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What Is Marijuana Moonrock and What Is The Cost Per Gram?

The question asks, what are marijuana moonrocks, and the cost per gram? Moonrocks are marijuana nuggets coated in extracts and rolled in kief. And they are primarily desired for their potency and often contain high levels of THC (more than 50% on average). As a result, moonrocks are also frequently referred to as ‘marijuana caviar.’ Although this term is only appropriate for buds dipped in extracts without additional kief. In addition to having a lunar-like appearance, moonrocks are also named cheekily due to the extraordinary high you’ll more than likely experience.

Although some weed consumers interchangeably refer to moonrocks and marijuana caviar, the phrases originally denoted two different products. Marijuana caviar could refer to moonrocks or nugs soaked in marijuana oil. As a result, make sure you purchase marijuana moonrocks covered in kief if you are buying them from a dispensary, and the budtender starts mentioning caviar. 

Even though moonrocks are a relatively new weed product, there is currently a wide range of types available, including hemp strains with high levels of CBD and THC. Marijuana moonrock products continue to be customized by marijuana brands using different cultivars and concentrates. Some pre-rolls on the market imitate the moonrock feeling by rolling the finished pre-roll in kief and dripping concentrate over it. In essence, you can smoke moonrocks with the help of these goods without having to clean up a sticky mess.

A Brief History Of Marijuana Moonrocks

Hip-hop and weed culture have a long-standing, direct link that gave birth to Moonrocks. More specifically, they’re the result of a mixtape project between Dr. Zodiak, a musician, and former Death Row Records executive vice president turned weed tycoon Kurupt (Ricardo E. Brown) (Daniel Laughlin). After meeting in 2013, Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak swiftly transitioned from working together on a mixtape to producing the first line of branded marijuana moonrocks. Other businesses and dispensaries have entered the market and launched their lunar concoctions since the introduction of Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrocks. The GSC (previously Girl Scout Cookies) strain was used to make a lot of moonrocks in the past, but many other marijuana strains are now employed, including hemp varieties. 

How Potent Are Marijuana Moonrocks?

You would be correct if you assumed that moonrocks would contain a significant amount of THC, the most desirable component of weed. Most moonrocks have more than 50% THC because these marijuana products include bud and two concentrates. Although most well-known marijuana strains only have a THC level of 17–28%. The fact that moonrocks frequently have multiple layers of concentration on them makes them even more effective. As the nug, concentrate, and kief have different potencies, there is bound to be a lot of variation amongst products. Due to their high strength, moonrocks are not for first-time smokers. The cost factor per gram is a consideration because of the marijuana strain involved in manufacturing. Check the label for a potency breakdown and make sure to buy legal moonrocks to rest assured that those numbers are accurate.

So, now you know what are marijuana moonrocks, the answer to the second part of the question what is the cost per gram; is below.

How Much Do Marijuana Moonrocks Cost?

As you might have predicted, the price of moonrocks cost is higher per gram or eighth (3.5 grams) than the typical, top-tier nug. As a result, they typically start at roughly $30 to $50 a gram. Remember that moonrocks have three components making them much more effective than just the nug alone. Like all marijuana pricing, the quality/ potency of the weed, concentrate, and kief is vital in your comparison.

How To Consume Marijuana Moonrocks?

While it’s simple, smoking moonrocks does need a little more work than smoking ordinary buds. The following tips will help you get ready for your moonrocks encounter.

Utilize glassware: Because it’s so dense, greasy, and sticky, it needs to be torn apart piece by piece. Whether using a bong or a pipe, it’s best to use glass tools for moonrocks, as they’re not your typical bud. Please think twice before rolling it up all by itself. Regrettably, you wouldn’t be able to maintain a flame like you could with a usual blunt or joint. Another factor is cost wise, you may lose especially if you bought by the gram.

Throw it on top of some buds: By breaking up some moonrocks and sprinkling them on top of weed grounds, you can successfully roll up a blunt or joint and bypass the consistency issue.

What Are The Effects Of Marijuana Moonrocks

Smoking moonrocks can result in a substantial-high lasting for a considerable time, unlike the typical marijuana experience. And this is a result of the high concentration of psychoactive THC in these products. The effects of moonrocks will vary from person to person based on dosage, the ingredients, and your tolerance. Less tolerant people usually feel far more substantial results than avid consumers. Increased dosages of THC-rich strains will also further intensify the effects. While, more experience users of moonrock understand how much to buy per gram, as regulating cost times potency.

The moonrock high effects as a full-body high that starts in the brain and spreads outward, and brings on general feelings like:

  • Euphoria
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased sociability
  • Heightened senses
  • Relaxing
  • Pain relief
  • Disorientation (feeling ‘spaced out)

Marijuana Moonrock intake is comparable to eating weed edibles because it is intense and “slow-burning.” After consumption, the effects should begin to take action around 30 minutes later and may extend for many hours or even till the very next day.

Potential Risks and Side Effects Of Consumption of Moonrocks

Because the moonrock experience can be highly intense for first-time users, weed moonrocks are frequently only advised for experienced users. Some marijuana moonrock users may have overwhelming feelings since the high is much stronger than it is with traditional consuming methods. Along with the intense high, there might be some pretty unpleasant adverse effects, such as:

  • Respiratory problems (from smoke inhalation)
  • Anxiety and paranoia
  • Dry mouth 
  • Red, itchy, and dry eyes
  • Memory loss
  • Sleeplessness
  • Increased heart rate (with possible increased heart attack risk)
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Headaches

The Stone Conclusion

Even for a seasoned marijuana user, marijuana moonrocks are exceptionally potent. You should exercise extreme caution, especially if you’re new to the weed scene. You won’t always order caviar and champagne at a good restaurant.

However, you may want it for a special occasion. Similarly, you might not often consume moonrocks, but they are entertaining to try if the cost fits inside your budget plan. If you are in a place where weed is legal, stop by a dispensary and speak with a professional employee. And now that you know what marijuana moonrocks are, and what is the cost per gram, the dispensary can provide you with more information regarding the moonrocks they are carrying and their potency so you can make the best decision.


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