The Stone: Where To Get The Best Weed Deals in Denver, Colorado

The Stone: Where To Get The Best Weed Deals in Denver, Colorado

Since recreational marijuana usage has been made legal in some states, new shops are opening daily, increasing access to marijuana for Americans who wish to benefit from it. Colorado is well-known for many things, including its incredible craft beer sector, its infinite outdoor leisure opportunities, and its numerous weed outlets, products, and growers. In addition, the state has led the way in hosting some of the best dispensaries in the nation. So, where to get the best weed deals in Denver, Colorado?

Whether Colorado has this reputation due to their super-knowledgeable staff, fantastic product selection, alluring merch, and environment, unbelievable deals, or eco-friendly practices– it doesn’t matter. If you are in Longmont or Englewood, you can only throw a rock by hitting a fantastic dispensary. No matter where you are, whether in Longmont or Englewood, a dispensary is probably nearby.

Where To Get The Best Weed Deals In Denver, Colorado

However, how can you be sure you’re getting a fair deal on marijuana? First, the cost of weed varies depending on the dispensary. Several factors affect this cost, including government tax rates, state and local legislation, geographical location, shipping costs, product quality, and market competition.

Below are some of the top Denver dispensaries with fantastic offers, programs, and deals. Remember that quality is sometimes equally essential to pricing. You may have to pay extra for a brand product.

Alternative Medicine Capitol Hill (AMCH)- The Best Weed Deals In Denver, Colorado

AMCH has earned a reputation as one of Denver’s premier weed stores since it opened its doors in 2009. To meet the needs of both medicinal and recreational users, they provide a large assortment of highly sought-after flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, and other goods. There is always a discount for veterans, and the daily specials are exceptional.

Another of The Best Weed Deals Store In Denver, Colorado-High-Level Health

This respected brand offers top-notch marijuana flowers, concentrates, and vapes with all-natural growing techniques and a breeding program that results in exclusive strains. HLH places emphasis on the general wellness and satisfaction of its clientele. Single joints start at $7.94, half-ounces are $59.33 (and can even be divided into four eighths), and HLH sugar, shatter wax, and butter are all $19.86 per gram here. With this menu its option as the best deals dispensary in Denver, Colorado is obvious. Daily deals are also available. In addition, by signing up for the points program, you can also receive 2% back as a reward for your patronage (earn points for every dollar you spend).

Higher Grade

Knowing that Higher Grade always has a bargain available for you to take advantage of is reassuring. The three locations, two of which are marijuana medical-only dispensaries and one of which is a recreational shop, house one of Denver’s top weed cultivations. Their products are affordably priced and qualify for weekly discounts. Additionally, customers can sign up as Higher Grade members to conduct online orders and take advantage of additional discounts and daily offers. 

L’Eagle Services

Brand-wide, L’Eagle uses eco-friendly, sustainable practices. L’Eagle’s flower growers, who have approximately 40 years of commercial marijuana experience and include two degreed horticulturists, produce buds expertly cured for 60 days before the sale. As a result, the regulars continue to line up thanks to a broad assortment of 25 to 30 organic floral strains. But be aware of the organic nature; L’Eagle offers bargains for a pocket-friendly, environmentally friendly smoking experience. 

For information on half-price deals, occasional $10 eighths on a snow day, $15 grams of live resin, and more sign up for text message blasts. So you can have a $99 ounce and a $16 eighth on any given day and feel good about burning up sustainably.

Lucy Sky

For the sake of the client experience, Lucy Sky goes above and beyond. The staff wants to build long-lasting relationships with customers. Thus education is vital to this brand. And in relation to marijuana Lucky Sky offering this service makes it one of the best weed deals dispensary in Denver. Colorado. Offices are available every day of the week, including daily ounces for $165, 10% off edibles on Mondays, and 10% off premium live resin and all other concentrates on Wednesdays. If you’re an early bird, come in for a 15% discount throughout the first hour of the day.

Medicine Man Aurora Dispensary

In 2009, Pete and Andy Williams launched Medicine Man, one of Colorado’s most well-known weed dealers. A 50 marijuana strains cultivation, the business is the only one in the state to sell its marijuana. Additionally, Medicine Man is always offering a discount. So the best course of action is to take advantage of their consistently low prices and loyalty program, which entitles you to points for each purchase.

More Of The Best Weed Deals stores In Denver, Colorado

Standing Akimbo

The costs medicinal marijuana users pay at Standing Akimbo would probably make recreational marijuana buyers envious. Given that the lines frequently extend onto the sidewalk, it’s doubtful that the north Denver medical weed clinic could accommodate more patients. However, patients looking for a deal say the store’s almost unique reductions on popular edibles, buds, and concentrates are well worth the wait. These cost savings can be crucial as medical marijuana is not a health insurance product.

Terrapin Care Station

This independent, locally owned store, where the staff goes the extra mile, offers a wide variety of prize-winning flowers and steep discounts and specials on well-known brands. In addition to various strains, including Moonshine Haze and Hells OG, they also sell buds, concentrates, and vape cartridges developed specifically for Terrapin, like Grapefruit Durban and Ugly Stepsister. Thankfully, this also applies to edible enthusiasts who wish to save money while getting great taste and potency. Join the TerraPoints program as an added benefit to unlock more bargains with every transaction.

The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree, another frontrunner for Denver’s best dispensary, has received numerous Readers’ Choice honors for its wide variety of well-bred classic marijuana strains. They provide a wide variety of edibles in addition to buds, concentrates, and vape cartridges. The best part is that their products are available at incredible rates.

The Joint by Marijuana

At The Joint in Denver, customers across Colorado have a broad selection of candies, buds, products with weed extracts, and accessories to choose from on their menu. Many loyal patients won’t go anyplace else because they have some of the lowest prices in Colorado. This location, recognized as one of Colorado’s top dispensaries, has incredible daily deals, friendly and experienced budtenders, and even a few unique and unexpected strains to try.

We hope the above list of the best weed deals in Denver, Colorado locations is helpful.


Marijuana consumers with some experience know that different dispensaries sell different goods of varying quality. However, it’s crucial to remember that the dispensary you buy from should offer lab-tested products from reliable producers whether you’re an experienced weed shopper or are just getting started. If you want to visit multiple dispensaries without spending much money, we advise looking for locations that provide daily, weekly, and monthly bargains on their stock. Membership at your preferred dispensary can also help you save money on your favorite strains and goodies.










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