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Medical Cannabis Distillate Cartridges: How Are They Made

Medical Cannabis Distillate Cartridges are a great way to get your medicine through vaping. Be aware that vaping is being scrutinized in the medicinal community. This is due to the studies done on vaping and how vaping affects your health. Be responsible in your consumption and safe in your application.

When you look at your vape pen, you will see three components:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Cartridge
  • Battery

The battery powers up the atomizer in your cell to vaporize the product inside your cartridge. The mouthpiece is attached to one end of your actual oil or distillate cartridge. The other end is an atomization chamber. Within that, you will find a rod with threads on it.

The cartridge contains your cannabis distillate solution. This rod acts as a needle to deliver the oil directly into the atomizer for vaporizing. There are two main types of distillates available today: distilled oils (fractional distillation) and CO2 extractions (full-extract petroleum ether). Medical Cannabis Distillate Cartridges.

Full Extract Cannabis oil cartridges vs. distilled THC or CBD vape pen carts

Marijuana is usually extract using butane extraction when you buy a cartridge. This method creates the product through hydrocarbons like butane (lighter fluid).

When you burn butane fuel, it you see a clean-burning vapor that can be inhaled. This is what your vape pens do as well. Only the process is a little different. Using electricity, your pen fires up the atomizer to heat the rod inside your cartridge. The rod then delivers cannabis distillate oil to the atomizer for vaporization. With full-extract oils, you are burning the fat to vape out of your pen. This gives you a much stronger effect if you usually use high THC strains that have a low CBD percentage.

Most pens don’t fire up your oil that firmly, but you can find some cartridge strengths of up to 85 percent THC or even higher. You will also find various strains, including Sativa and Indica varieties, with this full-extract marijuana oil cartridge.

Distilled Cannabis Oils

Distilled Cannabis oils are created through the use of hydrocarbon solvents. They strip away many of the contaminants included in full extract oils. Using ethanol or CO2, cannabinoids and terpenes are in isolate through this process, giving you a purer cannabinoid product than full-extract. Medical Cannabis Distillate Cartridges.

Distilled oil cartridges have a more negligible effect on your body than full extract, but they also lack the taste and flavor that full extract has. You will find your distillate cartridges in Indica and Sativa varieties and CBD or THC.

Cannabis Terpene Oils

Adding flavor to full-flower or distillate marijuana vape pen cartridges. If you don’t quite like the taste of your cannabis, then terpene oils may be the way to go. Terpenes are cannabis “flavors.” They make each strain unique in taste and effect, from citrusy Sativa strains to earthy Indica varieties.

Pay close attention in health class. You remember, terpenes, or terpenoids as they are, are responsible for giving marijuana its distinctive smell.

Terpene oils offer a solution to the flavor issue that some people find with full-extract marijuana oils. You can use terpene oils in conjunction with your regular strain of vape pen cartridge oil or even on their own with a pre-filled Medical Cannabis Distillate Cartridge.

Terpene Oils in Different Flavors

Flavors like mint and banana give cannabis oil or plant material a fresh hint. Terpenes are also in fruits like lemons and citrus and herbs like peppermint and many other plants. One benefit of terpene oils is that they are natural products in use in many industries for their flavors, such as food or candy.

Terpenes can also add health benefits to your oil. Beta-Myrcene terpene offers anti-inflammatory properties and is found in most Sativa dominant cannabis strains, while Limonene terpene helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Terpenes are also known to help your body absorb other cannabinoids, such as THC or CBD. They can help you get more of the medical benefits that you want from your Cannabis oil.

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