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Cannabis in the Medical Field from Doctors Perspective

The thought of doctors smoking Cannabis is frightening knowing the data on smoking. Doctors using Cannabis and CBD are another thing altogether. The fact is different generations are overlapping now in 2021. Therefore, Cannabis in the Medical Field from the Doctor’s perspective must be known. Perceptions about Cannabis is mix. Doctors in their field of choice have opinions about its use and reasons for their using and not using it. It is a discussion we will continue to have, relating to science and the plant’s benefit to humanity. Using it wisely is very important. Being knowledgeable about the plant is also very important. 

Smoking Cannabis and Doctors 

The smoking of cigarettes has been a concern, and much literature about its danger to the body is no secret. Even alcohol that we know to be dangerous, there are legislation for using. Although the information is out there about the dangers of using both cigarettes and alcohol, people still indulge, even children, though unknown by parents and guardians, until unforeseen situations occur. 

Doctors smoking Cannabis percentages differ, and here are some startling statistics to back this up. I am convinced it is because of the patients that have come into the emergency rooms for treatments related to Cannabis use; or the perceived contributions that translate into these numbers. Hence the need for true statistical information on Cannabis in the medical field.

A GALLUP poll in 2014, as published on Medscape website: Quote, “Among physicians who responded to the current Medscape survey, 59% of those who have ever used Cannabis support total legalization, and 20% support it only for medicinal purposes. Even among physicians who have never used marijuana, 51% support some form of legalization (23% total and 28% medicinal). Positions on Cannabis legalization vary somewhat by specialty.” End quote. 

Marijuana legalization Supported by Specialty

Based on the paragraph above and the rest of the document here in Medscape, it is clear that legislation and legalization are in the top 50% of the interviewed doctors. They are also very concerned about decriminalization as well. Education about Cannabis in the medical field and, how it does help patients with whatever ailments there are, is important. Whether doctors ever used Cannabis; once or periodically during their years on this earth is irrelevant. Their advocating for patients is commendable; though we must also consider the doctors against using the plant and the products as an angle, we need to put in the conversation. 

Cannabis Research And Doctor’s Responsibilities

Researching both angles of Cannabis use, by doctors whether personally or prescribed by them for their patients’ use is important. Their reasons for prescribing, and why they saw the need to use personally and the experiences are also important reasons to consider. The medical and recreational reasons for use needs analysis; while regulations are being lobbied for in various countries, even in the United States. 

The medical body, government, and science cannot stand on the sidelines without doing the needed investigations. Investigations only done for alcohol and cigarettes. This is a biased approach to the issue. There has to be detail scientific information for the conversation among these bodies to legislate. It cannot be, anecdotal reasons use for laws to pass, either way. Cannabis and its contribution to the medical field of treatment, for ailments must be part of the discussion. Remember, for Laws to pass on alcohol and cigarettes, time, money, and effort is on research. Hence the laws to solid reasons for not using these products and the age-appropriate considerations. Cannabis needs this kind of appreciation as well.

Cannabis Dispensaries And Medical Relief For Users

There is an ongoing debate surrounding Cannabis Dispensaries. These dispensaries a govern by regulations in Colorado for medical and recreational use. (recreational weed dispensaries we will discuss later). Dispensaries provide Marijuana products to certified patients with specific illnesses or symptoms, such as Cancer or Chronic Pain. Dispensaries prevent individuals who do not have these symptoms from purchasing Marijuana illegally or growing the plant at home for themselves.

The availability of dispensaries prevent patients from purchasing marijuana on the streets. Streets sales do not guarantee people getting Cannabis without harmful chemicals (such as Fentanyl).

Dispensaries and Their Value to Patients

Additionally, Marijuana dispensaries provide the valuable service of ensuring individuals do not purchase more than their legal six ounces- per two weeks. This regulation helps users meet the State’s purchasing requirements limits. Cannabis Dispensaries govern by regulations for medical use and will soon be the same for recreational dispensaries as well.

The Medical Marijuana industry has been a lifesaver to many people who suffer from Cancer, Chronic Pain, and other illnesses across the nation. The drug has shown effective in reducing pain and nausea which can be helpful in the treatment of Cancer and other diseases. Cannabis for its part in treatment in the medical field is beginning to get recognition. Ganja is a “miracle drug” prescribe to patients by their doctors for its effectiveness to reduce pain and increase appetite, two debilitating symptoms. Cannabis dispensaries sell products for medical use across the nation, including Colorado, have regulations. Since these regulated pot dispensaries are available to people, there is a reduce need for use of pharmaceutical drugs for pain management and other symptoms.

Medical Cannabis is important and, one Marijuana dispensary in a town, ensures people do not purchase the product illegally. The potentially dangers purchasing Cannabis is curtail to a minimum. The street drugs can contain chemicals, including Fentanyl, which are dangerous for human consumption.

Cannabis Dispensaries And Safe Products Sales

Dispensaries supply Marijuana products for medical use, which means products are safe for consumption. By law Cannabis product for treatment in the medical field; manufacturers must test potency levels of THC/CBD by a certified lab. Testing ensures products are safe for human consumption, which is less safe when purchased on the streets.

Additionally, Medical Marijuana dispensaries meet the State’s Marijuana purchase limits. Cannabis has shown to reduce the symptoms of some patients, including pain and nausea (which can result in weight loss). Plus, Dispensaries make Cannabis available for patients who need it- six ounces every fourteen days under Colorado State law.


Medical Marijuana dispensaries benefit the community by following regulations which protect customers. They ensure Cannabis for treatment in the medical field, these purchases have reduce side effects compared to pharmaceutical drugs. These Cannabis dispensaries allow for safe, control environments in which Marijuana can access for medical use.

The community benefits from Medical Marijuana dispensaries because they prevent patients from purchasing marijuana on the black market, from purchasing too much at any time, and from purchasing synthetic Cannabis drugs for sake on the streets. These dispensaries like The Stone, in Colorado are safe, reliable and the staff train to inform patrons of products sold. Their regulation keeps Marijuana out of the hands of children (who may purchase Marijuana on the streets).

Featured - Cannabis in the Medical Field from Doctors Perspective


Marijuana dispensaries ensure that individuals do not purchase Marijuana illegally which could potentially be harmful to the user. Marijuana dispensaries have been shown to reduce pain that is often debilitating, including nausea which may result in weight loss. Marijuana dispensaries are an important part of maintaining a community because they keep Marijuana out of the hands of children who may obtain Marijuana illegally and Marijuana dispensaries also ensure Marijuana laws are not broken.

Marijuana dispensaries ensure Marijuana is available for patients who need Marijuana. Marijuana dispensaries keep Marijuana out of the hands of criminals while ensuring Marijuana laws are followed. Medical Marijuana dispensaries benefit many people in many communities across the United States.

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