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Cannabis Class: 12 Tips to Begin Cannabis Self-Care

        As with any activity worth doing, you have to start somewhere. You cannot build a house without first getting some basic materials and putting them together correctly; it is the same with Cannabis self-care. So please put on your favorite music (or Pandora station) and grab your green (or brown). It’s time for class.

Cannabis Class: 12 Tips to Begin Cannabis Self Care

        Before we begin our lesson today about 12 tips to begin Cannabis self-care, let us first understand what ‘self-care’ means. According to MedicineNet, “Self-care is exactly what it sounds like: taking responsibility for one’s health well-being.” This means that the person takes responsibility for themselves and performs activities that improve their overall wellness. Cannabis helps promote several aspects of fitness, including relaxation, sleep, appetite stimulation (for both the ill and non-ill), spiritual awareness, pain relief, and more.

        Now that we understand what self-care is about concerning Cannabis, let us begin our lesson; 12 tips for starting Cannabis self-care. The following list has been compiled by experienced users who wanted to provide others with helpful advice on using Cannabis for their self-care. Perhaps it will help get you started – good luck!

# 1. Distinguish Between Self-Care and Harm Reduction

It’s been one year since I began my journey towards a healthier, fuller life to ease the symptoms of chronic illness. In this time, I have experimented with Cannabis self-care in many forms; marijuana medicine has become an integral part of my treatment plan.

I used to believe that marijuana was only a recreational drug, and, as such, I never considered it a treatment or medicine.

I am not alone – so many people have unwittingly relegated Cannabis to the category of ‘recreational drugs’ just like alcohol and tobacco. Sure, they’re legal in some states, but they’re also harmful substances no one should consume for pleasure or relief.

I now know that I was wrong about weed. There are several reasons why marijuana should be considered a legitimate medical treatment, but the number one reason is this: it’s effective.

# 2. Identify What Makes you Feel Better

Everyone responds to Cannabis differently – some people experience mind-altering effects, others feel relief from tension, stress, depression, or anxiety. Cannabis works as a sleep aid for some people, while for others, it can serve as an appetite stimulant.

Identifying which method of consumption works best is the first step towards cannabis self-care. Do you find relief in smoking flower? Or does vaping provide more effective symptom management? Perhaps tinctures work best for your sleep or digestion?

# 3. Learn to Prepare Weed Edibles by Yourself!

The main reason why I don’t enjoy edibles is the taste. There, I said it. They’re generally too sweet, and they tend to stick to my teeth. But if you learn how to prepare them properly, you can make weed edibles with any flavor.

# 4. Eat (or Drink) Cannabis Instead of Smoking It

One way to make your Cannabis self-care routine more pleasurable is to eat or drink Cannabis instead of smoking it – maybe that’s sacrilegious for some stoners, but if you’re a fan of edibles, this is a great option.

# 5. Use Unconventional Methods of Consumption

If you’re a cannabis activist, you probably have heard about Rick Simpson – he became famous for his method of using marijuana to cure cancer and other serious illnesses. He used unconventional methods of consumption – applying hemp oil on the skin as a cream or adding it to food. These are important in Cannabis Self-Care, take notes.

# 6. Check out the Extraction Methods

Extracted oils are generally stronger than cannabis flower, so you need less when cooking or vaping oil than when smoking weed. However, if it’s your first time consuming extracted oils, start with a small amount and monitor how it affects you before taking more.

# 7. Be Careful If You’re Pregnant

Mothers have indeed been using Cannabis while pregnant for thousands of years, but that doesn’t mean you should do it while being pregnant or breastfeeding. Always check with your doctor before consuming any marijuana during this period.

# 8. Always Decarb Cannabis Before Cooking

When you’re making edibles, decarb your weed first. The simple reason is that heating marijuana improves its effects; you don’t have to do it with the oven, but if you use a hot plate or any other way to cook cannabis flowers gently, you’ll get more active ingredients like THC and CBD.

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# 9. Finding the Right Dosage

Finding the proper dosage is another important step to take if you’re starting with weed self-care. Several factors determine how much Cannabis Self-Care you should consume, so always start with a small dose and monitor its effects before deciding whether to take more or not.

For example, the strain you use affects your dosage. If you want to make edibles, you should know that cannabis-infused butter or oil has several times more THC than raw weed. Also, if you’re using a vaporizer, the cannabinoid concentration will determine how much you’ll need to take to get relief from your symptoms.

The best way to find the exact dosage is trial and error – you’ll have to consume a certain amount of Cannabis, monitor your body’s reaction, and then decide where to stop.

# 10. Don’t Overdose on Edibles!

Because edibles take much longer for the effects to be felt, it’s possible to consume too much accidentally. If this happens, don’t panic – try to stay calm, drink lots of water and take a hot bath. If the anxiety is too much to handle, contact your doctor or head to the emergency room.

Also, edibles have more substantial effects on some people, so always start with small doses!

# 11. Start with Low-THC Strains

If THC scares you because it’s responsible for feelings of anxiety and paranoia, look into low-THC strains – they’re a great option if you want to avoid the side effects mentioned above.

# 12. Include Other Medicinal Plants in Your Diet!

Including other medicinal plants in your diet can also help you consume Cannabis without experiencing its adverse side effects. For example, you can incorporate CBD-rich foods like hemp seeds, chamomile, or lavender into your daily diet.

Also, CBD is a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, which makes it an excellent supplement to your favorite cannabis strain. In other words, if you’re treating yourself with marijuana regularly for anxiety relief, then don’t forget to eat other plants as well because they’ll also help!

Alternative to #11: If you want to try a high-THC strain, consider using CBD oil first – it will reduce the harmful effects of THC and make it safer for you.

Now that we’ve covered some general tips let’s talk about different ways Cannabis self-care can be used!

Alternative to #12: Don’t eat so much weed you get sick… #yolo

Featured - Cannabis Class: 12 Tips to Begin Cannabis Self-Care

Practice Self Care with Cannabis:

1) If one of your goals is to relax or combat stress, I suggest starting with a hybrid strain because it typically has a balanced amount of THC/CBD. This helps calm nerves while still allowing excitement or creativity to kick in.

2) Most people will find it is best to consume cannabis in a comfortable setting with soothing music. Sometimes I will play soft, noise-canceling music while meditating, reading, or getting work done at home. I feel this helps me hone in on my mindset and what I am doing during that time.

3) Pick an activity you enjoy doing when high, either alone or with others! You could watch films, go on a walk, paint your nails, have sex, cook dinner for friends – the list goes on! The point of cannabis self-care is to do something calming and therapeutic after (or during) a stressful day, so do whatever feels right for you!

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