Top 10 Marijuana Balm Questions and Answers - The Stone

Top 10 Marijuana Balm Questions and Answers

How do you use a Marijuana Balm?

Marijuana Balm is easy to use; rub a small amount onto the skin in any general area and let dry. Leave on for as long as you like, or even all day. The balm will absorb and leave no greasy residue, making it perfect for both daily use and nighttime applications before bed.

Top Questions Surrounding Different Types of Cannabis Spray - The Stone
Top Questions Surrounding Different Types of Cannabis Spray – The Stone

What is the difference between a Marijuana Balm and a Cannabis cream?

Cannabis Balms are lighter, more easily absorbed products designed to be used anywhere on the face or body, even under makeup. Because they’re lightweight, non-greasy formulas, you can use them any time of day without experiencing any greasiness or shine. They are also paraben-free, which is always a plus. Plus, they are less likely to cause breakouts. Cannabis Balms have the look and feel of a moisturizer but tend to absorb much quicker than creams.

What does your Marijuana Balm do?

Cannabis Balms contain potent ingredients that help protect and heal the skin from future damage and can even repair existing damage. They also contain soothing extracts to calm and hydrate the skin instantly, which is excellent for those with sensitive complexions. Cannabis Balms also contain ingredients that fight acne and reduce the appearance of pores. Cannabis Balms absorb quickly, so they’re lovely for those with oily skin.

Do you need to use a moisturizer on top?

No, Marijuana Balm acts as both a moisturizer and sunscreen. However, if your skin is prone to dryness, try using a light moisturizer on top.

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Why does Cannabis Balm have an oily look in the jar but not greasy once I rub it onto my face?

Cannabis Balms have a “dry oil” texture that melts quickly into the skin without greasiness. It also contains powerful anti-aging ingredients and antioxidants that help to repair damage.

Should I apply your Balm on top of other products or after?

Cannabis Balms are compatible with most skincare products, so you have the option of using them before and after applying other products. You can use a Cannabis cream under it if you like, but Cannabis Balms are moisturizing enough to act as both a treatment and sunscreen.

Should I apply my Skin Balm before or after applying make-up?

There is no right or wrong answer here; either way will work fine. But if you use it under your makeup, be sure to allow skin Balm time to absorb before applying your foundation.

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How should I apply my Marijuana Balm?

Depending on the area you want to use it on, apply a small amount directly using fingers or with the applicator sponge that is included in each jar. If the area is small, you can also use the end of a clean makeup brush for precision application. Once applied, skin Balm typically absorbs within 10 minutes but can stay on the skin for hours. As with any product, you can use more if needed.

How long should I wait to put makeup over my Skin Balm?

Typically, you should wait about 5-10 minutes after applying a facial serum or night treatment before you apply your makeup. This will ensure that the Skin Balm is fully absorbed into the skin and not sitting on top, which can feel sticky/tacky.

I have oily skin – should I still use marijuana Balm?

Definitely! It contains oil-absorbing silica powder as an ingredient to help control excess shine.

Are the ingredients in Balm safe?

Absolutely! Our products are made without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, or phthalates. Paraben-free means that they don’t contain any harmful preservatives that could potentially irritate sensitive skin and lead to breakouts.

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Featured - Top 10 Marijuana Balm Questions and Answers

Mary Jane in the Sky – Part 1

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