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What are Cannabis Capsules?

Cannabis Capsules, or Weed Tablets, are a great way to transport and ingest your essential oils.  What better way to fight a disease that is nearly 100% curable with cannabis?  Cannabis oil capsules, when combined with the powerful properties of cannabinoids, produce a highly effective treatment for cancerous tumors. In addition, these medications have been observed to reduce anxiety and improve mood in patients who suffer from depression.

These may also be beneficial in reducing inflammation. Inflation is associated with arthritis and related diseases. For those experiencing nausea or loss of appetite due to illness or medication, Cannabis Oil may help. Cannabis oil has been observed to stimulate hunger and improve taste sensations.

What Are Cannabis Capsules?

Pills are a popular delivery method for cannabis that avoids the drawbacks of smoking. With capsules, the patient doesn’t have to inhale harmful smoke. There’s also no need to suffer the sometimes unpleasant taste that comes with most edibles. A capsule is swallowed like any other medication. This makes it very easy for patients who don’t want their condition to interfere with their daily activities.

Some patients prefer Cannabis Pill form because they are discreet, easy to use and portable so they can take them anywhere. They’re also very easy for kids (or adults) to use without help from parents or caregivers. Anyone who’s had experience using a vape pen will feel right at home taking cannabis pills.

Types of Cannabis Capsules

There are two types of weed pills: gelatin and vegetarian. Gelatin capsules, which can be bought at any pharmacy, come in a variety of sizes. Doses go as high as 540mg being the largest you can buy. Vegetarian weed pills on the other hand are available in larger doses than gelatin ones. This is because they’re meant to hold oil.

The downside of vegetarian pills is that they can be more expensive than gelatin ones. Vegetarian capsules are made with a special food-grade vegetable capsule and an edible base. This may include as organic extra virgin coconut or olive oil. They’re easy to take and usually have no taste or smell.

How to Use Cannabis Capsules

Pills are easy to take and it’s usually as simple as taking any other medication. To use a capsule, you simply pop the pill into your mouth and swallow. It takes about 20-30 minutes for the capsule to kick in. A beginner can start with one or two capsules. People who regularly consume cannabis should start with one capsule and work their way up to a maximum dose of 10mg.

Like any other medication, it’s important that you use cannabis capsules wisely. Don’t consume more than your doctor recommends. Also remember that every body reacts differently so you may need to adjust the dosage until you find what works for you. If at first one or two pills don’t work, you should try increasing the dosage a little at a time. If two pills still aren’t enough, talk to your doctor about your condition. They may be able to prescribe something different that will better address your needs.

It’s important to always make sure that the CBD capsules are stored in their original packaging. Do not open the package until you’re ready to take them. Capsules should be kept out of the reach of children and pets at all times because they can easily swallow them as well.

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Each capsule is also stamped with a batch number, an expiry date and the total amount of CBD within that batch.

Using Cannabis Capsules for Pain Relief

Cannabis capsules are ideal for pain relief. The medication is absorbed into the bloodstream through the capsule. The capsule delivers CBD throughout the body as soon as it kicks in, which usually takes about 20-30 minutes. Capsules fuse together with your stomach acid to create an oil. This is then digestible by the liver before being carried through the bloodstream to treat your condition.

The best part about using cannabis capsules for pain relief is that you don’t have to worr. There is no sensory overload of other methods like edibles and oils. If you’re experiencing severe pain, swallowing a pill is often better than having to deal with the taste and smell of oil. Taking an edible which may take hours to kick in.

Capsules can also work well for fast-acting relief. If you’re experiencing pain or another condition, such as nausea, that needs to be treated right away, then capsules might be a better option than edible oils and other edibles.

Using Cannabis Capsules for Nausea

Many people turn to cannabis when they’re experiencing nausea and vomiting, especially during chemotherapy. The high doses of anti-nausea medication that people receive can leave them feeling more nauseous than they were before taking the drugs. Although there are many medications on the market for treating nausea (including cannabis), not all of them work as well as others.

The most common routes of administration used today are smoking, vaporizing, oral ingestion ,and sublingual absorption.  What is the best way to get your cannabis? Well, both vaporizing and smoking provide quick delivery of cannabinoids to the bloodstream. This means a fast onset of action.   The problem with this method is that it also delivers harmful hydrocarbons from the combustion process.  Also may leave large amounts of carbon monoxide if not used properly.

Vaping versus Capsules

Vaporizing provides an inhalable mist containing cannabinoid vapors. This allows a patient to dose gradually with a relatively low dosage. This allows you to ease into a comfortable level of medication over time.   Oral ingestion requires longer for activation but allows more precise dosing. It may take 60 to 90 minutes for full effects to be felt when ingesting cannabis orally. Sublingual absorption is also a valid option.  The mucus membranes under the tongue are full of capillaries which are very effective in absorbing cannabinoids.

Cannabis capsules are an excellent delivery system for many reasons. The capsule is discrete, easy to swallow, socially acceptable, and provides accurate dosing.  If you have difficulty swallowing cannabis oil by itself or with food, cannabis capsules could be your answer. If you have nausea, cannabis capsules may allow you to ingest small amounts of cannabinoids at a time until it becomes manageable for your individual needs. Because dosage can be accurately controlled, cannabis capsules provide medical benefits without the risk of over-medicating .

Individuals who use medical marijuana usually fall into one of three camps. They may find the psychoactive effects of cannabis enjoyable. They also use it for symptom management with minimal intoxication. Or quite simply they need a strong sleep aid.  If you are one of these people, oral ingestion is your best option. It provides the quickest relief and longest duration of effects. The downside to this method is that there is generally more material required to achieve desired medical effects due to inefficient absorption in the digestive tract. If you are looking for medical benefits without any “high”, vaporizing may be an option for you as well.

Cannabis Oil FTW!

Cannabis oil capsules are clearly the superior way to ingest essential oils because dosing can be accurately controlled and titrated by patient preference . Capsules allow patients to choose their preferred method of administration while providing accurate dosage. If you are not sure if you want to try Cannabis capsules, reach out to your Cannabis experts today!

Featured - What are Cannabis Capsules?

Cannabis capsules are a convenient way for some patients to consume medical marijuana. Edibles, though delicious and containing potent medicinal properties, can take hours before the patient feels their full effects. Smoking or vaporizing cannabis can be irritating on the lungs for some patients. Cannabis capsules are an attractive alternative to these methods due to their controlled dosage, efficacy, and ease of consumption.

Cannabis dispensaries in the state of Colorado are required to produce their own capsules, ensuring that each patient receives pure and unadulterated product. Cannabis dispensaries will often carry indica, sativa, or hybrid capsules that may help patients with multiple conditions find relief. Some dispensaries may even carry specific strain capsules, which are known for their unique medicinal properties. The dispensaries will carry vegan capsules as well as gelatin capsules, depending on what’s most popular at the dispensary.

Capsules are usually sold in packs of two or three for ten to twenty dollars each, making them one of the more affordable options for patients who take their medical marijuana seriously. These may be a good option for patients who don’t want to smoke or vaporize their cannabis, but still want quick relief from pain and muscle spasms.

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