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Cannabis Usage: What is Considered Heavy Cannabis Use

Like any drug, be it pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter, or Cannabis; your reactions to them are dependent on your sex, weight, and or level of immunity when using. People that are sick, say with cancer, can catch a cold and get considerably worse. Someone whose immunity level is higher gets the same cold; and is better in a few hours or days. Some people can take the prescribed dose of a particular medication, and they are fine. While another person, using the same drug, can experience severe reactions; and they can only use half the dose. 

The same is true for using Cannabis; males and females react differently. Not only by the persons sex; the consideration must be with the weight of the individuals. So, what do we consider, heavy use of Cannabis to be? 

What is Considered Heavy Cannabis Use?

Use Cannabis for medical reasons. You will monitor with your doctor. People use Cannabis to relieve nausea they experience from having chemo therapy treatment for cancer. They chronic pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and for whatever reasons your doctor determines the need based on your illness. This fact-finding reality came about as scientists made discoveries as to the potential of the plant in treating medical conditions.

What is heavy usage? Smoke a joint every so often? It doesn’t matter how you consume using Cannabis products. Whether by eating edibles, brownies, gummies, or drinking, can be construed as heavy use. Other methods of using Cannabis are vaping and smoking. If any of the methods mentioned above, be your choice of using marijuana, care should betaken to use responsibly.

Heavy Cannabis Use In Relation to Users Sex and Weight

Heavy Usage is dependent on the amount you consume, the body weight of the person, and how much consumed in a session. Scientists are researching to see what effects result from use. Their research is to determine whether effects are permanent, temporary, the types of damage or none, and how much Cannabis consumption causes these reactions. 

An occasional user of Cannabis may experience euphoria, lack of judgment, and unstable movements. Although these effects wears off after a time, researchers have discovered; using Cannabis seven or more times within a month, can cause changes in your blood. The changes are by enhancing your white blood cells count. Your body’s chances of fighting off any illness lessened. This study was in 2020, reported in the Journal of Cannabis Research.

Vaping Cannabis, is the safest method of consumption, based on research. And, we know what especially cigarette smoking can do to our lungs. This is to say that Cannabis smoking causes issues that cigarettes does concerning the heart versus the lungs. But any form of smoking can do some damage to the lungs and heart. 

The JACC Cardiovascular Imagine did a study in 2020 with over 3500 people. The research revealed found heart-related changes in the left ventricle. There were also some shifting within the heart’s structure from Cannabis smoking. 

Regular use of Cannabis, especially by smoking, does have long-term effects on the body. The good thing is, should you stop smoking Cannabis for about a month, effects like; poor cognitive behavior, your dexterity, and memory lapses are normalized. Smoking Cannabis, based on a study by The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse & Addiction, 2019; showed, it is less likely for weekly smokers to have cognitive issues; in comparison to daily smokers. 

Cannabis has been in use for recreational and medicinal purposes for thousands of years. The issue of how much is too much when it comes to Marijuana is still being hotly debated today.

Cannabis Dispensaries For Guidance on Use of The Products

Marijuana dispensaries have opened up all over the United States with a large number of them located in Denver Colorado. Colorado, is a popular travel destination for its beautiful surroundings and, the benefit of legal Cannabis use. Marijuana and Marijuana dispensaries are not legal across the United States federally; but many places (like Denver) that allow Marijuana use have decriminalized Marijuana to a small extent. Marijuana is still illegal under federal law. Marijuana dispensaries may be the future of Marijuana as more states continue to legalize recreational Marijuana use.

Denver has approximately 400 medical marijuana dispensaries in operation, because, Medical Cannabis was legalized in Colorado, 2010. Marijuana dispensaries in Denver can be accessed with relative ease. The option of browsing the dispensaries websites, is an option or visiting the shops. There is also the choice of calling the dispensary for information as to the menu of products available.

Marijuana businesses are booming in Colorado, after legalization for recreational use by adults 21+. Marijuana dispensaries are responsible for about 15% of Denver’s total revenue.

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Featured - Cannabis Usage: What is Considered Heavy Cannabis Use


Marijuana Dispensaries: Whether they like it or not, Marijuana dispensaries create jobs and generate revenue for the local economy. Marijuana dispensaries are beginning to pop up all over Denver and people who own them or work at them are playing an important role in the city’s economy. Marijuana may not be legal federally, but Marijuana dispensaries are legal in many states like Colorado. Marijuana is currently listed as a Schedule I drug by the DEA which means that Marijuana has no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Marijuana dispensaries are located wherever Marijuana is legal to sell to adults 21+. Marijuana dispensaries provide an excellent first step into the Marijuana industry because they can be found all over Denver.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Denver: Marijuana dispensaries are allowed to operate under state law, but Marijuana dispensaries are not allowed to sell Marijuana to anyone younger than 21yo even if Marijuana is legal on a state level. Marijuana dispensaries are the first step into the Marijuana industry and owning one or working for one will be beneficial experience, but it’s only the beginning of your career in this lucrative business. Denver has 400 medical Marijuana dispensaries that have opened up since 2010 when Marijuana was legalized by voters. Marijuana dispensaries are regulated by the Marijuana Enforcement Division of the state, but Marijuana dispensaries in Denver are subject to federal law because Marijuana is illegal under federal law. Marijuana dispensaries are legal under Colorado state law for adults 21+ who have a valid license for medical Marijuana. Owning one or working at one will get you started in the Marijuana industry and many dispensaries hire their own people.

Finding Marijuana Dispensaries: Marijuana dispensaries are required to be clearly labeled as a Marijuana dispensary by the Marijuana Enforcement Division, but they will most likely have a green cross or similar symbol that makes them easily identifiable from the outside. Marijuana dispensaries are not allowed to sell Marijuana to anyone younger than 21yo even if Marijuana is legal in your state. Marijuana dispensaries can be found online and Marijuana dispensaries are located all over Denver where Marijuana has been legalized. Marijuana dispensaries are required to grow their own Marijuana which means they need to be close to warehouses or other facilities capable of doing so. The Marijuana Enforcement Division keeps a list of all registered Marijuana dispensaries on their website. Marijuana dispensaries are a great first step into the Marijuana industry because they exist all over Denver where Marijuana is legal to possess and use by adults 21+. Marijuana dispensaries provide a range of employment opportunities from budtender, to Marijuana cultivation manager, general manager, and more. Marijuana dispensaries that do not comply with state law may be closed down by the Marijuana Enforcement Division. Marijuana dispensaries are the first step into the Marijuana industry and owning one or working in one will be beneficial experience for your future Marijuana career. Marijuana dispensaries in Denver can be found with relative ease on the internet and Marijuana has become a booming business in Colorado after it was legalized for recreational use by adults 21+. Marijuana dispensaries are responsible for about one-third of Marijuana sales in Denver which makes Marijuana dispensaries an integral part of the Denver economy.

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