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The Six Top Benefits of Solvent-Free Cannabis Extracts

Have you heard of solvent-free Cannabis extracts? If not, you will certainly be hearing a lot about them in the coming months and years, as many people seek out alternatives to smoking. The issue with most types of extracts is, they are produce using butane or other types of solvents/chemicals. These can often leave residue in the concentrates, which can pass on to consumers. Solvent-free Cannabis extracts solve this problem by offering a cleaner product that is free of any traces of solvents.

Many Marijuana enthusiasts are trying to get away from smoking Pot for their health. Smoking anything contains carcinogens (cancer-causing agents), which some Pot users don’t want to put into their bodies. For this reason, they turn to Cannabis extracts for using orally or add to your food. However, many dispensaries carry solvent-based extracts and users want to know what the benefits of solvent-free Cannabis extracts are?

The Benefits of Solvent-Free Cannabis Extracts

It’s important to note that Cannabis dispensaries do not sell Marijuana for ingestion, but rather “extracts” derived from the plant. Marijuana contains both active and inactive compounds referred to as cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The dispensaries sell extracts with high levels of THC and/or CBD.

Extracts for sale by Cannabis dispensaries are produce using different solvents such as carbon dioxide, butane or ethanol. These solvents strip the plants of their desirable cannabinoids and, then distill them creating potent Marijuana extract. One problem that arises from the process is the leftover plant material containing high levels of butane, ethanol or other solvent residue. Solvent residue can be harmful to ingest and users want safe products with low or no solvent content.

Cannabis dispensaries make up for using solvents in the extraction process by using the flowers of the plant. The Cannabis plant is high in CBD, which is the chemical that counters the effects of the high you experience from THC. Dispensaries also sell capsules and tinctures. However, Cannabis extracts are popular because you can add it to food and it is easy and quicker to digest.

What Are Solvent-free Cannabis Extracts

Solvent-free Cannabis extracts are simply concentrates produce without solvents. These products without solvents are gaining in popularity and, users need Cannabis organically grown. Many Cannabis dispensaries market themselves as selling solvent-free extracts, but some dispensaries still use harmful solvents such as carbon dioxide or butane in their extraction process. Marijuana’s flavor and aroma is an important part of their products. Cannabis derived extracts made with solvents use the whole plant instead of extracting desirable compounds from the flowers.

Some Marijuana dispensaries market solvent-based Cannabis extracts more, because it gives them a higher yield. And by using less weed to make a more potent Marijuana extract. Marijuana is still illegal under federal law, and thus status is changing. Regardless this mean Cannabis dispensaries are unable to use Cannabis derived extracts from the whole Marijuana plant. Marijuana dispensaries use solvents since it preserves desirable compounds in flowers without affecting its potency.

Marketing Strategies Used By Solvent Based Extract Manufacturers

Solvent-free Cannabis extracts can be produce with flowers and leaves. Most users prefer solvent-free Cannabis products. Product users who prefer solvent-free extracts must lobby Marijuana product manufacturing companies against using solvent-based extracts as a marketing strategy. Dispensaries also market solvent-base Cannabis extracts with words such as “pure” and “premium” in their promotion.

Many Cannabis dispensary customers are unaware of the harmful solvents these dispensaries use to make their extracts. Marijuana derived capsules sold by dispensaries are solvent-free. Therefore, customers need to pay attention to the Cannabis “extracts” they buy. Marijuana derived tinctures also do not contain solvents since it is produce using grain alcohol or glycerin. And some Marijuana dispensaries still use solvents to make Marijuana extracts.

Making Solvent-free Cannabis Extracts At Home

Solvent-free Cannabis extracts can be produce at home using alcohol such as grain alcohol or glycerin. And there is some tinctures and capsules which are easier to produce than extracts. The Indica strain has higher CBD levels than the Sativa strain. The Indica strain plant is prefer by Cannabis dispensaries. Dispensary customers should look for products with labels stating solvent-free extracts if they prefer 100% organic, solvent-free products.

Cannabis dispensaries may not be able to use only flowers for making extracts. This is because contains high levels THC. Purging the solvent from products is possible. This gives users greater medicinal value and heightens flavor.

Cannabis is typically grown indoors, which makes it difficult to purge solvents from plants. Dispensaries can still sell flowers without harmful solvents if they market their product solvent-free. It is misleading for dispensaries to market their products using terns like “pure” and “premium.”

Buying Solvent-Free Cannabis Extracts

Cannabis dispensary customers can shop for products labeled solvent-free. Customers can ask dispensaries about buying solvent-free Marijuana products to ensure getting 100% natural Cannabis.

