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Understanding Cannabis: How to Easily Increase the Weight of your Harvested Buds

Today we’ll learn How to increase the weight of your harvested buds quickly and understand why it happens.

First off, what is dry weight, and how is it different from wet weight? 

Dry weight refers to the mass of something that has been dried completely. If you pick fresh, moist weed up off the ground and weigh it, you’re measuring its wet weight. That weed will not stay that heavy for long because THC is a compound that quickly evaporates away in the open air. Once your buds have been thoroughly dried, you can accurately measure their dry weight by hanging them up to dry in an area with plenty of airflows – like a closet or garage – where they can hang freely for a week or two.

It would be best to keep them in an airtight container to protect the bud from insects and mildew, which are especially attractive to wet weeds. You can then store it in a cool, dark place until you’re ready to smoke it!  Cannabis that has been thoroughly dried will be significantly lighter than when fresh.  It will also be dry enough to burn without leaving behind nasty-tasting plant material.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about why your weed dries into a lighter bud after being picked.

According to the University of Maryland, most cannabis buds have a 60% – 65% water weight ratio to cannabinoid weight. For example, a typical cannabis bud might have a wet/dry ratio of 3:1.

When you pick that weed up from the ground and let it dry slowly in an airtight container, your buds will gain about half as much mass as they lose because of the evaporating water weight.

So, if you have a 3:1 wet-to-dry weed ratio, 1 oz of fresh buds will eventually become 1.5 oz of dried buds.

That’s an increase of 0.5 oz!

Of course, this would not be easy to measure accurately without equipment, so don’t lose your mind over it.  The primary goal here is to learn why picking wet weed will usually increase its weight so that you can avoid it in the future!

If you pick wet weed, dry it thoroughly before storage. The longer you leave your freshly harvested buds exposed to air, the more water evaporates away. You can speed up this process by keeping your buds at room temperature with plenty of airflows or using a drying rack to dry weed quickly.

As an aside

Your plant will gain some mass after it dries due to increased trichome concentration. Trichomes are tiny, crystal resin glands that form on the surface of cannabis flowers. After being picked, these glands produce more resin to protect the flower from further damage during drying.

This extra resin will not directly increase your weed’s weight, but it can profoundly affect its flavor and strength.  Some strains are known for their “sticky” feel or strong odor.

You can avoid accidentally drying your weed into a lighter bud now that you know what goes on behind the scenes. When harvesting, always pick dry weed with plenty of time to mature completely.  It’s also essential to properly store your buds to retain as much water weight as possible.

The more fresh water your plant has when harvested…

…the more water weight your buds will retain after drying, more excellent ratio of cannabinoids to water weight.

The bottom line:  Be patient; wait until your weed is completely dry before weighing it!

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Source used for this article: The University of Maryland – Why Does Drying Cannabis Increase Its Weight?…

Featured - Understanding Cannabis: How to Easily Increase the Weight of your Harvested Buds

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