Hungry? Lets talk Cannabis Baked Goods

Cannabis has been used for centuries as an ingredient in baked goods. In ancient history, Cannabis seeds were sometimes used to make bread and the species of cannabis commonly known as hemp was one of the earliest cultivated crops (see also: History of Hemp). Throughout most regions where cannabis is legal, it can be found sold in bakeries and dispensaries alongside other food products.

Cannabis Baked Goods

Cannabis can be baked into a variety of sweet or savory foods in a variety of ways, from simply grinding it up and adding it to the batter, to carefully infusing butter with cannabis and slowly baking the product over multiple hours. The effects of cannabis-infused baked goods depend on the dosage of cannabis and the particular strain.   Although it is difficult to accurately estimate THC levels in baked goods, the most common forms of consumption are brownies, cookies, bars, cupcakes, cake or other desserts that contain a high fat content. Beverages such as tea, coffee or alcohol can also be infused with Cannabis. Some enthusiasts bake marijuana directly into the food or drink. The most common way of consumption is by eating or drinking, but it may also be used to make a topical ointment to apply in some cases.   Although THC can be placed on a wide variety of baked goods, the effects depend heavily on the particular strain and method of preparation. Many people choose to smoke cannabis because of the immediate effects it has on the body. When smoked, THC reaches the brain very quickly and produces a sensation of being ‘high’ within minutes. On the other hand, when consumed into baked goods such as brownies or cookies, THC enters the bloodstream over time and is absorbed differently in each person. For this reason, it is common for people to consume a large amount of cannabis in baked goods and wait an hour or so before feeling the impact.

Cannabis Baked Goods and Dosage

The length of time that it takes to feel effects after ingesting cannabis depends on various factors: how much THC was used in the preparation, the quality as well as how recently food or drink was consumed, the method of preparation, and individual metabolism.   Some users may choose to ‘re-dose’ throughout their experience in order to maintain a constant level of THC and achieve stronger effects. Re-dosing can be done with brownies, cookies or other baked goods that have been infused with cannabis by following the same instructions as before but adding a greater amount of cannabis to the batter. Re-dosing can also be done with food or drink that has been infused through a process of decarboxylation.   The effects of ingestion are generally slower and stronger than smoking, but the effects have less of a tendency to vary between people. When choosing how to consume cannabis, many people prefer baked goods because they are discreet.   When preparing Cannabis for baking, it is best to grind the dried plant material as finely as possible and then mix it into the batter. Adding small amounts of THC at a time will increase accuracy in dosing but is more difficult when done in large batches of an edible substance. Formulas for edibles are sometimes considered to be a trade secret by cannabis cooks.

With Cannabis Cooking, Start Small

For inexperienced cooks and those who may not have access to quality ingredients for baking, it is often suggested that they begin with small portions of the cannabis in the recipe and experiment from there. For example, if making brownies (a popular choice among novice bakers), try using one tablespoon of cannabis mixed into a batch of brownies instead of the entire recipe. Wait an hour or so to feel the effects and adjust from there.   If preparing a drink infused with cannabis, it is most common to use water, alcohol or tea as a base liquid and add small amounts of THC at a time until the desired dosage has been reached. Some days, it is hard for me to get off the couch and be productive but I make myself do it anyway because I know that if I just finish this one task, there will be nothing stopping me from doing whatever else I want with my day.   It can also help to think about something you want to accomplish in your day and list it out on a piece of paper. Label each task as either something that you can do right away, or something that requires more effort and time. Make sure to tackle the smaller tasks first so that you have fewer things left to do later in the day. I was a little…buzzed during this episode but I still feel like this is an important topic that needs to be discussed. Side note: You can find our article on Cannabis Hard Candy here.

Featured - Hungry? Lets talk Cannabis Baked Goods

Cannabis has been used for centuries as an ingredient in baked goods. In ancient history, Cannabis seeds were sometimes used to make bread and the species of cannabis commonly known called hemp was one of earliest cultivated crops (see also: History). Throughout most regions where this plant is legal it can be found sold alongside other food products – from simply grinding up dried flower tops into meal then baking them into cookies or using butter infused with marijuana oils when making scones; all these choices are available at your local dispensary!

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