The City of Thornton has such a rich history it is worth reading about or visiting. Unlike most cities in Colorado that started as gold mining towns with not many people, their History is from a farming background. The Town officially began to flourish and become more residential when Mr. Sam Hoffman bought land off Washington Street. He envisioned the Town becoming a municipality from a single tax levy and having recreational services and free trash pickup. All this started in 1953. Thornton is named after Dan Thornton, who was the then Governor at the time. 

Thornton, Colorado, is considered the best place to Live in the United States. They are a melting pot with a blended community of ethnic backgrounds, social diversity, and also a blend of persons of different sexual orientations and genders. Their commitment to improving the quality of life and solving social issues is what makes Thornton the City they are today.

Thornton, CO

Thornton, some would say, is strategically located for accessing many of its social and recreational activities. The Rocky Mountains in Colorado are the focal point for many people because of their majesty. And Thornton is located smack dab in the middle of accessing 28 resorts near the Rockies. There you can enjoy rafting, camping, skiing, hiking and lots more. 

Thornton, Colorado‘s continued forward thinking governments have facilitated an entrepreneurial environment for local and outside business developments as well as recreation and residential flourishing. The offerings of Thornton, to the wellbeing and development of the family; and for the future. It means there are plans any family can make for their children and grandchildren and what they will become for the future. Language is not an issue either, as the community speaks both English and Spanish. 

A people forever changing and evolving, Thornton has embraced technology as well. They have as their Mission to revise implemented plans for City development every 10-years. That enables the City Councils and standing governments to make changes based on how they assess the past implemented programs, whether they are working or not. So transport, housing development, business, education, and new social activities and any improvements are discussed and, the way forward; voted on. 

Jars of Cannbis Flower

Jars of Cannbis Flower

Thornton and Cannabis and The Stone

The City of Thornton, Colorado has licensed Cannabis dispensaries in the City. Their laws that govern the industry, and Cannabis dispensaries adhere. They offer services including recreational Cannabis and medical Cannabis to customers. The Stone Dispensary is one such Cannabis dispensary that serves the City of Thornton. Their menu of products is of the best quality as we source and partner with the top-rated Cannabis products producers for sales. 

Because Thornton is forward-thinking since Covid-19, the Governor has passed The Public Health Orders that allow curbside Cannabis sales. It is ideal for The Stone since we offer curbside pickup to customers, one of our many services. Our Cannabis customers can call or go online to place orders, and do your pickups before closing time. The convenience and adhering to the safety protocols of the Cannabis Industry makes customers feel safer than having to come in and browse.

The Stone Dispensary

4820 Morrison Rd

Denver, CO 80219

Phone: 303-936-0111
Hours: Daily 10:00am – 9:50pm