How To Easily Identify And Remove Male Cannabis Plants

It is essential to identify and remove male cannabis plants to produce the highest quality female marijuana possible.

How To Easily Identify And Remove Male Cannabis Plants

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The main reason it’s crucial to remove males is that when they’re left intact, they will pollinate females that are being grown for medicinal or recreational purposes. This pollination of female plants causes seeds with lower THC content than desired.     

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While some growers may be comfortable removing their pollen sacs manually, other methods exist. One popular tool designed specifically for eliminating pollen sacs is known as the “Male Remover Pro by Growers Choice,” and it can be found on

Below are a few ways to ensure that you know how to identify and remove male cannabis plants from your garden.

  1. Wait until the males have flowered, identified them, and removed them before bringing your female plants inside for flowering. A technique some growers like to implement is using netting over the top of their grow are to identify which ones are males as they start forming pollen sacs. When the bag starts ripening with yellow/orange/red hairs, it’s time to harvest those males. They will pollinate your other females if left intact during flowering.   

Another method some growers like to use is removing males before their pollen sacs form. This can be done by taking off the fan leaves once males are identified. It will speed up the process of drying down to about a week instead of ten days or more.

Cannabis Pest Control Protect your Weed Plants from Pest and Mold - The Stone
Cannabis Pest Control Protect your Weed Plants from Pest and Mold – The Stone

2. You may also use feminized seeds that have been developed to produce only female plants. If you do not want male plants to grow room, these seeds are an excellent option. They will not pollinate females even if left intact during flowering.

3. Do NOT remove males until you know whether or not any females have already been pollinated

4. Please note that it is illegal to grow marijuana in most states…

…so please consult your local laws before growing cannabis for medicinal purposes. Some states, such as Colorado and Washington, have legalized marijuana, and it is also legal to develop for recreational purposes in these states.

5. If you find this helpful article, please share it with others who may benefit from knowing how to identify and remove male cannabis plants. This way, we can continue to produce high-quality articles on topics related to growing medicinal marijuana, such as how to clone, indoor vs. outdoor, soil vs. hydro, what nutrients work best, etc.

Cannabis Plants: Males and Females and Spotting them - The Stone
Cannabis Plants: Males and Females and Spotting them – The Stone

Finally, if you have any questions or feedback, please leave them in the comment section below so that others may benefit from your knowledge. Thank You!

        – PeaceLoveCannabis

Male cannabis plants are a problem for most growers, as their presence can negatively affect your female marijuana plants. This article will explain how to identify male cannabis plants and what you need to do if you think a male plant pollinates your females.

Male Cannabis Plants

Male cannabis plants may start producing pollen early in the growth cycle, usually by seed. Male cannabis plants generally grow faster than female plants and do not produce any significant levels of THC.

So how can you tell if you have male or female cannabis plants? According to Jorge Cervantes’ book Marijuana Horticulture: “The best way to determine sex is to wait until the pre-flowers are well-formed (when you see them, it’s likely too late to change the sex of a plant that has already been labeled as a male or female).”

If you don’t have time to wait, there is another way. Pull down a branch and look for flowers at the crotch area where the components meet the stem. Male flowers look like tiny drooping balls, and female flowers appear like little hairs.

The presence of male plants can cause several problems for growers if they are pollinating your female cannabis plants; seeds, lower bud quality, and seedy weed that needs more extensive drying before it can be smoked. Also, once a plant has been “pollinated, it will produce seeds regardless of whether you want to use the plant for breeding purposes or not.

So what do you need to do with male cannabis plants? The easiest solution is to remove them from your grow room, so they are no longer in contact with any female plants. If removed quickly enough, this stops pollination and will mean that you can use the male cannabis plant for breeding purposes later on.

Male cannabis plants are also used in commercial hemp farming to produce low THC levels for their fiber content. If your state allows the growing of hemp, then this is another reason why you might want to keep male cannabis plants alive and grow them alongside your females.

Whatever you decide to do with your male cannabis plants, make sure that they are removed from the grow room as soon as possible and removed from your garden.

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