Boulder, Colorado, started as a mining community, which was very important to its development. Because of the prospects of earning and making a living, whether mining gold or other business ventures, many settlers took up the challenge to be part of a growing town. Over time some businesses offered mining equipment, room and board, dining, transport, and Saloon services. The knitting together to form the fabric of Boulder began in the early 1800s.

By 1871 Boulder City was established, and because of its solid and stable organization, the people resorted to naming their City; Boulder. So, they dropped the word City from the title. Now they have Legal Cannabis!

Boulder, Colorado

Residential homes started building in Mapleton Hill and Whittier District. But as the town grew commercially, the residential homes vanished. Then the era of more affluential homes erupted to take their place. 

Family life and all that entails is what has sustained Boulder even today, so education is vitally important to the people. The educating of their children started in 1860, with the first school building built. And then after they lobbied for the State University to be in Boulder, which they won from the State Legislature after a long and vigorous fight. The State Legislation in November of 1861 signed it into existence. The ground was broken for the building of the University in 1872, when they got donations of land from six residents, a total of 44.9 acres. With an appropriated amount of $15,000 and the citizens to match that amount, work started on the University. 

The first building was completed in 1877 and was named Old Main. They started classes with a president, 44 students, and a professor, and the University was named Colorado University. 

Modern Day Boulder 

Boulder today is reaping the benefits of courage, hard work, and commitment to nation-building. There are many businesses within Boulder, and because of the projected growth have invested in the area. They are IBM, Celestial Seasons started their first company there and many others. Schools, Colleges, and Universities established chapters or started their own. 

To experience Boulder as a visitor is to view the majesty of the mountains that Boulder is nestled between. Then there is the Colorado Chautauqua; Park, the Flatirons; are geological formations and hiking trails. You can also enjoy Eldorado Canyon not only for its picturesque views but for rock climbing. Some hotels offer rest while you can enjoy a good spa treatment and fine dining. Should you choose to take in some of the Boulders’ nightlife, you can enjoy a play at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Boulder Theatre, and enjoy live music or the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra. There are lots more to see and enjoy; only visit the Boulder website. Order Cannabis Today from The Stone Dispensary

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Jars of Cannbis Flower

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