Recreational Cannabis: Effects on General Health

Recreational Cannabis: How Can It Affect My Health

Using recreational cannabis occasionally is not in itself a bad thing. Using the product responsibly also is used with care. Irresponsible use of Cannabis recreationally is where the concern should be, as the dangers of not being able to control one’s habit; because, at this point, it has become a habit; is dangerous. 

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The Smol Differences between Cannabis Edibles and CBD Edibles – The Stone

Responsible use of Cannabis; Recreationally 

Firstly, recreational cannabis should not be used by persons younger than 18 years old. Legally this is so, but most of all, starting to use before you are 18 can be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of the user. Although some youths may not be aware of using it, it can inhibit brain development

Pregnant women using Cannabis; must be aware it can also inhibit the baby’s brain development. The babies can have problems with memory, attention span is retarded, and there are noticeable behavior issues. Some scientific studies can link teen suicides and depression to the early use of Cannabis. 

Because Cannabis contains many different compounds, using it can cause more reactions in people than they expected.

The truth is because we don’t know how a person using it for the first time will react, you are advised to use it in the company of trusted friends. 

Anyone using Cannabis, whether for the first time or is a regular user recreationally, should be aware of these effects. There are reports of people having heart attacks, heart failure, heartbeat disorders, or stroke. These conditions are not exclusively happening among adults; teenagers are also prone to these conditions. 

The more common effects of using Cannabis recreationally are; acting silly and giggling uncontrollably.

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Cannabis Class: What is CBD Oil? – The Stone

Also, being unbalanced on your feet or having trouble walking around, there is the overwhelming thirst; and having “munchies.” There is overwhelming sleepiness and red or bloodshot eyes, which can be frightening if you are experiencing this for the first time. Persons using for the first time recreationally; are told to have snacks, mainly salty snacks, and lots of water on hand, and ensure they are home or at a place you can crash for sleep, as the effects may last for a few hours. 

Another symptom of using Cannabis recreationally, or often, is vomiting called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.

Experienced users, knowing what to expect; will have a shower to deal with the situation, or if they are concerned about the reaction, they may decide to visit the emergency room at the hospital. 

The above symptoms descriptions can happen to anyone, whether using it for the first time or is an expert user of Cannabis. If parents are concerned their child or children may have started using, the thing to do is get help. Unless they have a medical prescription, and even then, they should be monitored; in the event they become addicted to the product. 

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Cannabis Maths How Much Does a Gram of Marijuana Shatter Cost – The Stone

Using Cannabis recreationally comes with lots of responsibility. Your choices to not drive because of impaired vision or being sleepy, or choosing to use at home where you can be comfortable and not venture out in public, are the many choices you must consider. This is why young people are cautioned about using. Peer pressure is accurate, and should your child feel pressured to use it recreationally. It is the hope your relationship with them is good so they can come and talk with you about it. 

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Featured - Recreational Cannabis: Effects on General Health

Cannabis Laws in Colorado

Colorado is one of the first states in the United States to legalize Cannabis. They started making regulations more flexible in 2000 for selling medical Cannabis. Other states were before them in legislation, and Colorado is now known as the Cannabis state of the US. Go figure! Understanding the importance of the plants and their many benefits has caused lots of research by persons who have spent their lives wanting this plant to be recognized not only for recreation but also for helping people medically.


In November of 2012, Marijuana Laws in Colorado were altered. Marijuana was legalized for recreational use, which allowed dispensaries to open up throughout the state. These dispensaries could also sell Marijuana to people with Medical Marijuana Cards, but only in a limited quantity.

While Marijuana Laws in Colorado have been relaxed recently, Marijuana is still considered a Schedule I drug federally. It is illegal to transport Marijuana across State Lines. This means that Marijuana from Colorado cannot be sold in any other state, and Marijuana from outside of the state cannot be brought into the state for sale or distribution.

Colorado and Cannabis

Although Colorado had made the sale of medical cannabis products relaxed, they were the first state; to fully legalize Cannabis sales in all their glory. They did this in 2012, and although it is legal to grow and dispense Cannabis products, there are still laws that govern this newfound freedom.

Some laws govern the age limit for sales, and should you understand and adhere to them. You are pretty much OK with the law. For purchasing, the minimum age is 21, and you have to have a state-issued identification card to qualify. To purchase at this age is for recreational use.

To consume Cannabis medically, you can be as young as 18 years; and possess a medical card issued in Colorado.

Purchasing Marijuana in Colorado

To purchase Cannabis in Colorado, apart from the age requirements for both medical and recreational use, it is illegal to buy from persons not licensed. The state issues its licenses and regulates these operations, and its licenses afford persons to open a Cannabis dispensary. These dispensary regulations also cover how they advertise products, how you can purchase them, and the amounts. No dispensary is licensed to sell both medical and recreational cannabis products. Each category of sales carries a different license.

To ensure customers stay within the Colorado Cannabis laws, selling Cannabis on the street is illegal. “Businesses” have advertised methods of distribution and sales contrary to the designated rules and have gotten in lots of trouble. The business is not the only one to get in trouble, but the customer.

For Cannabis dispensaries in Colorado to be officially within the law, they have to be inspected and passed by the regulation boards. The strict policies have to be adhered to, and once passed, you are granted the much-coveted license.

Purchasing Cannabis at a Colorado Dispensary

Because many different Cannabis products are being sold today, the menu can have edibles, concentrates, joints, vaping products, and more. To purchase Cannabis flowers, you legally can buy one ounce for recreational use. For medical use, the user is allowed two ounces per purchase. For edibles purchasing, you are allowed 800 THC content, while for Cannabis concentrates, it is 8 grams.

Orders for delivery of Cannabis products are permitted in the cities of Boulder and Superior and only for medical users. If you have a Cannabis medical license, you may order to deliver your products.

Legally you can use Cannabis in your home. Should you be found using outdoors, you can be fined. Colorado has strict guidelines, and if you are not clear about them, ask the dispensary you make your purchases. Should you be found with smoking paraphernalia and contain Cannabis residue, you can be fined up to $100. It is a more straightforward fix after using the pipe to clean it carefully.

Other Laws within the state of Colorado apply to persons that choose to go into the business:

  • Growing Cannabis
  • Commercial and Home Growers
  • Traveling with Cannabis
  • DUI- Driving Under the Influence…and more.

As a Colorado resident who chooses to use Cannabis recreationally and has medical reasons for using, check your online Laws concerning Cannabis use. It will help in any decision-making and help you to adhere to the laws.

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