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Long Term Vaping Live Resin: Is it Safe?

Live Resin; a waxy concentrate, extracted from newly harvested Cannabis flowers and young leaves. They are flash froze; to maintain the true essence of the concentrates’ potency. The method of extraction is cleaner and contains no chemicals. Most Cannabis processors that extract concentrates from the plant use the flash freeze method called, Winterization. Now we know what Live Resin is; How to Vape live Resin is the question?

How Safe is Vaping Live Resin in The Long Term?

The Cannabis plant was dried and cured for centuries and smoked. Now in the twenty first century to dry and cure the plant today, the Winterization process is used. The process was discovered by Kind Bill in 2013. The process found to retain the needed terpenes contained in the plant at its freshest and highest percent potency levels. The concentrates derived from every strain of the Cannabis plant determine the odor, flavor, and characteristic at its highest levels. 

Vaping Live resin enables users to experience a high they have never had before. It is essentially important to note; cultivators of Cannabis plants are venturing into creating strains that are even more potent than what was available in the 70s and 80s. The levels of THC and CBD extracted by Winterization can give an even greater high. Using these hyped-up live resin concentrates, must be done with care. Hence the sold grammage in edibles and oils for consumers. 

How to Vape

There are a few methods to consume live resin; there is vaping, dabbing, and sprinkling. Dabbing uses a special tool called a nail, and a dab rig. This is a glass bowl with a flat bottom and has a water pipe attached. The ‘nail’ dispenses the resin, in the dabbing bowl; for heating. It liquefies and vaporizes the resin for inhaling. 

Sprinkling Live resin is; drizzling resin in the mix of flowers before rolling the joint. Or you can wrap some around the joint paper, before smoking. Either way, you can experience the effects just as well. 

Now to vaping Live Resin. If you have ever vaped before, the principle is similar. You will need a vaping pen. The vape pen is battery operated and heat-activated. There is an electronic heating coil in the pen. The coil is heated by the battery when switched on. Place the Resin in the vaping pen using the nail. The coil heats the resin creating vapors. Then inhale the vapors.

Purchasing Live Resin

Before going any further in this article, may we suggest purchasing your vaping products from a reputable licensed dispensary. This ensures you are buying scientifically lab-tested products safe for consumption. The reasons and caution behind this are; there are illegal manufacturers around, and they are mixing resin with other agents that are harmful to humans. The mixture allows these illegal manufacturers to sell more and contains counterfeit THC or CBD

The danger from vaping live resin is; consumers of the product purchase from illegal manufacturers and consume lots of it. They do end up in the emergency rooms. Customers that purchase vaping resin products from Cannabis dispensaries; can be sure they are getting the legal grammage for consumption. Cannabis Dispensaries will advise on different methods of how to vape. Which is done whether for recreational or medical purposes. 

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Utilizing the web to find a registered Cannabis dispensary in your area is the way to go. Ensure you ask questions about them and be careful while using them. The same for filling a prescription at the pharmacy; you generally ask questions about what you are getting, especially if you are using the drug, for the first time. 

Therefore, using live resin is a choice. Enough information is out there for you to decide whether to use or not. So be safe and make wise choices. 

Featured - Long Term Vaping Live Resin: Is it Safe?


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