What do I look for in a terpene vape pen?

If you want to add terpenes to your vaping experience, you need to find out if your weed or concentrate vape pen has this feature. Fortunately, many companies have already added pre-filled cartridges with different terpene flavors to their products. Some of the best in the industry include the District Edibles cartridge, Select Oil cartridges, CCELL cartridges, and the VapeXhale Terra. So what do you look for in a terpene vape pen?

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What do I look for in a terpene vape pen? What can a terpene vape pen cartridge do for me?

While there are other brands out there that have come out with pre-filled terpene vape cartridges in their products, these four brands stand head above the rest for many reasons. They all offer different terpene dosages and flavors to enjoy, but you’re also guaranteed consistency with their products. If you want a more consistent pull each time you use a cart, it’s best to stick to companies that have been in the industry for quite some time now.

Here are the things I look for when buying a terpene vape pen.


the cartridge should have robust construction. This means that it’s not going to get punctured easily and will be able to withstand daily use for quite some time with minimal maintenance. The cartridge should also take in enough terpenes to enjoy a total amount of flavor each time you vape.


The cartridge should be easy to use. It should have a good mouthpiece that’s easy to pull on and heat up in seconds after you vape it. There’s nothing worse than waiting for ages before you can start vaping your cannabis or concentrating because your pen took too long to heat up.


It should have a consistent pull each time you use it. This means there shouldn’t be any burnt notes or inconsistencies in the amount of vapor produced after each pull. The terpenes should also be thoroughly mixed inside the cartridge to flow out when you vape your pen easily.


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Medical Marijuana & CBD for Dogs: Uses, Dosages, Side Effects & Safety! – The Stone

The cartridge should have good battery life. Here I look for pens that easily last around 300 to 500 puffs, so you won’t need to recharge them often. Moreover, the cartridge should also be able to hold its charge well and not lose charge after it’s been used extensively.

These are just some of the things that I look for when buying a vape pen. Of course, there’s a lot more that you should also look into before buying yourself one of these great cartridges. When it comes to vape pens, there are many factors to consider. The type of pen, the size, the shape, the material it is made out of, and of course, the price. But one factor that is often overlooked is the quality of the vapor itself. And that’s where terpenes come in.

Terpenes are compounds found in plants that are responsible for their unique aromas.

Some common examples include limonene (found in citrus fruits), myrcene (found in mangoes), and pinene (found in pine needles). In addition to giving plants their signature scents, they also play a role in these plants’ flavor, color, and even therapeutic properties.

When it comes to vape pens, adding terpenes to the vapor can enhance the vaping experience. First, terpetheynes add flavor. This can be especially helpful for people vaping to quit smoking cigarettes, as it can make the experience more enjoyable and help reduce the temptation to smoke. They can also enhance the effects of CBD, providing additional therapeutic benefits.

But not all vape pens are created equal when it comes to terpenes.

Some pens use pre-mixed terpene blends, while others allow you to add your own. If you’re looking for a pen that uses pre-mixed, check the ingredients list to make sure the pen contains pure, high-quality terpenes.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a pen that allows you to add your terpenes, choose one that is compatible with the type you want to use. Some pens can only vaporize liquids, while others can vaporize both liquid and solid. And finally, be sure to check the price. While some vape pens can be pretty expensive, many affordable options are also available.

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Cannabis Class How to Reduce Smell When Growing Marijuana Indoors – The Stone

Hopefully, this guide has helped give some insight into the products if you’re looking to add terpenes to your vaping experience. No matter your budget, there’s a pen out there that’s perfect for you. So take your time, research, and find the perfect pen for your needs. You won’t be disappointed.

For more information on how terpenes can provide you with certain benefits to your health, check out my article on what are terpenes? Check here for a review on the best weed vaporizers in 2023. Please click here for more of our top marijuana industry guides and product reviews.

Disclaimer: This is not intended as medical advice. I am not a doctor. If you are interested in using CBD Hemp Oil with the help of a medical professional, please click here.


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The Stone Dispensary is Denver’s premier destination for all things cannabis. We carry only the most delicate flowers, concentrates, edibles, and accessories available in Colorado. Our selection of live resin is no exception.

So, what makes an excellent live resin? There are several factors to consider:

1) The quality of the starting material is paramount. The cannabis used in making live resin should be fresh and of high quality.

2) The extraction process is critical. The resins must be extracted quickly and at low temperatures to preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids.

3) The final product should be high quality and pure. The live resin should be free of contaminants and solvents.

At The Stone Dispensary, we use only the highest quality starting material and the latest extraction technology to produce our award-winning live resin. Our products are tested for potency and purity, so you can be sure you’re getting the best product available.

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