers generally ask the question with little to no knowledge about weed. Marijuana dispensaries facilitate offerings in sales of weights in an ounce, an eight, a zip, a dime, or a slice. To have clarification about these different amounts, ask your budtender. They can answer and explain what you need to know. Knowing they will show you visually what each portion looks like before you buy is crucial. 

The dispensaries find it is to their interest and sales profit to make available economically packaged amounts while keeping in line worth the legally allowed weights for them to sell. Hence, offering a QP of weed/marijuana as a purchasing option is something you will not find at any dispensary. They consider budgets and what sells the quickest. And since most marijuana consumers/ the ones who prefer to smoke weed, will buy as small as an eighth or a gram, they offer prepackaged in these amounts. Having these on hand is easier than weighing them for every sale. Many manufacturers of weed flowers do prepackage, and dispensaries take advantage of these products. 

So, it would be best if you were not anxious or shy when asking your budtender any question. The responsible thing to do is to have factual information to make informed purchasing choices. Since QP weed/marijuana is not readily sold at any dispensary. For a newbie considering buying this amount from illegal sources, Don’t!

Chart Of Marijuana Weights 

Imperial To Metric Equivalent

  • 1/8th ounce…………. 3.5 grams
  • 1/4 ounce…………….. 7 grams
  • 1/2 ounce ……………. 14 grams
  • One ounce ……………. 28 grams
  • QP/ quarter pound …………..113.4 grams
  • One pound……….. 448 grams

Every marijuana dispensary displays a menu of the products they offer to customers. With this chart on display and a pictorial viewing of what each amount looks like, you can quickly know what to buy, depending on your use pattern. 


Since weed/marijuana and its related products are globally legal for purchasing for medicinal use, knowing what you want is critical. If marijuana flowers are your choice of consumption, understanding what you can legally buy, the chart is a unique guide. 

In the past, dispensaries sold weed over the counter, and you could walk in and buy what you needed. The scale is positioned for customers so they see what they are buying. The principle is still the same; however, manufacturers regulate federal weights and the THC content in brand products. Suppose you are trusting the dispensary to sell THC potency-regulated products, as well as accurate weights. In that case, you are investing in a scale that interchanges imperial and metric measurements is best.

Doing this for your peace of mind is essential. Should you discover, you bought a prepackaged weed pack with less than you wanted, return it to the dispensary. The decision is yours whether to ask for a refund or a new package. Dispensaries are only too welcoming to do either. Remember, the business is to be customer-friendly, hence, the loss of clientele. However, if you are a new user of marijuana and still curious as to how much is a QP of weed/marijuana still ask.





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