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Are Marijuana and Weed the Same Thing? 

Are marijuana and weed the same thing? Marijuana originated from Central Asia before being introduced to Africa, Europe, and the American region. This tall luxurious plant, with unusually shaped leaves, is in some countries known as the Miracle Plant. Originating from the Cannabis family of plants, it is one of the more outstanding and popular ‘crops’ cultivated.

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Dating back to over 5000 years, Brittany Tackett, M.A, in her story for the American Addiction Centres (, explained its chronology; it was utilized recreationally, but it also had significant benefits for therapeutic and religious purposes. The Government of Jamaica legalizes Ganja for Rastafarians to use for their religious rituals. 

Are Marijuana and Weed the same thing? 

Often smoked, marijuana extracts can be added to our day-to-day diet in teas, cookies, and even cakes! The Cannabis extract mainly consists of oils, resin, shatter, and wax. It can be blended with cigarettes and Cannabis flowers and rolled into a joint for smoking. Marijuana is not limited to that solitary name. She has many additional terms that, once spoken, are instantly recognizable. 

Recognizable names are ganja, weed, pot, grass, Mary Jane, and herb. Despite these titles, this extraordinary plant provides similar effects depending on the strain.

Some of these effects are:

  • Increased appetite
  • Peace
  • Contentment
  • Altered state of awareness
  • Heightened sensory perception.

Marijuana and weed are identical in their uses and are easily distinguished furnished its readers with an animated video the various titles that were given to the plant. Because marijuana was illegal for a long time, it became crucial to alter the name for safety and security reasons. Hence the creation of code words to conceal the evidence. Individuals might need a ‘high’ in order to deal with life’s tensions or help with chronic pain. They would request to buy a joint or a spliff on the street corner. Doors would open and close privately, with buyers scurrying away to avoid arrest. Dealers would stand huddled: loitering to deal with addicts seeking the retreat. 

THC is the part of the Cannabis plant that results in psychological changes in the brain:

  • Attitudes
  • Attention span
  • Memory
  • Movements
  • Increased feeling of exhilaration

People find relief from weed for many conditions including:

  • Glaucoma, c
  • Cancer
  • ADHD
  • Anorexia

While weed is generally smoked, another option of experiencing marijuana would be via the Vaping method.

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CBD oils help alleviate anxiety, depression, and seizures without the high connected to THC. Manufacturers of assorted Cannabis products combine the drug in gummies, supplements, topicals, brownies, and lots more edibles. 

“Any underground culture develops a coded language,”

David Bienenstock, author of “How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High,” and a former editor of High Times

He continued by saying,

“Each word has a slightly different shading.”

Marijuana or weed will deliver the solution to the dilemma.


1., Are marijuana and weed the same thing? Pot nicknames, explained

Featured - Are Marijuana and Weed the Same Thing? 

A perennial plant is a plant that grows continuously for two years and does not need replanting. People who plant tomatoes can understand the concept. A tomato plant grows and bears fruit for a short time and then dies. It means you have to do some replanting of seeds at the agriculturally correct time. It is true, for the Cannabis plants; should you want to have a continuous growth to last longer than it is genetically able, there has to be some manipulation of the growing process.

Are Cannabis Plants Perennial 

A Cannabis plant is not a perennial plant. It is an annual growing plant that grows from seed to maturity in one growing season. For a Cannabis grower to coax a plant to grow longer than it is genetically able will cause the plant to suffer, and the yield will not be as robust as the original plant.

The Cannabis plant is a weed hence the familiar name of it. Because it is a weed, it flowers and produces seeds for its procreation. You can collect them and have them for the next planting season at the time of seeding. Most weed plants produce seedlings in Spring, and they ripen in Summer and buds in Fall. There are other species of Cannabis plants that are bred to complete their growing cycle within four months. Whichever growing system you choose, the plant does produce seeds for replanting.

Cloning a Perennial Cannabis Plant 

The cannabis plant can be cloned, enabling it to last longer than its growing cycle. Most expert weed growers can help you in this regard. Their skills are such that they know when to start the process of cloning. To ensure getting plants from the parent plant, they need to be in continuous light, hence indoor growing under fluorescent lights. With this cloning process, the plant does not bud, yet you do, get excellent healthy plants for planting.

A delicate balance of sun and shade is needed to ensure a healthy crop, yet the Cannabis plant can grow uninterrupted with human help, but it lasts for one year then dies. Depending on the climate the plant is produced and the type of care it receives, you can determine its sex. The Orientals are excellent experts in growing Cannabis plants and choosing the sex of the plant for optimal potency of THC and CBD. Some botanists have determined when the cycle can be manipulated for such an occurrence to come about. They are also sure that should the plant remain in its natural state, it will grow naturally, and should it change its climate and location, it will adapt accordingly.

So, because the Cannabis plant enjoys sun and shade, it will not do well in places where there is frost and snow. The cultivation of the four-month variety is appropriate for these countries. The United States are expert growers of these varieties since there are four seasons to navigate through.

Should you choose to grow Cannabis plants, the tried and true way, most people will use indoor science. This controlled environment ensures their crops get the best opportunity to grow healthy and strong.



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