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The Difference Between Male Marijuana Plant And A Female Marijuana Plant

Many structures of flowering plants are similar to marijuana plants. Marijuana plants develop on long, slim stems with huge, recognizable fan leaves emerging from nodes. However, with the distinctive and elaborate forms present, such as hot orange hairs, sugary crystals, and thick buds encircled by tiny leaves, ganja stands out for its blossoms, which we all know as ‘buds.’ 

Over the past two decades, cannabis plants have undergone significant evolution—years of investment into fusing several species worldwide. As a result, every strain differs in structure, buds, flavor, and effects. In addition, different male and female strains of marijuana plants, when combined, and the resulting plant will inherit traits from both, allowing us to create entirely new species.

Creating New Marijuana Strains

The development of feminized plants has been one of the greatest successes. And after countless years of labor, marijuana seeds can now produce a 99% chance of being female. However, growing regular seeds requires the knowledge to distinguish between male and female plants because only female flowers contain psychoactive chemicals. So, to get the most out of your plants, keep them apart. Male plants pollinate female plants, which causes their flowers to mature with seeds. It’s not difficult to tell the difference between the sexes of marijuana plants. But it can be a little confusing, hence, the need for explanation. Hopefully, by the end of this article, we can assist you in determining their differences. 

The Life Cycle Of A Marijuana Plant

A marijuana plant goes through the following four stages in its life cycle:

  • Germination (3-10 days): When the seed sprouts and emerges from the soil.
  • Seedling (2-3 weeks): When the plant grows, its initial cotyledon leaves following germination.
  • Vegetative (3-16 weeks): When a cannabis plant is at its immature or juvenile stage, it begins to sprout stalks, branches, stems, and fan leaves.
  • Flowering (8-11 weeks): When the weed plant begins to bear buds.

Differences Between The Male And Female Cannabis Plants

Cannabis is a dioecious plant, which means it can have a male or female reproductive system, and the two reproductive systems can develop on separate plants or on the same plant. The blossoms of a female marijuana plant are currently in your stash jar

How To Determine The Marijuana Plant Sex

A visual procedure that you can start early in the plant’s growth cycle is determining the sex of a marijuana plant. Pollen sacs on the male plant and stigma, or “pre-flowers,” on the female plant may be visible during the first four weeks of growth. You can tell male and female cannabis plants apart by the sixth week of development. You can distinguish between male and female at this phase by seeing the pollen sacs and the early blossoms. A cannabis plant with male and female reproductive organs is distinguishable. 

Female Marijuana

When cultivating marijuana, everyone is primarily interested in female plants because they are the ones that produce buds. The buds are part of the plant that contains THC, which causes the high… Your plants may produce too many seeds with just one male plant and very little pollen. The buds formed there will only create many marijuana seeds once you have male and female plants growing together. Therefore you won’t be able to smoke any of it. Female plants don’t mature entirely close; they are somewhat open and generate tiny hairs called pistils, which help you distinguish them from male blooms. They are pretty simple to identify since they produce their pistils first, which male plants do not have.

Male Marijuana

As previously mentioned, male plants produce pollen, which is needed for marijuana plants to reproduce naturally. When there are male plants present, seeds are visible. Removing males as soon as possible is advised if you’re growing plants and intend to harvest buds to smoke. Before they start to flower, which is when plants begin to exhibit their sex, you won’t be able to distinguish between them. Therefore you must examine your cultivation closely to ensure you affect separation early. 

Male weed plants produce “balls” that eventually resemble a little bouquet as they open up to release pollen- which is the only way you can determine their sex. And you must remove them from your property before this occurs. 

As was already established, male plants essentially create the pollen required for cannabis plants to reproduce naturally. The bursting process can take up to three weeks. Male flowers lack all pistils, in case you’re still unsure how to distinguish them.

Hermaphrodite Marijuana

Plants classified as hermaphrodites have both male and female buds. In addition to producing buds, they will pollinate the rest of your plants and the buds they generate. Plants can become hermaphrodites naturally, or the introduction of stress could transform them into one. Additionally, plants can change their gender. The Thai strains, for example, have a stronger genetic propensity to become hermaphrodites than other marijuana strains. However, any weed strain can become so in intense stress. 

Some stressors for plants to turn are: the plants can begin to turn due to various factors, such as increased light when plants should be in the night cycle, too much or too little water, certain insects or pathogens, watering with cold water, or even a poorly conducted transplant. Hermaphrodite plants must be gotten rid of as they can produce buds. They could pollinate your other plants. They shouldn’t be kept around for a little extra marijuana, so we advise getting rid of them.

The Stone Conclusion

Male and female weed plants should not grow together. And this is because they cannot technically coexist. However, if you want to harvest smokeable buds, the more female plants you have are your ticket to a bumper harvest. And this does not imply that male plants are useless. On the contrary, male cannabis plants can be a crucial component of a grower’s crop. Still, they should be kept apart from female plants to provide the female’s opportunity to develop.









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