Marijuana is still illegal under federal law, and a new wave of legislature can change that. Extracts with harmful solvents can be avoided by dispensary customers. Dispensaries owe it to their customers to be truthful about the products they sell. Pot dispensaries market extracts as “pure” and “premium’. It is incumbent on customers shop around for solvent-free products. And ensure they are getting 100% natural stuff.

Solvent-Free Cannabis Extracts Are Safe for Consumption

Using butane and other types of solvents to make concentrates, results in what is call “the dab.” Butane is an extremely flammable substance, which can lead to explosions if too much remains in the extract. It’s also possible for butane residue to build up in the body over time, even if you’re just dabbing occasionally.

These are the six main reasons why people look for solvent-free Cannabis extracts and concentrates:

1) Save money! Solvent-less products have a reputation for being much stronger than other types of cannabis oils, while also lasting longer. This means you can get by with taking fewer dabs, which will save you money in the long run!

2) Save your lungs from those nasty solvents and chemicals! Solvent-less products are safer to consume because they don’t use harmful or toxic chemicals. Instead of a thick layer of chemicals coating each dab, solvent-less extracts use heat to pull out cannabinoids without any added chemicals.

3) Save the environment! Producing solvent-less extracts uses fewer resources and emits less pollution into our air, soil, and water. If everyone switched to solvent-less products, we would all be better off!

4) Know exactly what you’re getting! Solvent-less products are also call “pure” or “raw.” This means everything you’re consuming is ONLY cannabinoids, and not added chemicals.

5) No nasty residue! This is especially important for patients who use concentrates to treat their ailments. They need the purest medication possible that can last them a long time. Solvent-less products contain cannabinoids from the Cannabis material, leaving you with pure medicine.

6) No taste! This may be an obvious one. But you’d be surprise at how many companies try to mask the taste of their products containing chemicals… If you’re looking for a solvent-less product that tastes fantastic, you’ve come to the right place! The Stone Dispensary!

**NOTE: This article is based on dabbing or consuming cannabis concentrates. Cannabis extracts can also be use for vaporization and tinctures. For more information about any of these methods, please see our article entitled “The Many Ways To Consume Cannabis Concentrates.” Do not confuse cannabis extracts with synthetic products!**

Featured - The Six Top Benefits of Solvent-Free Cannabis Extracts

Any marijuana smoker is familiar with both the dangers and benefits of smoking. Marijuana smoke contains carcinogens, tar, resin, benzene, nicotine, carbon monoxide and more. Marijuana can help with pain relief for some, but the risks are increased if the plant is smoked due to all of these harmful chemicals being inhaled along with it. While vaporizing can reduce some of these risks, it is not without its own issues, which is why many marijuana users are moving to solvent-free cannabis extracts.

Marijuana has been used for thousands of years and has always been consumed in one way or another. People have eaten the leaves by themselves or with food, smoked them, made tea with them, rolled them in cigars, made topical creams with the leaves to use on their skin, and have consumed extracts. Marijuana extracts have been around just as long.

Marijuana extracts are substances that concentrate the medicinally potent chemicals of the cannabis plant, allowing users to get higher concentrations of cannabinoids in a smaller amount. There are many different types of marijuana extracts available, including hash, kief, bubble hash, live resin, butane honey oil (BHO), rosin and more. Marijuana extracts have been created using a number of different solvents to produce the concentrated product.

Solvent-free cannabis extracts can be used in many of the same ways as any other type of marijuana. Marijuana extracts are most commonly dabbed, but they can also be used in vape pens, vaped with dry herbs or weed vaporizers, smoked via hot knives or water pipe, mixed into food or drink, taken sublingually under the tongue, or sprinkled on top of joints to give them a kick. Marijuana extracts purport to intensify the user’s experience by providing an intense focus, a strong body high, and a pleasing sense of euphoria. Marijuana extracts can also be used to treat a number of different medical conditions.

Marijuana has been successfully used to successfully treat chronic pain and nausea, the symptoms of patients going through chemotherapy, epilepsy and seizures, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and symptoms of the disease, and more. Marijuana extracts can be used to treat these symptoms as well as others. Many marijuana users find that they do not need to use as much plant material when consuming extracts in order to feel the effects, which is why solvent-free cannabis extracts like rosin, ice water concentrate (IWC) and bubble hash are becoming more popular. Marijuana extracts are also known to produce an intense flavor that many marijuana users appreciate.

Marijuana extracts were created to obtain more of the beneficial effects while reducing or eliminating some of the negative ones, and solvent-free cannabis extracts deliver on this promise in ways that other types do not. Users can obtain all of the powerful, positive aspects of marijuana while eliminating the negative ones, which makes solvent-free cannabis extracts a top choice for many. Marijuana dispensaries carry a variety of different types of marijuana extracts and there are also private extraction companies that make them available to consumers.

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