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Denver Edibles Brought me to a Different Trip

I was in Denver for a business trip. I didn’t think much of the whole weed edibles thing, but tried to be open minded since this is Colorado after all. So, I went to one of the dispensaries and found that they have tons of different types of Denver edibles available! They had everything from chocolate bars to gummies and even drinks! I knew right away which kind would suit me. After browsing the “strong” section, my eyes caught on these cute little round cookies that were decorated with rainbows and clouds. The packaging looked delicious so naturally it was time for me (or anyone else) to try them out.

Denver Edibles

I’m usually not a sweets person, so I was genuinely surprised at how good they tasted. They were like eating a sugar cookie! It only took me two of them to feel the effects and I felt great overall, other than the fact that by that time it was dark out and Denver is freaking scary at night. My friend who came along was not a fan of them. She felt dizzy and claustrophobic after eating one. The next day I didn’t feel hungry at all, but I was surprisingly still able to work out!
What Are The Best Practices for Consuming Edibles?
After that experience, I tried a few more edibles here and there. Each time it took me less than two for the effects to kick in and it was a great experience. My favorite Denver edibles thus far has been the “cinnamontini,” which is like eating an Annie’s Organic Cinnamon Bunny Graham cracker, but for adults! It’s really good. Did you know that edibles are only supposed to take 30 minutes to kick in? If you don’t feel anything, eat more! Some people like me can’t handle a lot of the effects and others need to eat 4-5 times more than what is prescribed on packaging! (or maybe I’m just a lightweight?)

Fun Things With Denver Edibles

Here are some fun things I have tried and my experience with them: -Cinnamon bunnies – Wonderful! Tastes like an Annie’s Cinnamon Bunny Graham, but better since it’s for adults. You can eat the whole thing if you want to get high AND taste delicious at the same time! They’re great for parties. My friends and I have a habit of taking pictures with our “cinnamontinis” whenever we bring them somewhere. They are also great to eat while watching movies or even Netflix/Hulu! -Elixirs – These are my favorite type of edible if I am going to be using it during the day. It’s like drinking a refreshing OJ, but you can get high! They are not as sweet, so they taste very different. I was wary of them since the first time I tried one it was the day after Super Bowl and it tasted terrible (I drank a lot at that party…), but sometimes they come with little bits of fruit The downsides of consuming denver edibles: They can be very expensive (like $15 to $25 per edible). It can be hard to gauge how much of it you should eat. They taste bad and the aftertaste is bad too. The weed flavor definitely comes out so there’s really no hiding that fact. I recommend eating your edibles with drinks, or at least something to mask the taste.

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I also don’t like the fact that weed is still illegal in many places, so you have to take precautions when traveling. It’s not a fun thing to think about or deal with. Denver Edibles are definitely something I would recommend; they’re cheaper than smoking and more therapeutic too! I just don’t like the idea of being dependent on something like marijuana.. why can’t I just drink when I’m stressed out? So, as far as the weed vs alcohol debate goes.. my vote is Denver edibles for sure! They’re cheaper than drinking and much more therapeutic. Win-win in my book 🙂

Featured - Denver Edibles Brought me to a Different Trip


Denver is home to many great recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries. This has led to an influx in the number of people who are interested in trying marijuana, either recreationally or for a medicinal purpose. This article will explain the differences between public consumption and private consumption if it’s legalized.

Many consumers prefer to consume edibles because they’re discreet and offer a more mild experience than smoking marijuana. However, some may be unaware of how this affects their life after consuming their weed edible. The key factor that differentiates edibles from other forms of marijuana is usually dosage – it can be way higher than what you would get from smoking your weed or taking it through other means.

In Colorado, adults over 21 years old are able to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana for recreational use. But, if you’re outside your home, it’s important to understand the laws.

When using cannabis edibles, ingesting too much isn’t as easy as knowing how many milligrams are in any given strain or dosage method because people react differently based on factors like their body weight, tolerance level, metabolism, and more. That’s why, when trying an edible for the first time, it’s important to start with a low dose of just 5mg of THC.

After you’ve found your sweet spot, it’s possible to order larger quantities of edibles online if you’re interested in getting the best deal on your weed products. It is worth noting however that even though Colorado has legalized recreational use of cannabis by adults over 21 years old, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all states have legalized recreational marijuana. Always check local laws before buying or consuming marijuana items!

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