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How To Know A Male Marijuana Plant And What To Do Should You Find Them?

If you are growing plants for flowering, the female plants are the ones you nurture. To Know A Male Marijuana Plant, therefore, you must attend to them carefully and apply specific care. The exact science applies to marijuana plants. People cultivate them because of the benefits they get from the female plant’s buds. 

However, this is not to say that male marijuana plants do not have benefits. Re-population of the species is why we preserve the male plants, but we are keener on cultivating female plants for recreational and medicinal uses. And, let’s face it, you want to have the most out of your hard work growing these babies for a homegrown crop.

Knowing The Biology Of The Marijuana Plant

The marijuana plant is a wind-pollinated species. And this means the female produces the flowers for fruiting, and the male of the species produces the seeds. So there is also the potential for the hermaphrodite evolution of the marijuana plant during its growth cycle- the plant can have both male and female gender on the same plant. 

People cultivating marijuana for personal use, whether recreational or medical, must scrutinize the plants. Should you find male seeds on the plant, you must prune or cut off these seeds- The process is sexing. 

If you are not into re-populating the plants, then eradicating the male plants is what you need to do. The goal is to have marijuana plants that will produce the THC you need. 

So, How To Know A Male Marijuana Plant

No matter what marijuana strain plant you are cultivating, there will be male plants in your crop. It happens in all plants that reproduce by pollination; it ensures the species continue. And they are identifiable as they genetically grow much taller than their female counterparts and need thicker stalks to support their weight. They can also be identifiable by the lesser leaves they produce. It is like a hairless man, compared to a woman with long flowing hair. That’s what it takes to Know A Male Marijuana Plant

Marijuana Cultivation Cycle

It is the recommendation to plant seeds in Spring. Once the growing conditions are right, the germination time for roots to grow outdoors is 12-72 hours. If the conditions are not as perfect, they may take a few days to start the germination cycle. Planting in Spring gives the plants time to develop through Spring and Summer. By harvesting, you are within 3-8 months from growing.  

Within this time, you can tell the sex of the plant. The male plants, as stated earlier, are thicker in appearance and have fewer leaves. It also has seeds resembling small balls. These are what contain the tiny seeds that pollinate the females. The balls start appearing within 3-4 weeks from seed germination. However, because a viable marijuana plant only needs the female plant to produce abundant trichomes and buds, there is a need for male plants must be separated from them. 

The Importance Of Inspecting Your Marijuana Plants

Inspection of the plants is a must, and being careful in determining the plant’s sex determines your yield. For example, you may find a few hermaphrodite plants in your garden. These must be removed from among the females, as they will eventually pollinate them. And your flower production is significantly reduced. 

According to, this is the life cycle of a marijuana plant.

There are four stages in the life cycle of a marijuana plant:

  • Germination (3-10 days): When the seed sprouts and pops out of the soil
  • Seedling (2-3 weeks): After germination, when the plant develops its first cotyledon leaves
  • Vegetative (3-16 weeks): The immature or juvenile stage, when a cannabis plant grows its stalks, branches, stems, and fan leaves
  • Flowering (8-11 weeks): When a weed plant starts producing buds

Marijuana plants can grow either outdoors or indoors. Depending on your preference, you must get the relevant information for which planting space you use. 

Planting Marijuana Indoors

For this space, because you can grow at any time, there is no need to stick by the gardener’s almanac. And this setup affords you flexibility and control regarding the nutrients, lighting, etc. The meticulous attention to detail, and the expensive cost of utilities, power, fertilizer, and time, pay off in the long run. The indoor setup will give you more returns for your investment. 

Your investment in an indoor setup includes lighting, irrigation, a proper enough space, air circulation equipment/ AC and humidifier, thermometers for measuring temperature, correct soil to ensure accurate water content, etc… The cost for setup is astronomical. Still, as said before, the financial returns are worth it. 

Another thing, ensure the marijuana strain you cultivate is of the highest quality to provide these returns.

Planting Marijuana Outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors is far cheaper than the cost of doing it indoors. You already have natural sunlight and soil content/ albeit you will have to replenish based on what the plants need during the growing cycle. The type of soil you have may be an issue. Investigating the best option is a must. 

You don’t have to plant directly in the ground. As a home gardener, you may want to use flower pots, which are ideal options. Just place them where the plants can get at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. 

The Stone Conclusion

Cultivating marijuana is an investment. The bottom line for home use or commercial sales is the returns you yield. Therefore, knowing the pluses and minuses of growing indoors or outdoors and being vigilant in knowing the sex of the pants you grow is crucial. 

So, if you want to try your skills at cultivating your six legal marijuana plants, there is a wealth of information. Asking your marijuana dispensary for tips on growing the plans is also an option. There is also the decision to buy your weed seedlings or seeds there. It may be an easier decision to buy seedlings that are healthy and follow the instructions the dispensary gives you. But, whatever you decide, I am sure the process will be enjoyable when harvesting, and you can utilize your marijuana buds and plant as you like.  








Featured - How To Know A Male Marijuana Plant And What To Do Should You Find Them?

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